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3 Best Dating Sites To Contact Filipino Girls Online

I had a hard time figuring out where to meet quality Filipino girls online.

Some websites were spammy, others had ladyboys pretending to be girls, or I would waste hours chatting only to be asked to: “Send me some money”.


I felt frustrated and hopeless.

However, over the years, I’ve identified the best dating sites to meet Filipino girls online. The old days when the only option to meet girls was in bars and clubs, it’s long gone.

Today, thanks to the spread of cheap internet, there is a whole new world online. There are Filipino girls looking for a holiday of fun, long-term relationships, and even marriage.

But not all Filipino dating sites are equal, some are better for older men looking for companionship, other for young guys looking for a girlfriend experience.

That’s why I’m reviewing the 3 best Filipino dating sites, so you can get a better idea where start looking for your dream Filipina.


Pina Love


Pina Love is the most popular dating site in the Philippines. That said, there are more girls online then you can handle.

There are also ladyboys and you can search for them separately (to search for ladyboys click here or click here to search for girls).

The concept is simple: sign up, create your profile, and you can send a message every fifteen minutes for FREE. Making it the easiest and cheapest dating site in Philippine to get started without fear to pay for a service not up to your expectations.

You can contact girls of all ages, from the “inexperienced” college girl to the more settle down women.

The simple search/filter option lets you look for girls or ladyboys by age, geographic and even body type. This helps to quickly find only those Filipino girls that match your taste.

The navigation is smooth and simple to use either on a smartphone or PC.

For unlimited messages and chat options, you can upgrade for a monthly fee starting at US$24.95 per month.


Filipino Kisses


A new website from Europe, which is trying hard to get noticed. It’s intimate as the community is small.

There are around 150 members online at any time, 80% from the Philippines and the rest from other parts of the world. It’s very popular in Manila.

What I like the most about this site is the “galleries function” which shows all the new members and allows you to choose either women or ladyboys. Very versatile indeed.

The membership is a flat rate of 23 EURO per month with unlimited video chat and messages plus translation service.


Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site with a twist. The girls are called “sugar babies” and the guys “sugar daddies”.

The girls accept to date a guy in exchange for travel, money, gifts or dinners. Basically it’s a very honest way to find companionship in the Philippines without pretenses and false promises.

And as you can imagine, you can set up an arrangement with the girls to be your girlfriend, mistress or lover.

On this dating site, you’ll find many students that offer companionship to fund their studies. But also girls that would love to travel with you. And the best part is the girls here are educated, intelligent and charming.

Because the arrangement is clear from the beginning, there are no dramas or other typical relationship problems along the way.

This site isn’t only popular in the Philippines but across Asia. Meaning with a membership you can contact girls in several countries.

The membership is 89.95 usd per month if you subscribe monthly or 79.95 usd per month if you subscribe for three months.


My Thoughts About Filipino Dating Sites

Filipino girls are internet savvy and well-rounded around conversations in English.

When I visited Angeles City in the Philippines for the first time, I was shocked to see a PC sitting in a two rooms apartment. The three girls living there had nothing besides a thin mattress where to sleep, but they had the internet to chat with their boyfriends abroad.

Filipino dating sites are crowded with genuine girls looking for like-minded foreign men. It’s definitely the fastest and easiest way to meet Filipino girls.

I often travel to the Philippine to meet local girls because in my opinion is one of the best Asian countries to have a good time.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend experience, there are 3 good reasons why you should visit the Philippines.

Over the years, not only I had a great time traveling around the Philippines, but I’ve met wonderful women that truly gave their best to satisfy my needs as a man.

Well, my friend, I hope you feel ready to meet your dream girl in the Philippines… There are so many out there.