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hooking Cambodia girls

How To Hook Up With Cambodia Girls

If you would like to meet Cambodia girls, I’m going to show you the best ways to hook with them.

There are good reasons to meet Cambodian girls: they are feminine, love caring and sexy, besides being hot in bed.

These girls are still uncontaminated from the Western fast-food diets… And it shows in their small and sexy body.

They respect men, say always yes to any of your desires and have a strong need for submission. Once you experience a Cambodian woman, you are going to come back for more… They can be so addictive.

You are going to love your experience with a Cambodian girl… And I’m about to show you the best ways to meet them either you are already in Cambodia or not, starting with…


1. Dating Sites

Dating girl in Cambodia

The good thing about hooking up with girls online is that you don’t need to be in the country. You can chat with the girls from anywhere in the world you happen to be.

If you want to meet girls in Cambodia, dating sites are the easiest way to make contact.

You can get to know each other, and then meet up without feeling nervous.


2. Pick Up Girls in The Nightclubs

sexy cambodian girls in nightclub in Phnom Penh

For young guys that love to party, any Cambodian tourist destination has a couple of nightclubs where you can meet girls.

There are two types of clubs in Cambodia: the nightclubs orientated to foreigners and the disco for the locals.

You can visit safely a disco for local Khmers, but they are very loud and the girls aren’t into foreign men.

The best solution is to visit a nightclub for foreigners where you can pick up either prostitute freelancing in the clubs or regular girls.

The thing is hard to know who is who. It happens to be flirting with someone only to find out later that she wants money from you.

That is how things just roll in Cambodia.

If you are already in Cambodia, another way to meet girls is…


3. Visit The Girlie Bars

Cambodian bar girls in Phnom Penh

Cities and towns have numerous girlie bars also known as hostess bars. They are the safest and easiest place in Cambodia to meet Khmer girls for sex.

These types of bars are clustered together in a street forming a red light district.

Cambodian bar girls are employed by the bar to sell drinks as waiters, but in reality, they are there to sell sex.

You can enjoy a couple of drinks by yourself or requesting a company of the girls in the bar. It’s at your discretion and there isn’t any type of pressure to drink with the girls.

When you had enough of drinking and want to have sex there are two options:

  1. You can opt for a short time, meaning you depart with the girl for 2 hours sex;
  2. Go for a long time, meaning she is going to sleep with you overnight.

If you aren’t a drinker or just don’t like bar girls, your next option is to…


4. Go For a Massage

cambodia sex massage saloon in phnom penh

The massage shops are open as early as 10 am until late evening making them a great option at any time of the day and night.

Those small shops are scattered all over tourist destinations with the girls sitting outside.

They are eager to get you in for a massage, but keep in mind that only a few shops offer happy endings.

The best way to go about is to ask the masseurs if she offers extras and agrees to what you want – HJ, BJ or sex.

That way you avoid to find yourself in embarrassing situations while having a traditional massage and the masseur refuses to give you extras.


5. Day Game

Cambodian girl in sihanoukville mall

Any Cambodian girl you see out during the day, it’s a possible hook up. Girls working in restaurants, hotels, shops or any other low paying job, are easy to chat up.

With small talks and some persuasion, you can date them after work.

If you are a smooth talker, know how to dress and impress, you can pick up high-class Cambodian women in the shopping malls.

Those girls have a higher education so they can conversate in English without hesitation.

This type of girls can be found only in Phnom Penh – the capital of Cambodia – as other cities are either too small or poor to have even a shopping mall.

If you are in a resort town like Sihanoukville, you can hook up with girls on the beach. Some are from the capital for a weekend gateway, some are hookers and a few exceptions are foreign women.


To Recap…

Your best options to meet girls in Cambodia are:

  • On Dating Sites
  • Pick up girls in the nightclubs
  • Visit girlie bars
  • Go for a massage
  • Day Game

The first option is to take advantage of Cambodia dating sites to scout for girls either you are in Cambodia or not.

The second, third and fourth options are valid if you are already in Cambodia and don’t mind to pay for sex.

The last option works well in Phnom Penh if you feel confident to start a conversation, get her phone number and go for a date.

Now that you know the best ways to hook up with Cambodia girls, it’s your time to make a move.

Have fun!