Best Dating Site In Philippines To Meet Girls

If you want to meet quality Filipino girls, your best bet is to search for ladies on a popular dating site because there are plenty of women eager to meet a foreign man.

While most men search for average Filipinas in clubs and bars, the hottest girls are on their laptops and smartphones searching for foreign men online.

They are using dating sites as we speak, and the most popular at the moment is “Pina Love”. Below, I explain exactly how to make the most out of it…


Why Use Pina Love?

It’s the easiest way for single guys visiting the Philippines or expatriate living here to get to know a Filipino girls…


It doesn’t matter your age or physical attractiveness, there are girls interest to meet young or senior men.

Why bother trying to pick up girls in nightclubs or bars when you can easily meet girls on a dating site? They are there because they want to meet a foreign man, and you want to meet a Filipina. It’s perfect.

Pina Love works great for travelers visiting the Philippines that would like to meet local girls. It’s a great way to learn about Filipino culture and visit the country with someone affectionate.

Unfortunately, most single men visiting the Philippines are unaware of the possibility to meet quality girls on dating sites and end up paying a prostitute for companionship.

It’s a shame because there are plenty of single girls eager to meet a foreign man that offers amazing girlfriend experiences. No need to risk your health with a hooker when you can get intimate with an everyday girl.

The thing is most travelers don’t plan ahead but wait to arrive in the Philippines to search for girls. They get busy booking the flight and accommodation but leave the most important task to find a girl at last.

On my last visit to the Philippines, I jumped on Pina Love two weeks before my trip. I landed 9 dates, ended up meeting 4 girls and slept with 3. It’s a number game.

It doesn’t matter if you want only to get laid or to find a girlfriend, this site is the best way to meet girls in the Philippines.


Are Girls Sexy & Hot For Action?

Like any other pick up place, there are many types of girls: sexy, cute, serious, fun, tall, small, not hot girls. It’s a mixed bag, but a big one.

I just took a screenshot of the girls online on Pina Love…

pina love girls

You can scroll through thousands of Filipinas in seconds and start conversations right away. No need to hesitate or be scared of rejection, just say “hi” and the game is on.

Filipino girls on this dating site are eager to meet you, so it doesn’t take much effort to get dates and hookups. They are on a dating site because they feel lonely and want to meet someone to spice up their life.


How To Get Started…

Visit the Pina Love’s homepage. Create a profile with some of your best photos where you are groomed, well dressed and look at best. No drunk, stoned or posing in front of a Maserati that isn’t yours 🙂

Write an honest view about life, what you are looking for in a woman, and keep it brief. Add a few words in Tagalog (use Google Translate) to attract more girls.

Talking about attracting girls, verify your profile and upgrade the membership if you want to get more attention and replies from the girls. It shows that you are serious and not fooling around.

It doesn’t take long to get a few messages and interests. But be proactive! Message a few girls and let them know you are interested. Don’t think too much about what to write, Filipino girls are friendly and understanding.

Just search for your favorite girls and start conversations. Build your list of potential candidates, and once in the Philippines, meet up.

Don’t be afraid to take her back to your room on the first date, you have already build up enough attraction by chatting with her online. She already accepts the idea to get intimate with you when you meet.


Would The Site Work For Me?

If the age gap between you and the girls is modest, it is much easier to get their interest. But if you would like to meet a girl that is 15+ years younger then you, be upfront about your offer.

Much younger girls need a reward, otherwise why they should meet you when they can date much younger guys? (Sorry, not being mean).

Keep an open eye for gold diggers. The site does a good job to remove scammers and fake profiles but it isn’t bulletproof. If a girl looks too good to be true… Maybe she isn’t true. Use your common sense and you’ll be fine.

In conclusion, the site works well for younger guys and older men. The physical isn’t as important as your personality.

If you think dating online is something you would like to explore more, you can create a Pina Love account here.