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Pick Up Bali Girls

How To Pick Up Bali Girls And Get Laid In 2019

The Best Ways to Pick Up Girls in Bali

It’s Very Easy to Get Laid Here…

Being that Indonesia is a strictly Muslim country, the thought of picking up girls might freak you out.

You don’t want to end up in jail or be forced to marry a local girl because you had sex with her.

Modern Indonesia isn’t so strict as used to be and if you know how to move, you are going to get laid in Bali without drama or problems.

Actually, if a Bali girl is into you, then my friend you are going to get laid the same night…

getting laid with girls in Bali

There are so many hot women in Bali that is hard to focus on the beautiful beaches and volcanoes around the island.

Bali is a unique destination to pick up girls in Indonesia because you can hook up not only with local girls, but also foreign women and Indonesian girls from other parts of the country.

It’s like a giant supermarket where you can hand pick a wide selection of babes.

If you can’t be bothered to chat up and dating Bali girls, you can always opt for paid sex in Bali.


How Hard Is It To Get Laid In Bali?

If you are a single guy looking to get laid in Bali, you don’t need to over thinking. Be well groomed, polite and show confidence, surely you are on your way to score a girl for the night.

I’m not talking about hookers here, but genuine single girls like the one you meet online, in malls or nightclubs.

Most of the girls in Bali are on vacation and want to have fun and get laid as much as you. It’s a fair game where everyone wins.

So, to answer your question: “no, it’s not hard to get laid in Bali”… And you don’t need to be tall, handsome or fit to end up screwing.

Let me tell you how I got this gorgeous lady into my bed…

Sexy Bali girl in the beach

A few weeks before my trip to Bali, I met this sexy girl on Indonesian Cupid. She was an all-out, fun loving and parting kind of girl – just my type of girl.

Bali has quite some cute scenes so it was easy to find a place to meet up – We opted for the beach.

She looked all inviting in her black bathing suit and in the back of my mind I was thinking, how in luck I was with such a hot babe.

I mean, almost everyone around was staring at her.

After a great time on the beach during the day, we ended up clubbing until midnight.

I thought surely, I wasn’t getting action on the first date… I was dead wrong.

When we left the club, she asked to see where I was staying and when we got there one thing led to the other.

Need I say more?

I am still to this date remember her with a massive grin on my face.

Getting laid in Bali is easy as going for a date, meet the “right” girl and one thing leads to the other.


Tips To Score With Bali Girls

These are my best tips to score with Bali girls:

  • Get loose

You are on an island, so follow the lay back lifestyle. You don’t want to be a buttoned-up traditional guy and still expect to get laid.

The same applies to the conversation – chill out bro.

  • Be Interesting

All over the world and Bali not excluded, the interesting guy is the one that usually gets laid.

Girls simply loath boring guys.

Being interesting is quite simple as being active in the conversation and flirty, but not too much though. You don’t want to come out as “obvious”.

  • Take Her On A “Date”

Bali is an island, which means there’s no shortage of places to take a girl out.

For example, the beaches here are some of the best in the world, great for a fun day with your new girlfriend.

Alternatively, go for a local meal which is not as expensive as five-course meals in big restaurants.

  • Don’t Be Shy

When has a shy guy ever scored with a hot girl? Do you expect Bali to be different for you?

No way you are going to hook up with a girl in Bali if you are shy to approach her.

Let’s face it, if you are shy, the girl won’t even know that you are interested and you will not get laid.

If you fear rejection or feel uncomfortable to speak with a girl, your best option is to meet single girls online to avoid embarrassing situations.

  • Know How To Spot women hot for action

There are a number of sexy Indonesian girls on this island and some of them aren’t looking for all that getting laid stuff.

You need to know how to spot a hot woman from the one that isn’t into it.

First of all, a girl who isn’t getting loose here is most likely not going to get laid, like the one swimming in full clothing.

Simply put, your eyes need to be wide open for whatever looks off in a girl.


Best Nightlife Places To Pick Up Singles

I’ve already discussed the best nightlife areas for singles in Bali, not let’s have a look at the type of places where you can meet single girls.

But first, here the Bali nightlife map…


In Bali you can find many cool bars to start the night and to warm up on hitting girls.

Being on an island, the best bars are on the beach like the famous Rock Bar that can accommodate 800 peoples.

Yes, a lot of single girls there. Just make sure to dress “smart” otherwise they don’t let you in.



Like we stated before, Bali is a place that people come to get loose and escape from a boring life. As such, there are several nightclubs where you can meet tons of sexy girls.

Here are some of the best clubs where you can find singles who are ready to mingle:

Meeting girls in nightclubs is relatively easy if you are young, good-looking and confident. For the rest of us, I recommend making some contacts online before going out.
Indonesia Cupid works well because most girls there are looking to meet foreigners. Unlike on Tinder, many will not mind if you are not living in Bali.
For this reason, you can start chatting with girls even before you arrive in Indonesia and set up a few dates while you are still in your home country.
It is free to register and to look at all the girls’ profiles. If you match with them, it’s also free to chat.


Massage Parlours

No kidding, there are some massage parlours in Bali that are simply there for extra services.

Not all of them though offer this service, so the best way to find one is if you can get your cab driver to take you to one.

Oh! And you are sure to get the full service in these parlours, not a hand job as some may think.

The best massage parlours that provide happy endings are:

• Zona Spa
• Swell Spa
• Riverview Spa


Kuta – The red Light District Area

If you are a person that likes to pay for sex, then Kuta Bali is the place you want to be.

Here, you can find all kinds of hookers despite the sex trade being “illegal” in Indonesia.

I’ve reviewed the best and safest places to meet Bali girls for sex in Kuta, so you don’t have to run the streets like a hungry dog.


Other Ways to Meet Bali Girls

Bali girlfriend for a week


You may not be the one to turn it up in clubs or parties, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to meet single girls in Bali.

Quite the opposite, the online dating scene is thriving.

You can even arrange for a date way before you land in Bali. That means that you are almost assured of some action when you finally arrive.

Use a reputable Indonesian dating site to meet Bali girls and get the ball rolling.


People tend to approach girls quite differently – some will choose to hunt during the day and others during the night.

If you are a day person, don’t get your hopes down just yet. In Bali, with its beaches, the best time to meet all sorts of girls is during the day.

One tip for you when you are hunting around the beaches, the more skin a girl shows, the more likely you are to score her.

The best beaches in Bali for swimming and to meet hot girls are:

  • Kuta Beach
  • Nusa Dua Beach
  • Pasir Putih Beach

Have fun in Bali and I wish you to get laid.


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