sex guide in angeles city

Angeles City Sex Guide For Single Men And Couples

If you are planning to visit Angeles city to get laid with sexy Filipino girls, this guide has all the info you’ll ever need.

Angeles City has the second-largest red-light district in the world with thousands of young and sexy girls eager to please. That is the main reason why so many foreign men come here.

The thing is this town has beggars and scammers too. If you are not prepared properly, you might get arrested or cheated out of hundreds of dollars.

After all, you want to visit Angeles city to have fun not to get into trouble.

Read more if you want to get laid in Angeles City and have fun with peace of mind.

This Angeles City Sex Guide was last updated on February 2024

I recommend to contact Filipina girls online before traveling there so you’ll have already someone waiting and eager to please to please you.

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Intro To Sex Life In Angeles City

Angeles City sex scene revolves around two areas: Walking Street and Perimeter Road.

In the red-light districts, most of the action takes place in girlie bars also known as bikini bars. But there are also freelancers (self-employed prostitutes) in stting in open bars, in nightclubs and around the streets…

Most travelers head to the Angeles City bars to find girls and get laid. That is the worst move if you want to meet quality ladies to have a great time. Angeles bars have too many mercenary girls.

Not only the girls working in the bars are expensive if you want to bring them back to your room, but the drink prices are sky-high. Plus they are desperate to get drinks.

It’s 10US$ for a lady drink… And when you have 5-10 girls asking for drinks, it gets troublesome to enjoy the company of ladies in Angeles City.

The thing is you don’t need to visit any bars to enjoy some company or to pick hookers from the streets because there are plenty of girls hot for action on sex dating applications.

And don’t let me start with all the single Filipinas dreaming to meet a foreign man. They want to be your vacation girlfriend and are ready to do anything to please you in the hope of getting married.

The girls are friendly, easy-going, and eager to meet you. It is well known that Filipinas in Angeles offers an awesome girlfriend experience.


What About Sex & Girls In Angeles City?

Girls in Angeles City are hot for action, rarely you’ll find Filipinas willing to please you like in this town.

Angeles City sex girls

Everything can happen in Angeles City. You never know who you are going to hook up once you step out of your room.

Maybe a bar girl grabs you, and after a few drinks, you get the best sex of your life… Or that girl met online pays a visit to your room.

Angeles City offers a lot in terms of entertainment and girls, and it’s impossible don’t get laid in this town.

You might meet a good looking girl working in a shop, and with some talking, you can see her after work. And if approaching women to make you feel nervous, you can always meet girls online.

They are there to meet a foreign man and you want to meet a girl in Angeles City… It’s a Win-Win!


Where to Find Sex in Angeles City

Getting laid in Angeles City isn’t hard at all. But there are better places to find girls for sex, starting with…


1. Online

Angeles city girl online

If you are searching for naughty girls and couples for sex use an adult site like Asian Match Mate. Just create a profile, start a conversation, get to know each other, and hook up.

There are some other sites to find dates and arrangements, so don’t limit yourself only to Asian Match Mate to maximize opportunities.


2. Nightclubs

angeles city nightlife girls

There are a few nightclubs where you can pick up girls hot for action. Some have mostly freelancers while others have a better ratio of regular girls and prostitutes.

I recommend don’t visit any nightclub before 11 pm because you won’t find that many girls. Expect to pay an entrance fee of 300-500 pesos on weekends, but it’s free during the week days. The standard price for a freelancer is 1.000+ Pesos, plus all the drinks on your bill.

The best nightclub in Angeles City at the moment are:


Mega Dance Center

    • Found at the center of Walking Street, Fields Ave, Pampanga.
    • Attracts both local women and freelancers.
    • Known for being a popular spot for casual encounters.

This is the hottest nightclub in Angeles City. If you want to hook up with the sexiest girls in town or love to party like a rock star, this your place.

Like all the good things in life, girls here demand an high price tag. Expect to pay at least 1800 pesos to bring a girl back to your room.

Best place to party in Angeles, you should definitely try it, had a lots lots of fun!

Kalin Google Review


Aqua Beach Club

  • Located in ABC Hotel.
  • Open from 11 am to 2 am every day.
  • No entrance fee for those staying in cabanas, otherwise, a consumable entrance fee of 500 pesos for males.
  • Known for a mix of regular party girls and freelancers.

The Aqua Beach Club is a luxurious hotspot in Angeles. It welcomes guests from 11 am to 2 am daily.

The club is known for attracting both regular party girls (mostly foreigner) and freelancers, offering a diverse and vibrant atmosphere. There are also foreign couples looking for threesomes and swinging partners.

This is what other people are saying about Aqua Beach Club

ABC is positively different from everything else in the city. It doesn’t just look more classy, it IS more classy. A bit of a hidden gem when you are new to town, since the access is trough the hotel of same name. While drink prices are higher than the city’s average it’s nothing extreme and well worth it just to be in another world for a moment.

JesseGoogle Review


Sky Trax SuperClub

    • Situated on Constain St, Balibago, Angeles.
    • Typically open from 9 pm to 6 am, with peak hours around 11 pm to 1 am.
    • Entry is free.
    • Filled with regular Filipina girls interested in meeting foreign men.

Skytrax is a small and loud disco that cater to the locals.

The club is frequented by Filipina girls who are employed during the day and are interested in connecting with foreign visitors, making it an ideal setting for those seeking an authentic Filipino girlfriend experience.


Hammer Disco Night Club

    • Located next to Mega Dance Center with free entry.
    • Mainly frequented by Koreans and known for a relaxed atmosphere.
    • Offers a conducive environment for casual encounters.

Hammer Disco is for those people into techno music. If you’re Asian you’ll score easily some Filipina here, but if you’re a Westerner or African, avoid it.

The best techno and house club in Philippines, and I tried many. The dj’s know their work. The light show and video are top international standard. I compare it to Ushuaia in Ibiza. Perfect flow of sounds. Good security, you really feel safe and happy there.

AndreasGoogle Review


3. Bars

Angeles city bar girls

Down Walking Street and Perimeter Road, there are clusters of bikini bars where you can pick girls for a price…

The best time in Perimeter road bars to pick up girls is between 3-6 pm, instead of in Walking Street between 8-10 pm.

Bar hopping is an expensive way to get girls but it is easy.

The best Angeles City Bars are:

Club XS

  • Situated at 358 Batangas St, Balibago, Angeles City
  • Opening hours from 8 pm to 3 am every day

It offers captivating shows and performances featuring different groups of young Filipina ladies, including dance routines, catwalks, and fire shows.

Best Stage Show In Town , Love the place to start the night off . Cheers

AnthonyGoogle Review


Doll House

  • Located at 109 Raymond St, Balibago, Angeles City,
  • Opening hours from 6 pm to 3 am every day

Great bar to visit if you like to go out early in the evening. At 7 pm you can find plenty of hot girls.

The central stage is very nice and in general the girls move ange even dance more regularly than at other places. The music is so loud it can be difficult to hold a conversation and it is rather dark. So depending on where you sit the girl can be hidden in shadows. The rotation is every 15 minutes and they appear to have a minimum of four rotations. They run the gambit from short to tall, skinny to thick. I think I only saw two fat girls in the two nights I’ve visited and they weren’t even fat by western standards, more of a girl softball player build.

RobertGoogle Review


MidNight Rodeo Live Bar

  • Great bar if you’re into milfs and love dancing
  • Opening hours from 8 pm to 2 am every day

This bar has live music so it attract women 30+ years old. The ambience is chilled like the ladies, and it’s easy to find a partner for a dance.

A very easy going, no hassle bar with live music and lots of girls/women to approach if you fancy a dance. Friendly staff, pleasant singing voices from the stage and not expensive.

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4. Escorts

If you don’t feel like going out or simply you don’t like approaching girls in the streets/clubs and mediate a price, you can always book an escort.

I don’t recommend it because you pay a high price for no extra services or beauty. But if you really want to get this route, consider using Euro Girl Escort.


5. Happy Ending Massage

If you would like an erotic experience and don’t mind a dirty massage, there are a few parlors that offer sex massage services.

The only places that offer happy endings in Angeles City are:

  • Asian Dream offers excellent massages (Swedish, electric, shiatsu) and in the end, you get an HJ by offering a tip.
  • Serenity Nuru SPA offers an all-inclusive service. That means massage plus all the extras like blow job and sex.
  • Sakura Spa Angeles offers massages with happy endings, but you have to deal with the girl in private the price for extras.

If you would like to learn more, I’ve written a guide about erotic massages in Angeles City.

You’ll find the parlor’s exact location and prices, but also how to get a cheaper sex massage directly to your room.


5. Street Hookers


Most street hookers can be found at the entrance and in the middle of Walking Street. I have marked the areas at the bottom of this article.

The best time to pick up girls in the streets is late in the morning when the freelancers from the clubs go home. It’s the perfect time to strike a great deal for 1.000 pesos. At less promising hours, expect to pay 1.300 pesos up.


How To Meet Sexy Angeles City Girls Online

Online dating is popular among girls in Angeles City and around the country. There are so many young and attractive girls craving to meet you and have fun…

There are dating sites that connect Filipinas with foreign men, and the girls are eager to chat. I can’t say the same for Western dating sites.

If you want to get excellent results, start to message the girls before your trip. It allows you to build a list of hot babes eager to meet you.

At the moment, the best dating sites to meet ladies in Angeles are:

  • Seeking Arrangement: many sugar babies in Angeles City and all over the Philippines.
  • Pina Love: popular dating site in Angeles City and the Philippines.

Also, you have Live Cam Sites like Strip Chat with many Filipina offering public dirty shows and private sessions. You get to interact with Filipina girls hot for action.


Typical Prices

If this is your first time traveling here, you might be wondering what is the cost for girls in Angeles City. The rates here aren’t so extreme like in Manila, but also not so cheap.

Here the standard rates:

  • Bar girls working in bikini bars: starting at 1.800 Pesos for a short time up to 4.500 Pesos for all night.
  • Freelancers in beer bars: About 1.500 Pesos for all night.
  • Bar girls working in BJ bars: 800 Pesos for a blow job and 1.200 Pesos full service.
  • Escorts online: Starting at 2.000 Pesos per 2 hours and 5.000 Pesos for all night.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Angeles City

If you are looking for a girlfriend in Angeles City for a few days to get lost in long conversations and longer nights of passionate sex, I’m going to show you where to find her.

Having a temporary Filipina girlfriend is the best way to enjoy this part of the country. Expect romantic and intimate moments at night while she shows you around town during the day.

She can go to golf with you, help you to plan all sorts of things and keep you safe from scammers. It’s essential to have a local girlfriend in a foreign country to avoid troubles.

Just imagine having a young, beautiful and horny woman with you in Angeles City…

angeles city girlfriend

Girls in Angeles City are outgoing, fun, and they know how to treat a man. They are a pleasure to have around, even if sex isn’t on your mind.

The best dating site to find a holiday girlfriend in Angeles City is Pina Love. Plenty of girls eager to meet a foreigner.

There is no point to visit the red light district in Angeles when there are so many sweet girls online.

To begin on a dating site, write a few lines about yourself and upload a profile photo looking at your best… Not stone or drunk near a Ferrari that isn’t yours 🙂

When searching for girls in Angeles City, keep in mind to look for Pampanga. Build a list of girlfriends, and meet up once you arrive in Angeles City.

I hope this Angeles City sex guide has been helpful. Enjoy the Philippines.


Map Of Angeles City Sex Venues





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