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6 Best Sites And Apps In Philippines To Contact Girls Online

There are several sites that review dating sites and apps, but no one talks about the “other sites and apps”. There are also hookups, down to fuck and arrangement sites out there.

I’ve used several of them over the years and discovered what each app and site is useful for. So by reviewing them you can save time and money because you avoid trying all of them.

Even though nowadays I only use Seeking for dates and Asian Match Mate to look for hookups with horny singles and couples, I feel you should be aware of the alternatives.

So let’s dig into the top sites and apps in the Philippines to find love, sex, or anything else for that matter.

  • Asian Match Mate – Best site to find no string attached sex.
  • Seeking – On this site you’ll find hot and young girls. Many students!
  • Pina Love – Best dating site to look for girls and ladyboys. Also great platform for sexting.
  • Filipino Kisses – Dating site for mature dating.
  • Tinder – Popular dating app in the Philippines for young guys and girls in their 20s.


Asian Match Mate

It’s an adult dating site for people interested in hookups and sex. No more, no less. You can find horny singles and couples that want to explore further their sexual fantasies.

For example, there are several horny women in need of a good fuck while their husband is oversea.

If you’re in Manila, you’ll find many career women in their 30s-40s who are still smoking hot and are down for some good time.

Then you have many mixed-race couples where the much younger wife wants to explore her sexuality further. And her husband is happy to watch her getting satisfied with a bull.

Keep in mind that Asian Match Mate isn’t just a tool to find sex partners, a threesome, or get invited to a sex party.

But it’s a community of people passionate about sex. They meet and fuck because it’s fun.



On this site, there are plenty of young and horny Filipino girls looking for a relationship on your terms. That way you can enjoy all the benefits of a relationship but without any drama.

For example, you can enjoy the companionship and intimacy of university students without having to deal with jealousy, restricted freedom, and unreasonable demands like in a traditional relationship.


Pina Love

Pina Love is the most popular dating site in the Philippines. That said, there are more girls online than you can handle.

There are also ladyboys and you can search for them separately from the girls (to search for ladyboys click here or click here to search for girls).

You can contact girls of all ages, from the “inexperienced” college girl to the more settle down women. But generally, girls on this site want to date hoping to find a potential boyfriend.

And if you’re into sexting, it’s pretty easy to start a conversation and getting into sexting as well having cybersex.


Filipino Kisses

A new dating site from Europe that has an intimate community. Most Filipinas on this site are looking for a serious relationship, and they are extremely friendly.

What I like the most about this site is the “galleries function” which shows all the new members and allows you to choose either women or ladyboys. Very versatile indeed.



Tinder is a mix of dating and hookup app in the Philippines for young people.

If you are in your 20s and with a good physique, you want to download Tinder into your smartphone.

Although some Filipinas use Tinder for hookups, most are looking for a date. So, don’t think if a girl accepts to meet you is going to end up in the bedroom.


My Thoughts About Hookup Sites And Dating Sites In Philippines

Filipino girls are internet savvy and well-rounded around conversations in English. That’s why using apps and sites to meet girls in the Philippines is the easiest way to get laid or find a girlfriend or a fuck buddy.

You have Asian Match Mate for no string attached sex… Seeking to find a young and hot girlfriend 18-22 year old… Pina Love and Filipino Kisses for dating… Tinder for hookups and dates… And WeChat to find whores nearby you.

As you can see, there is a site or apps for every need. Whether you want to find a Pinay to hook up or date, there is no need to visit any social places.

You can simply do that from your smartphone or laptop.