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jakarta girls for sex

Best Places To Meet Jakarta Girls For Sex & Prices

If you are going to Jakarta, you definitely intend to know the best places to meet Jakarta girls for sex.

I’ll show you the best spots in a bit.

Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital, bustling with millions of people with a mix of cultures. You will find sexy Javanese, Chinese, Arab, Indian, Malay, and even European chicks.

During the day the city is jammed with traffic and besides a few tourist spots and shopping malls, there aren’t many opportunities to meet girls.

But after dark is when you can easily hook up with sexy girls and get laid…

sexy jakarta girls at night

That said, you’ll need to know the happening areas to have all sorts of fun with Jakarta girls.

Going to the wrong area of the city can be unsafe and unpractical due to the traffic.

A sure bet is to stay in Mega Kuningan if you want to party with other expats and to meet westernized Indonesian girls.
The girls here have a fetish for foreigner making it easy to approach and get laid.

SCBD is another trendy nightlife area that is popular among young Indonesians. If you like student girls, it’s the place for you.

Jakarta girl prices can start from about 300k Rupiah for one hour sex in a brothel or almost 2 million for a hot  KTV’s girl or call girl from an escort agency.

If you are not interested in hookers, there are many girls who just want to sleep with a foreigner for the sake of having sex with an outsider.

Whether you are looking to pick up genuine girls or pay for sex, these are the best places to hook up with sexy Jakarta girls:

Jakarta Spa Plus

girl for sex in Jakarta spa plus

The Spas are inside huge hotels functioning as massive brothels.

Not only they offer sex massage and a plethora of extra services – BJs and threesome – but you can meet hostess girls in their KVTs and sexy dancers in their nightclubs.

In other words, they are sex entrainment buildings… A kind of mini-city of lust. Price for sex starts around 400k up to 1 million Rupiah for a hot spinner..

The best spas are:

  • Malioboro Hotels and Spa – is one of the most luxurious in Jakarta with many local and foreign girls available at your service.
  • Sun City Luxury Spa – is an entertainment hotspot offering not just happy ending massages, but also a KTV, hotel, Chinese restaurant, and a ballroom.
  • Comfort Spa – fairly pricey but with an excellent selection of masseurs.



Jakarta girl online offering sex

Chatting with girls online these days is probably the easiest way for foreigners to meet girls in Jakarta. It’s quite logical.

Most Jakarta girls that are not pros don’t go out at night. During the day it’s hard to approach them due to their shy and conservative nature.

So, what’s a better place for them to let loose their sexual desires? You got it right… Through the anonymity of online dating sites.

If you are looking for hookups without any drama or days of chatting, consider using Asian Date Match, a popular kinky Asian hookup site for open-minded people.

Instead, consider using Indonesian Cupid if you are looking for sideliner girls who are happy to serve you for some tea money (100-200k Rupiah).

For example, you can make a deal with a university student to service you 2-3 times per week for 150k for each session. You help them to study which is a good thing.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars In Jakarta

Sexy Jakarta women clubbing

If you love the thrill of partying and picking up girls at night, there’s no better place than bars and nightclubs.

And Jakarta nightlife is just awesome!

The only downside is the drinks are just a bit pricey due to the heavy tax on alcohol. But when you see the hot babes around, it’s well worth the cost.

The girls out at night are a 50/50 pro and non-pro, so get ready to be asked money if you meet a prostitute.

And like the rest of Asia, it’s hard to see who is who, most hookers fly under the radar.

The price for a Jakarta girl freelancing is about 500k to 900k Rupiah for all night. It’s up to your negotiation skills.

The best nightclubs and bars to pick up girls for sex are:

  • Dragonfly is a high-end bar with many hot girls and foreigners partying to sounds from top DJs.
  • Fable is a popular club among young Indonesians, mostly students. There’s a high chance that you’ll hook up with a cute and young girl here, even for free.
  • Immigrant is probably the most popular club in Jakarta. Many prostitutes.
  • Malioboro is a high-end male-oriented club with sexy dancers and hostess girls happy to go with you for some cash.
  • Empirica is a happening club with many young people attracted to its trendy Hip Hop and RnB tunes. The dance floor is also large enough to dance and hook up with one of the girls.


Strip Clubs in Jakarta

bikini girls dancing in strip club in Jakarta

There isn’t much you’d find in the striptease scene because nude dancing has been temporarily ceased in Jakarta since 2017.

That said, what you’d find will be girls dancing in sexy lingerie but with the option of a private dance in a bedroom upstairs.

Malio Club is one of the best places to enjoy a striptease in Jakarta. There are up to 10 girls on stage at any time and the girls are just Hot! Hot! Hot!

The bar girls prices might seem a bit steep but they are worth it.

Full service with an Indonesian girl cost around 450k to 1 million Rupiah. With a Chinese, Thai, or a Russian, the price goes up as much as 2.5 million Rupiah.

KTV In Jakarta

karaoke girls in Jakarta

KTVs in Jakarta are fun places for families and friends to sing songs. But those are normal KTVs, not the one you want to step in any way.

For some action, there are KTVs with girls to rent by the hours.

They drink with you, play around with your friends too and all end in a private room with sex.

If your pockets are deep, there are karaoke bars in Jakarta that can accommodate up to 8 girls. A real roman orgy type of feast.

But karaoke girls are expensive – for about 400k Rupiah you might only get the girls to sing topless.

For more fun, you are going to spend over 1 million Rupiah in most KTVs.

The best KTVs in Jakarta are:

girls in Jakarta for sex

There is no way you won’t meet girls in Jakarta for sex after reading this guide.

Of course, there are more places like brothels, street hookers and bars in the red light districts. But I focused only on the best ways how to get girls for sex. It’s almost a 99% chance of banging.

That said, Jakarta is a great city but can be a bit tedious with traffic and the crowd on the streets.

Even at that, the thrill of scoring sexy girls coming to Jakarta from all over Indonesia is well worth the effort.

Have fun!


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