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Angeles City Freelancers

Angeles City Freelancers: Where to Meet Them & How Much to Pay

It’s common knowledge that you can find them in the street, nightclubs and freelancers bar.

It’s less known that the same freelancer charges you a different price than another guy.

I understand your feeling when someone else get a better price, but there are many factors at play.

In this article, I’m going to show you the 3 most important factors that influence the price of freelancers in Angeles City. That way, you’ll be able to negotiate a fair price without getting ripped off.

I’ll share the best places where to meet them, and I’ll also tell you some of my secrets for lowering their rate.

But first, let’s talk about the 3 main factors that influence Angeles City freelancer’s price:


1. What Type of Freelancer Are You Targeting?

It might sound a bit commercial or even an economic lesson, but just like everything, the demand and offer is influencing the price.

There are HOT girls in high demand that get countless offers.

They have multiple sponsors and literally a waiting list of men ready to shell out serious money for only an hour of pleasure.

On the other end, there are less attractive freelancers that can’t even make ends meet.

So, how much is too much?

The best way to tackle this question, it’s by starting with the highest price that freelancers charge in Angeles to the lowest…

The second factor that influences the price…


2. It’s The Approach You Take With The Girls

The most frequent phrase that I hear around Angeles City is “how much?”

You and I both know that freelancers are hookers, but they don’t see themselves as such.

Furthermore, it never sounds good or polite when it’s used in the first minute of conversation.

Many guys trying to pick up a freelancer in Angeles City do this mistake, and they get charged extra for that.

Just think about it: is she really trying to rip off that guy or is she just tired of hearing that phrase every day?

If you only take your time to have a proper conversation, she is going to offer you a friendly price.

Furthermore, if you’re going to make her laugh, she is going to give you a discounted price.

For example:

  • Hi, you look really hot, are for real or am I dreaming? (Make her life)
  • Hi, my name is Rocco. What’s yours? … Nice to meet you (Polite)
  • Do you know where is…? By the way, my name is… (Just an info)

You don’t need to be so creative to come up with a different conversation each time. Actually, it’s the opposite.

The best way is to test 3 openers and 3 different conversations. You can do this in less than one hour.

Then, pick the most converting opener phrase and best conversation. By converting I mean the one that convinces most freelancers to go with you.

That’s it! Just use it again… And again.

It’s important to develop a system that works well for you because it offers constant results.

You can get any girls that you like without overpaying for the experience.

Another factor is…


3. The Pick Up Place Has A Standard Rate

The same freelancers will charge you a different price based on the place you meet her.

It sounds crazy, I know, but it’s a fact.

If you try to pick up a freelancer in the best nightclub in Angeles City, she is going to ask you the standard premium rate for that place.

Doesn’t matter if she is a “duck” or a “star”, the price range is incredibly narrow.

The best places where to pick up freelancers in Angeles City are:

• High Society

I would say that 70% of girls are freelancing.

The only downside is that on weekends there is an entry fee in the club and the drinks are expensive.

Also, take time to chat up any freelancer while you need to be able to hold a conversation.

The worst part is that they are most of the time with friends. She isn’t going to leave until she gets someone or you need to give some money or drinks to make her happy and let the friend go with you.

All in all, it’s expensive and time-consuming.

The second option is…

• Filipino Cupid

There are plenty of freelancers looking for customers on this dating site. Yes, it might sound strange to use a dating site where women are supposed to looking for a serious relationship, but in Angeles City, things work differently.

It’s a whore town, and every girl has a tag price. The same applies to the girls you meet online. You don’t need to have a long conversation, after the usual 3 messages of introduction, ask to go directly to your hotel room.

When searching the girls in Filipino Cupid, select Philipinnes, then Pampanga (it’s the state) then Angeles.

So, how to know which girls are into business and which are looking for love?

Some state clearly in their profile that they are a “business woman”. Others don’t say anything but you can easily recognize them by the way they present themselves.

I give a few examples below so you can get a better idea:

Freelancers looking for customers. Tattoes, skirts, tongue out are just the most common behavior of freelancers on Filipino Cupid.

Quality girls looking for a relationship. They dress nicely, look clean and don’t act sexy.

If you’re still unsure, just talk to them for a while. Usually, freelancers start to talk dirty or send you naked pictures.

A good Filipina girl would never do that.

The last factor is…


4. Timing

Time slots aren’t a reality only of utility companies, but apply to the freelancer world too.

For example, when you meet freelancers in nightclubs, early in the night the rate is higher than late in the morning.

The main reason is alcohol. After party time they are generally drunk and horny, so they want a hot body to sleep with.

Yes, my friend, freelancers get horny too like any other woman.

If you’re into a tight budget, just hunt down freelancers in clubs or the street between 3 to 6 am.

That is the best time to get a freelancer at the lowest rate.

However, be careful when a girl is too drunk or look tired, she is going to sleep at your expenses.

If you prefer to use Filipino Cupid or any reputable dating site for that matter, the best time for hunting girls is in the afternoon.

Freelancers sleep in the morning and go out in the evening to find customers. In the afternoon they eat and chat with guys online.


To Recap…

The 4 most important factors that influence freelancer’s price in Angeles City are:

  • Type of freelancer;
  • The way you approach them;
  • Where you meet them;
  • And the time matter.

Regarding the type of freelancer, the more in demand she is and the more you need to pay.

Whenever you approach a girl, don’t ask any price in the first 5 minutes of conversation. Get to know her first, let her know you, so the deal gets friendlier or even discounted if you make her laugh.

The place makes a difference. Nightclubs like High Society is going to cost you in term of money and time. Instead, by using Filipino Cupid – or any other Filipino dating site for that matter – you can get a freelancer directly to your hotel room at the cheapest rate.

Last, freelancers in Angeles City adopt different prices at each time slot. Your best time to hook up with them is in the afternoon.

In conclusion, what you are paying for freelancers in Angeles City depends on many factors, the least of which is your look or personality.

Here you can pick any girl, pay what you want, and have a great time. This is why Angeles City is a playground for guys. 

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