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Happy Ending Massage In Siem Reap

Are you searching for an erotic massage in Siem Reap? Then good luck!

There aren’t many places that offer happy ending massage in Siem Reap. The few that exist are hardly noticeable if you don’t know where they are. I had my fair amount of disappointments in searching for those “happy places.”

It’s a big deal for a parlor to offer extras, so don’t expect to get more than a handjob or blow job.

But the worst part is that the massage lady doesn’t undress and you can’t touch her. There is nothing more frustrating to get massaged by a beautiful “dressed” Cambodian girl.

If you want a body to body massage with full service, below I’ve reviewed the best Siem Reap massage salons that offer extras.


3 Best Happy Massage Salons In Siem Reap

Let’s start with the best located erotic massage parlor…


1. Temple Massage In Pub Street

happy massage in pub street

Pub Street is the most touristic area with restaurants, bars, and massage parlors. There are a lot of cheap massage shops, but most don’t offer extras except for Temple Massage.

You can find girls of any age, shape, and eagerness to please. Just pick any girl that you like and go for an oil massage. The massage cost only 3$US, and most go to the owner.

Once you are in the room and she starts to massage you, you can ask for a happy ending. Most girls are going to settle only for a handjob, but some do also blow jobs.

Expect to pay 10-15$US for the extras.


2. Oasis Massage In Sok Sand Road

erotic massage in siem reap

Another fun place that offers happy endings massage in Siem Reap is Oasis Massage. You can always find a few young, cute and easy-going massage lady here.

The good thing in Oasis is the larger rooms that give you more space to move around. The prices are similar to Temple Massage, like any other erotic massage in town.

Some girls might not do happy endings, so you should try to find out in advance.


3. Near The Night Market

siem reap erotic massage

I don’t remember the name of this massage shop, but the location is next to the night market. Just walk around it, and you’ll get stop by some cute girls and offered a massage.

They are eager to offer their services. They tell you things like: “I promise I make you happy, sir.”

Pick the girl you want, go to the room and have fun.


Erotic Massages In Siem Reap For Everyone

In conclusion, you can get a happy massage in Siem Reap at the shop or in your room.

The few erotic massage shops around town offer only handjobs and blowjobs. You can’t touch or undress the girls.

If you want to get a sex massage, it’s better to recruit a girl online because she is going to massage you naked and give any happy ending you desire.

I wish you “happy moments” in Siem Reap.