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Japan girl for sex

Where To Find Japanese Girls For Sex

Although girls in Japan have a liberal attitude forward sex, it can be tricky to get laid with one. In fact, some men find it hard to get in touch with horny Japanese girls.

As a result, several foreign guys can feel lonely, sad and bitter in those big Japanese cities under such harsh conditions.

And if you’re thinking “why they don’t hire a prostitute for some fun?” Well, that’s hard too. The majority of Japanese escorts don’t accept foreign customers who can’t speak Japanese, and the same happens in the brothels.

Yet, there are plenty of women in Japan with a fetish for foreign men and hungry for sex. They are known as gaijin hunters.

It’s only a matter to know where they hang out and you’ll find yourself an easy laid in Japan. It’s much easier to convince a Japanese girl already interested in foreign men then converting one.

Having said that, let’s see where you can find some girl hot for action…


Visit A Nightlife Area Popular Among Foreigners

Where do you think gaijin hunters hang out?

Exactly, where expats hang out.

As honey attracts bees, nightlife areas with foreigners attract gaijin hunters. In those places, you’ll find horny Japanese women who want to have sex with a foreign man.

For example, two popular hotspots in Tokyo are Shibuy and Roppongi.

They’re nightlife areas with bars, nightclubs and many sexy ladies looking for hookups. With some social skills and a wingman, you can pick up a horny Japanese girl for sex.

Not all girls can speak English, and that makes the approach harder. But if they are interested in you, it isn’t a problem.

But remember that although they may not understand what you’re saying, they can feel your vibe. So, always smile and be happy. It helps!

Once you approach and go for the small talks, make sure to take the girl for supper or some snacks to make her feel comfortable around you.

Food helps to make two perfect strangers more familiar with each other. It’s been used for centuries to bond people together. So use it at your own advantage.

After that, walk your new girlfriend to a nearby love hotel for some fun…

love hotel in Japan for sex

You don’t have to ask for permission like: “would you like to go back to my place?” or something like that. In Japan, that sort of approach doesn’t work.

Japanese women want to be led, and they love pretending not to know what it’s going on. Play along with their game, and go for the score.


Sex Communities in Japan

Perhaps, you don’t like to go out and socialize face to face. You value privacy and don’t like to waste time drinking which isn’t good for your health anyway.

The good thing is there are alternatives.

There are communities of people who share their sexual lifestyles online. Some communities are for singles while others for couples.

Yet, they are all searching for sex partners.

Unfortunately, the majority of sites where those communities meet are only for Japanese speaking people, but I know one in English. The site I’m talking about is Asian Match Mate.

It’s like a dating site with nude photos and videos, yet you don’t have to go for boring dates. You just get in contact with members in your area and arrange a hookup.

Apparently, there are many bored housewives on it…

sexy Japanese gir in the bedroom

Yet, you can find couples interested in threesome and mature women who need a good fuck.

I’ve found people in this community to be upfront about what they’re looking for too. So be straight to the point as it saves everyone time.

If sex communities are too “open” for you, or you prefer a sexual relationship with a much younger girl, opt for an arrangement site instead.


Arrangement Sites

If sex communities are too straight to the point or can’t stand the loud music in the clubs, another way to find companionship is by using an arrangement site.

It isn’t a matchmaking kind of thing, rather a place where you can get in contact with Japanese and foreign ladies for a relationship with benefits.

For example, there are many students that offer companionship and meet up for dates.

It’s like having a girlfriend but without all the dramas of a regular relationship. Meaning she won’t make unreasonable demands or nagging.

A safe and popular site in Japan to meet girls is Seeking Arrangement.

When setting up your profile, be honest about your needs and the type of arrangement you are after.

For example, if you want a girl for a few months while you finish your project in Japan, write that you’re looking for a temporary girlfriend.

In my experience, when you say how things are upfront, the relationship works out better.


Some Sex Ideas That Turn On Japanese Women

Once you meet up with a Japanese woman for sex, you should be aware that it’s on you to come up with sexual fantasies and games.

Girls in Japan love to try kinky things, but they are passive in the bedroom.

It’s your role as men to lead them and to explore new territories.

If you have ever been to a love hotel in Japan, you might have noticed the many sex toys available.

What’ the reason for that?

The reason is Japanese love to play kinky sexual games. They are very open-minded and enjoy sex without restrictions.

In my experience, I noticed Japenese ladies get turn on when you go down on them. They really love it!

Remember, the longer you stay down there, the better. And don’t worry, she won’t refuse it.

Another thing that excites them is to give you a head work while they are on their knees.

And when you want to unload in her mouth, you can ask for permission, but she won’s give you an answer. Not because her mouth is full, but because in Japan silence means acceptance.

One more thing… Don’t forget to use a dildo or vibrator with your new sex partner, Japanese ladies love that sort of thing.

In conclusion, if you want to find several Japanese girls for sex, join a sex community. If you prefer to get a regular sex partner without all the drama of a serious relationship, join an arrangement site.

Have fun in Japan!