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3 Best Sites And Apps In Bali To Contact Girls For Foreign Men

If you’re a foreign man that wants to get in contact with Indonesian girls in Bali, these are the best apps and sites:

  • Badoo – Great dating site for expat in Bali and tourists that want to date local girls.
  • Seeking Arrangement – For wealthy men that want the finest and most beautiful girls in Bali. It’s better than a traditional escort service from the agency.
  • Tinder – For young guys in their 20s looking for hookups in Bali.

Each site and app have different types of ladies on them…

Badoo has a vast amount of members, so you’ll find students, employees, single moms, mature women, and everything in between. Most women are everyday girls with average education and basic English.

On seeking Arrangement you’ll find the hottest and finest ladies in Bali. There are Indonesian and foreign women. Many are students, worldly ladies, and some escort.

On Tinder, the majority of girls are between 18-30 years old. They want to hook up and have a casual relationship. It’s a mix of students, employees, and working girls.

Here the full review…



Badoo is a big dating site in Indonesia with the most members in Bali. You can find hundreds of girls online at any time of the day and night.

It’s my favorite site to recruit holiday girls because the girls are eager to meet up. Most girls are students, employees, and supervisors. And there are also working girls in the mix.


Seeking Arrangement

Seeking also known as Seeking Arrangement, it’s a site popular in Bali among hot and young girls. Those girls are smart, beautiful, and know how to treat a gentleman.

You can wine and dine with them while enjoying their company. Their English is impeccable which is a pleasure to have intelligent conversations.

Many are students and worldly girls from Indonesia and abroad that live or travel to Bali. Some lady works as escorts, others look for support, and some need mentorship.

When contacting the girls, go straight to the point and explain what you are looking for.



Tinder is a popular dating app in Bali for people in their 20s that want a casual relationship.

Here the most important factor of success for guys is to be attractive and young. Meaning you need a pretty face and impressive physic to get the attention of the ladies. Unless she is a working girl.

It’s important to work on your profile and photo to be seen as a fun and outgoing guy, but not a playboy. Even though it’s a hookup app, girls in Bali refuse the idea to go out with a guy just for a fuck.

The app is free to use, but if you can’t get enough interests you should buy the monthly subscription for 10 usd if you are below 31 years old, otherwise, it’s 20 usd per month.

You can’t search for girls in Bali unless you are physically there or you buy their “passport future” for another 10 usd.


My Thoughts About Bali Dating Scene Online

The dating scene online in Bali is awesome. You can find all sorts of girls, chat them up and go for dates pretty easily.

There are mature ladies into casual dating eager to hook up for a quick fuck. Young and hot girls interest to escort you around Bali for a few days or weeks. You can get yourself a girlfriend or a girl with benefits. The options are infinite.

You don’t have to waste time and money to meet girls at night or run the streets like a hungry dog. You have hundreds if not thousands of girls at your fingertip by using those sites and apps. Girls are on them because they want to meet a foreign man… And you want to meet a girl in Bali. There is no easier deal than that.

Have fun in Bali!