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How To Attract Asian Girls Online

An easy way to attract Asian girls online is by showing status.

Now, to be clear, I don’t mean you need to upload profile pictures next to a Ferrari or wearing an expensive suit, but it’s enough to upgrade the membership offered by most dating sites and apps.

The reasons why showing status is so important is that it immediately makes you stand out from the crowd of guys who are hoping to get the attention of the girls online.

The fact is that if a girl is attractive, then pretty much most guys will try to date her by sending messages and chat requests. Imagine the number of messages girls in high demand receives on a daily basis – insane!

When a woman has so many choices, she is not daydreaming about the “average nice guy” coming along with a “hi, how are you?” kind of message.

She knows that she can find someone better. This is particularly true in Asia, where status is extremely important in the life of people, not only women.

In fact, Asia is a vital market for the future of luxury brands, overpassing the United States in terms of growth.

Essentially, hot women are attracted to men that show status, it’s just a cultural thing and it is also natural. By natural, I mean that a man’s status indicate the potential he has to look after her needs.


A little evolutionary psychology for you…

Women have evolved to look for traits that will ensure the survival of their offspring (even if you’re not literally having babies together just yet).

The main traits that attract women are:

  • Status;
  • Confidence;
  • Charisma;
  • Humor;
  • Social intelligence.

Yes, status is on top of the hierarchy and social experiments have shown that Asian women value status over a good looking, young and fit dude.

As a matter of fact, it isn’t uncommon in Asia to see a girl much younger of her partner. She prefers to have stability rather than adventure and excitement.

So, what to do to attract Asian girls online?


Present Yourself As High Status

Any respectful dating website and apps allow you to upgrade your standard membership.

The are several perks that come with it, from ranking above standard members in the match search to the priority of your messages in her inbox. But the best perk of it all that no one mention is the opportunity to increase immediately your status in the eye of the girls.

As your profile as a VIP badge like gold or platinum member, the women see you more valuable than other men on the platform.

In other words, you get the eyes of most women and their interest to know more about you. It’s like arriving at a party in a Ferrari car, everyone notices you.

The thing is you don’t need to buy a sports car or buy expensive cloth to get the attention of girls online, you simply need to buy a membership that cost between $10 to $40 per month.

If you would like to get the same kind of attention in a nightclub, it would cost you 100s of dollars per night.

Imagine having to buy expensive bottles that aren’t any good for your health anyway, when instead online you pay a small fee and you are ready to attract 100s of girls instantly.

Most men don’t know this and try in vain to use Asian dating sites for free, they get frustrated and think that online dating doesn’t work. in reality, they don’t know the proper way to use them.

This was the easy part, just take out your credit card and upgrade, the next one required a bit more work from your side.


Use A Popular Asian Dating Site

There are many dating sites in Asia, but only a few deliver excellent results. So, by using the best Asian dating sites out there, half of the struggle is over.

Every dating site has is own specialty, one site can be better to meet girls for a serious relationship instead another is better to meet girls for a girlfriend relationship.

To make things easier for you, I’ve reviewed the best Asian dating sites.


Dating Profile Pictures 

When it comes to online dating, your photos are very important, it’s the second thing that women see after your status.

Your profile pictures speak 1.000 words about you, and as I said earlier, for Asian women the first impression is very important.

The way in which you grabs the attention of a potential date depends on the way in which you present yourself in your profile.

But here come the tricky party, Asian women perceived men differently from women in the West.

Whereas Western women react to men showing muscle and luxury possessions like a nice car, in Asia women are attracted to men who can show them stability and behave in a way that indicates some degree of relationship commitment.

asian girl dating foreign man met online

Another thing that you should stay clear is not wearing sunglasses because is perceived as untrustworthy.

If you have ever been to Asia, you might have noticed that most people don’t wear sunglasses. The reason is Asian people look at people’s eyes to see if they speak the truth or not, but with glasses that isn’t possible to do.

In fact, in all the gangster Asian movie, the actors wear sunglasses.

And last, don’t forget to upload at least one picture in a social setting like for example with friends or parents. Asians are very social and love their families, for them, individualism is an unknown word.


Answer The Questions Honestly

Most men online overthink about what to write in their profile or what a perfect answer should be to a question from the girls. What they are trying to do here is to impress the girls, but most times it comes out as fake and the girls notice it.

No wonder after the first initial contact, they lose them.

You don’t need to do anything or say anything special, just be yourself. Answer her questions by saying the truth without fearing to show your true self.

That way not only you don’t get caught lying, but it helps you to find the right type of girls for you.

For example, If you’re a guy who is looking for a serious, committed relationship then I recommend that you make sure your answers reflect that.

However, you should do this without coming across as needy or desperate, which will ensure that no girl (at least not any worth having) will respond to your messages.

Do you want a serious relationship? Just say that. Do you want casual dating? Let her know but don’t come across as a creepy pervert.


Keep The Conversation Fun

You can say and do any kind of mistake with Asian girls, but the one thing that you can’t get away is to be too serious.

Asian women love men that are funny and make them laugh, it’s a big thing for them. So, don’t take too seriously your hunt for your dream Asian woman, be playful and make them smile.


When an Asian woman smiles and laughs at your conversations, that means she likes you and feels comfortable having you around.

One thing to keep in mind is that in certain parts of Asia like Thailand, Cambodia or Indonesia, their English language is just basic. So write by using simple words without complicating things.

You’ll notice that if you write long sentences, they tend to only answer only to a narrow part of your message. That happens because they aren’t able to process complicate thoughts and don’t try to be too philosophical or you might end with a bunch of cute question marks.

This is basic 101 anyway, but this is going to blow you away…


Ask About Their Parents

Women in Asia are very attached to their families. There is not a day that they go without calling them or pray for them.

If you ask about her parents, simple things like “are your parents are ok?” she will not only be surprised but love it. Most men that she had spoken online rarely ask such personal question, that is why she finds you different and start to build interest for you.

When you ask about her parents, she assumes that you are interested in them because you like her. I know, it sounds strange and not so realistic but you are dealing with Asian women which is an entirely different culture than yours.

The fact is, when an Asian woman is serious about you and she sees a future together, she will ask you to visit her parents. That is an essential step before getting married.

Without their approval, you are going to marry her even if she is madly in love with you.

Online dating isn’t much different from the real world dating, you need to impress the women first and then keep the conversation going by making it fun, interesting and touching the points that she values most.

Don’t try to hard to impress them, you are the prize.

Asian women are naturally submissive, they don’t want to be in a situation where a guy is essentially bowing down to them and sucking up to them all the time.

That makes them feel in power which is a feeling they don’t like. An Asian woman wants to be in a position where she looks up to her man and respects him and wants to be good to him.

They want you to be in a position of power… They prefer it that way.