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How To Have Fun With Asian Girls Without A Long Term Relationship

My question is in regards to having fun with girls who are not hookers, without leading them on by saying you want a long term relationship.

I would prefer not to play games or lie to women who are just looking for a husband. Are there good girls who want to have fun without the expectation of a long term relationship from the beginning?

Not every man want to settle down for the sake of having companionship and intimacy. Not they want to deceive women by play games or lie just to get what they want.

>An apparent solution would be to find a girl to have fun without the expectation of a long term relationship from the beginning. But that is easier said than done.

Besides prostitutes, most women get intimate with the expectation of one day having a family with you. They are programmed to find a suitable partner to have offspring, it’s the instinct of reproduction.

You can’t change that, it’s how things work with women naturally.

At the moment you feel stuck, you don’t want to deceive women but you don’t want to sleep with prostitutes either, you are looking for a quality woman to have intimate moments together.

The good news is that in Asia you can have the best of both worlds: honest short term relationship without commitment.


Priorities Can Override Instintics And Social Norms

Find an honest relationship without long term commitment is impossible in the West but in Asia is possible. All come down to priorities in life.

As you know, there are many beautiful women in Asia who have a hard life because they have low paying jobs. They are lovely, well manner, hard-working but they have to work for long hours and earn small money.

asian working girls

If that isn’t enough, they have also to take care of their parents and younger siblings back home. It’s their duty and is seen as a priority.

What happens in most cases is that they got picked up from someone who helps them financially in exchange for companionship and intimacy.

They stop to work, stay at home and are available whenever their sponsor is around.

The thing is, most sponsors live or work abroad for the most time of the year, leaving those girls alone many months at the time. it’s natural that they start to feel lonely and search for someone to spend time together.


A Girlfriend Experience Without Commitment

What is better than having all the thing a girlfriend can give you as companionship, love and intimate moments without any long term commitment?

asian girls relationship love commitment

You can experience a wonderful time together without got asked if you want a long term relationship.

The best country to find such opportunities is Thailand where there are 1.000s of stunning girls getting sponsored from abroad.

If you get to know one of these girls and she likes you, you are in for a great journey without worrying about the expectation of a long term relationship from the beginning.

It’s more common then you think to meet Thai girls willing to jump in an open relationship nowadays as they get more secure financially.

Yes, Thailand isn’t that kind of poor country like the Philippines and Cambodia, but a country well developed with raising opportunities.

So, if you are searching for fun with Asian Women but don’t want to commit to anything serious, don’t miss out on having a Thailand girlfriend experience .