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5 best soapy massage in bangkok

5 Best Soapy Massage Parlors in Bangkok

Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlors Have a Long History of Pleasure

“Rocco has selected the best for you”

If you pass by Bangkok without experiencing a soapy massage, is like going to Paris and not visiting the “Eiffle Tower.”

I don’t have to tell you that That Thailand is a traditional country in many ways, well reputed for oil, aromatic and foot massage. In contrast, the infamous soapy massage has nothing to do with therapy, but only pleasure for men enjoying water sports.

Ya, Thai masseurs are willing to go “extra” mile to make the massage experience unforgettable. If you don’t know what I am talking about, have a read on my last article about Happy Massage.


What Is The Soapy Massage Bangkok All About?

What that means for the unfamiliar is that masseur in the soapy massage establishment are available to soap you up, massage you up and then give you a “wet” ride until you’re finish of. All in the privacy of appointed room similar to hotel standards.

It’s an incredible day to spend an afternoon doing an unusual activity, and in simple steps:

  1. You choose one of the girls sitting in a fishball.
  2. She escorts you to the room upstair.
  3. She prepares a hot – foamy bath in a jacuzzi.
  4. Both of you undress.
  5. She cleans you up in the jacuzzi.
  6. You lay on a water mattress while performing a body to body massage.
  7. Get dry, jump on the bed and finish off in your favorite position.

Yes, it’s a longgggg process. In fact, expect to spend more than an hour for a soapy massage experince in Bangkok.



My Soapy Massage Experience in Bangkok

I guess the best way to inspire you to try the infamous Soapy massage during your next trip to Bangkok, is to tell my story about how fun was the first soapy massage for me.

It all started in the afternoon on my second day trip to Bangkok, four years ago.

I got into a taxi and asked the driver for the best soapy massage in Bangkok. Minutes later, I was in front the fish bowl of a large establishment, looking at the girls.

They looked all pretty hot and wondered which one would have the best chances to please me the most. I spotted a girl with a fairly large breast, and confidently I went with her in the room.

I was right!; she splashed on top me with her huge breast and felt incredible, making me finish off on the wet mattress. It felt great, but the experience didn’t last long because of my inexperienced.

She splashed on top me with her huge breast and felt incredible, making me finish off on the wet mattress. It felt great, but the experience didn’t last long because of my inexperienced.

It felt great, but the experience didn’t last long because of my inexperienced.

my water massage in Bangkok

My two girls are warming up for a great massage session

I still enjoy watery massage experiences, but I organize them in my private bath top.

I love to play with the girls while playing water sports.

You can organize your sex experiences with my guide too.

When I visit a bar or massage parlor, I approach the girl that look the naughtiest one of the group.

During my conversation, I always ask first to the girl if she has some good friend working with her.

If yes, the next natural question is; “Did you ever play with her lesbian?”.

When she say yes, the game is on and after few of my “safety” questions, time to go for a private massage in my room.

I wrote the Bangkok guide with details of the best massage parlors in Bangkok and most importantly, my useful tips collected over the years to make your experience memorable.

Having a great massage experience is all about to excite the girl or girls to provide you the best experience. I often I so typical tourist walk in a massage parlor without interaction with the girls or just ask “How much for a massage?”.

Do you think these men will get a great sex/massage experience? 🙂

This is what will happen; The massage girl will think “Here the usual rude and stupid tourist.”

The girl instead of focusing on providing a great sex/massage experience, she will emphasize how to get the most money out of the tourist.


Here’s a round-up of five best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok that are worth visiting during your adult vacation

The price is all inclusive – full service and room.


Annie’s Soapy Massage Bangkok

Established in 1972, Annie’s Soapy Massage Parlor is one of the most popular ones.

Frequently visited by tourists from all over the world, this massage parlor is the longest running soapy massage parlor in Sukhumvit (near Nana Plaza).

They have more than 80 girls (not all at the same time, some they might have a day off) that you can pick from and Annie’s girls are well known for their high level of sexual service.

With an open attitude, free WiFi and a fully-stocked bar, this massage parlor is definitely worth a visit.

Price: In line with other Bangkok soapy massage; in-house for two hours is charged at 2500 Baht and 5000 Baht for takeout, prices are not negotiable

Address: Sukhumvit Road, near Nana Plaza

Nearest public transport: Nana Plaza Station BTS

WebsiteFollow them on FacebookVideoGoogle Map


Nataree Massage

Open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, this place is famous for its unpretentiousness. The atmosphere has a real vibe in it.

If it’s your first time, then maybe you’d want to try out the girls from the sideline.

Usually on a weekend, there will be more than 100 girls to choose.

What’s exciting is that it has a lot of cute young girls on the sideline.

I recommend that you stay away from fishbowl girls, the reason being they are a bit older and rough in their behavior. However, if that’s what you’re looking for, then there’s no one stopping you.

After choosing your gal, you pay at the counter and then you will be escorted to the room.

Nataree’s rooms aren’t for sure the newest, but they have a good size, well maintained and all the needful for a great dirty massage.

Sofa for foreplay during the deep bathtub for two fills with soapy water, a big bed, and two mirrors so you will not miss any action.

Although they don’t have an official website or a Facebook page, Nataree Massage Parlor is quite famous, and all it needs is a word of mouth.

Price: Anything between 2000 to 5000 Baht depending upon girl age and skin complexion

Address: Din Daeng Bangkok along Ratchadaphisek Road

Nearest public transport: Huay Khwang Station BTS

VideoGoogle Map


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Utopia Massage

Utopia stands out for its amazing interiors and a peaceful ambiance. The whole parlor is done up in expensive marbles and carpets. Quite obvious, this place is not cheap. Along with soapy massages, this adult entertainment complex also offers a restaurant, bar, karaoke and lounging area as well.

A foreigner is charged an extra surcharge of 600-1200 Baht. There are a couple of reasons for it.

The girls recruited to work for this parlor are a touch taller and less dark in color. This parlor has a rich Asian clientele.

An inside glance, and you will know that the client base is not only rich, but these are also men with means. You will find most of them in corporate attires.

Price: Vary as per service and customer

Address: 69/1-3 Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang Bangkok

Google Map

info newINFO: The parlor charges a surcharge of 600-1200 Baht from its foreign customers.


Poseidon Entertainment Complex

Poseidon is a well-established massage parlor and extremely popular among foreign tourists. Previously, Poseidon used to have a lot of girls in the sideline, but the numbers have been significantly cut down. The primary reason for this is it wants to concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

I recommend taking a look at the ladies in the model category, first. The girls are premium and worth to have a look.

To get there, take the elevator located on the right side of the staircases and go for the 3rd floor. Poseidon’s model girls start at 3000 Baht and can go up to 6000 Baht.

The next venue is the Poseidon’s fishbowl section where the standard line up of girls is available.

VIP: ex-Penthouse girls are available for 60 minutes, and you have to make a reservation. Cost 6000 Baht

In spite of no social media presence, Poseidon still does quite well. It has a lot of repeat customers too.

Price: Anything between 2200 – 2600 Baht for two hours with sideline girls. Model girls start at 3000 Baht and can go up to 6000 Baht.

Address: Din Daeng, จังหวัดรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand

Nearest public transport: Sutthisan Station BTS

Google Map

info new

INFO: The parlor charges a surcharge of 1000 Baht from its foreign customers.


Emmanuelle Massage

A neat looking place, Emmanuelle Massage Parlor has a lot of girls that you can choose. Their website has a ton of pictures of their models. If you’d like to see the entire range of models that they offer, you’ll need to visit them personally.

This joint has a wide selection of girls, the widest price range in Bangkok and the facilities are top notch.

Emmanuelle Massage Parlor also offers membership to those who are interested. The member registration is usually for 10 individuals and includes alcohol and use of suite rooms. The alcohol bottles and using the suite rooms depend on the membership package that you opt for. The package starts at 25000 Baht that is valid for six months and goes up to 100,000 Baht valid for a year.

Price: Anything between 1900 and 6100 Baht depending on service

Address: 55 Ratchadapisek Rd. (Near The Emerald Hotel), Huaykhwang, Bangkok 10320

Nearest public transport: Huai Kwang Station BTS

WebsiteGoogle Map

info new

INFO: The parlor charges a surcharge of 600 Baht from its foreign customers

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