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How To Get A Bali Girlfriend For A Week

If you are looking for a Bali girlfriend for a week or two to get lost in long conversations and longer nights of passionate sex, I’m going to show you 3 practical ways to get one.

The first way is…

1. To Pick Up In The Mall

If you are a confident man, you can pick up girls in the shopping mall…

girls working in beauty center in bali

Indonesian girls working in beauty or health center are the hottest one. Excellent girlfriend material.

Girls working in the shopping malls haven’t much to do besides waiting for customers. As you are a customer, they aren’t intimidated to have a conversation. If they like you, they don’t mind to give away their phone number and go for a date after work.

Try to be funny and charming, Indonesian girls love that as local men are boring. Being different works wonders when trying to attract local girls.

When the communication tends to be difficult due to her poor English, ask for her contact details and take the conversation to the chat. For the girls, it’s easier to read then speak English.

Keep in mind that Bali is in Indonesia, a Muslim country. Approach girls with discretion without being too aggressive, you don’t want to offend anyone and get in trouble.

If you don’t feel comfortable to approach girls in the malls, then…


2. Meet Girls Online

a week with bali girlfriend

If picking up girls isn’t your thing, a less awkward and intimate way to meet ladies in Bali is on dating sites.

Girls are on dating sites because they want to meet a foreign man. Meaning they are open to having a conversation with you.

Unlike Indonesian girls working in malls, most ladies online can speak English. Communication is extremely important when looking for a girlfriend. Not only it’s easier to convince girls to meet you, but you can have deeper intimate experiences.

At the moment the most popular site is Indonesia Cupid. There are plenty of girls eager to meet a foreign man.

To get started, write a profile with a few lines about your self and upload your best photos.

Then verify your profile as this puts your profile on the top of the search. It is going to land you more attention and response from the girls.

Start conversations with the girls and build a list of potential girlfriends.

The last option to get a holiday girlfriend in Bali is…


3. Girls In Nightclubs

There are several nightclubs in Bali where you can meet girls. The majority are freelancers (semi-pro hookers) ready to give you a girlfriend experience for a price, but occasionally you can meet regular party girls…

bali girls clubbing

If you know how to start a conversation and you are able to approach several girls without mind rejection, girls in nightclubs can work out well for you.

Of course, you are dealing with party girls and gold diggers, they aren’t anything like the girls you meet online or in the malls.

But if have the money and don’t mind to spend your time with a hooker, it is an extreme way to find a vacation girlfriend in Bali.

However, consider this way to find a rental girlfriend in Bali is unpredictable. You can either get lucky or waste your time trying to find the right girl. Many components need to click to find the right holiday girlfriend at night in Bali.

First, you need to be able to approach many girls every night. Second, she must be strongly attracted to you, and it’s hard to do so with a girl met in a club. Third, she must be free from other commitments in the next days so she can spend time with you.


Make It Easy For Yourself

One final point that I want to make is to get a girlfriend in Bali is really easy when you have a good system.

Most guys don’t plan ahead of their vacation. They only book the hotel room and flight, but they leave the search for girls for the last minute. They hope to get lucky once in Bali.

Unfortunately, most times they spend their holiday with a hooker instead of a genuine Bali girlfriend.

The right approach is to get in contact with the girls a few weeks before your trip to Bali. So you have enough time to learn about each other and to build attraction.

When you do that, she’ll crave to meet you… And get intimate the same day you land in Bali.

Imagine spending your holiday in Bali with a beautiful and horny girl…


Preparation is the key to find a Balinese girlfriend for a week or two. Don’t live this essential task to the last minute, the hotel room and flight ticket can wait. Instead, the search for the right girlfriend in Bali can’t wait.


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