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How To Succeed At Online Dating in Asia

Online dating in Asia is booming because every single girl has a smartphone and know that she can meet foreign men online easily.

On the other side, foreign men know there are millions of Asian girls eager to meet them. It’s a simple economic principle:  demand and offer at work.

Now that we are clear that dating online in Asia is popular, the next natural question is: is online dating better than offline dating?

There are three main areas which online dating is superior to offline traditional ways to meet girls:

  • Access: opportunities to meet more girls than you could in person.
  • Connect: you can talk to girls online without fear of rejection or anxiety.
  • Matching: find your ideal partner by using mathematical formulas to pair you.



Having the opportunities to access thousands of profiles is an advantage because allow you to find girls that suit better your taste.

Men tend to select women based mainly on appearance attributes like a cute face, a sexy body with big boobs and rounded ass.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t apply on the other side of the spectrum, girls are less luckily to pick a potential partner by only their look.

Asian women value more traits that can assure their survival and that of their offsprings (even if you’re not literally having babies together just yet). Traits like stability, direction in life and confidence.

That is one of the reasons why there are so many senior men with much younger Asian girls, they feel secure to be with an elderly man.

girl in chiang mai dating foreign man

So, if you want to succeed dating Asian women online you must portrait an image of a self-assured man that portrait stability and direction in life.

You can have a normal job and drive a normal car, and still be extremely attractive to beautiful Asian women if you give them the sense that you are a stable guy who has his act together.

This means you cannot give her the sense that you’re a “player” who is only looking to score. And you can’t bitch about your
job and complaint about trying to “find” your true direction.



You are meeting girls in a virtual ambient where there isn’t as much pressure in the communication as offline. You can be yourself and take your time to reply to a girl message, no one is judging you.

When you meet a girl for the first time face to face, there are verbal and non-verbal signs at play that confuses most men resulting in a total shout down of their brain: freeze.

When you talk to a girl online, there is only verbal communication, but when you communicate face to face, your brain interprets her words, face movements, body gestures which more often than not, are saying the opposite.

Women do that to test your confidence, they try to confuse you by saying one thing and do the opposite to see if you are strong enough to carry on the conversation.

Online, they can’t play that trick because communication is limited to chatting. However, they test you with messages too, which I’m going to show how to deal with them in a moment.



In my opinion, this is the best future of all, you can scout out girls by criteria of age, location, interest and so on. There isn’t any second guessing.

When you see an Asian girl in the street or in a club, it’s hard to figure out her age or if she has kids, but online you can search specifically what best suit you.

I’ve found 90% of Asian girls online answer honestly about their age, status, and other details whereas in the West, women tend to fake it, especially age.

I recommend answering honestly about your personal details as well because once you meet in real life, she can figure out if you lied. That is a waste of time for everybody involved.


5 Ways To Make Asian Dating Sites Work For You

I receive many success stories from guys dating online but I also get messages from guys struggling to attract dates. So, why for someone work and others doesn’t?

It all comes down to strategy. Like any other thing in life, the winners are who have a better-proven system.

Here is what has worked best for me in attracting Asian girls online:


Work On Your Profile 

Long profile doesn’t work well. I’ve tested multiple variations of profile description from short to super long, short profiles with about 35 words work best.

Making it interesting and intriguing is another thing that works well. After describing myself and what type of girl I’m looking for, I asked: “Are you going to be my Catwoman? – Batman”

Intriguing, no?


Present Yourself Well

Don’t be chip when it comes to your profile photos, upload at least 3 of them. The best setting is to go for a relaxed setting, work or business setting and social setting.

The first photo should show you having fun and relaxing, that is what Asian women love. I personally use a photo of me in the jacuzzi, but pictures of holidays or other fun activities work well too.

It’s important to upload a photo at work or doing business because it portrait security. Asian women like any other woman value a man that can offer financial security.

dating an asian girl

In the West is normal to be self-independent but Asian think collectively. In fact, when you go out in restaurants, bars or clubs you’ll notice large groups of people.

By uploading a photo of you in a group, you become immediately more familiar in the eyes of Asian women.


Get A Membership Upgrade

Any respectful dating site in Asia has the option to upgrade and become a member.

When you upgrade, you get several perks like getting your profile on the top search resulting in more girls contacting you, or you get the opportunity to contact women in high demand whereas standard member can’t.

But where the opportunity lye is that your profile gets a special badge showing you as a VIP member, that immediately increases your status in the eye of the girls.

It’s like booking a VIP table in a popular nightclub, all the girls want to know you.

This is the reason why men upgrading gets dates, instead, men using Asian dating sites for free don’t get laid.


Be Patience

Most men can’t write even two messages without asking her out. That is a huge turn off for any Asian woman because it shows he is an easy man.

When talking to him, the woman picks up on his eagerness and notices that he is already “sold” on her. Women don’t like to date easy men but they like a guy who is a challenge.

Be playful with your messages, tease her and don’t make it obvious that you desire her. Make her think that you are the prize, make her work hard for you.

As result she’ll ask you to meet her, putting you on a position of advantage and power.


Don’t Let A Negative Outcome Affect Your Self-Esteem

It happens to everyone to be unsuccessful a few times. It’s impossible to score each and every girl even for “Casanova”.

You’ll find that only 20% of girls you get in contact will reply to you, it’s a number game. But don’t lose control by messaging too many girls, you need to focus on a few girls after one week of scouting online.

That is essential to keep the few girls engage and a clear signal that you are interested only in her. Once you have a conversation going, ask to keep in touch on a different platform.

By doing that you free her from the distraction of other men on the dating site plus you get to be seen as a close partner.

In other words, you are escalating your dating game with her to the next level.


Find The Ideal Partner

Online dating in Asia is growing thanks to the fast internet and the spread of mobile phones, it’s become the favorite way Asian girls meet up with foreign men.

friendly penang girls dating

You don’t need to try too hard to get a girl online, have a few natural conversations while having fun.

The men who fail at the online dating game are the one don’t take time to create their profile, rush things instead of having a conversation and use dating sites for free.

By avoiding those mistakes, you are already ahead of most men online and as result, you get the girl’s attention that you deserve.

Keep things simple, enjoy your conversations and be patient, she is going to ask you out.

That is all that takes, no more, no less. If you would like to learn more, consider checking out the guide to use Asian dating sites.