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sex guide in japan

Japan Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to meet girls in Japan and get laid, then you’re in the right place. This guide walks you through everything you need to know if you want to have sex in Japan.

I talk about the sex industry, discuss the best places to meet horny girls, and offer practical tips to get laid in Japan.

Plain and simple, the purpose of this guide is to make you aware of the P4P scene in Japan (Pay for Play scene). If you prefer to hook up with everyday girls, use a well-know Japanese dating site.

This Sex Guide to Japan was last updated on 14 March 2020



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Intro to Sex Tourism in Japan
General information about Japan sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Japan
An overview of the best places to get laid in Japan

Typical Costs + Tips
General prices in Japan to help you budget your adventure

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend in Japan
How to date Japanese women during your vacation

Top Sex Tourism Destinations in Japan
Best destinations for sex in Japan


Intro To Sex Tourism In Japan

Japan isn’t as famous as Thailand for sex tourism mostly because the sex industry is self-contained to Japanese users. But in recent years, the Japanese sex scene has opened up to foreigner men.

Japan is the most lustful country in the world. Sex is portrait openly widely accepted in the culture without shame or guilt. Japanese women are extremely open-minded to try most sexual things, and are submissive and devoted to man’s pleasure.

Even having sex with a prostitute feels like to do it with a girlfriend, not a prostitute.

Japanese prostitutes embed the cultural motto that the ‘customer is king’… And most J-girls take it as a personal goal to perform the very best in customer service. You’ll get blow away from the sexual service in the country. She’ll hug and kiss you before starting the sexual service… And make you cum many times.

Yet, sex workers are human after all, and it happens the service isn’t up to expectations. But Be always respectful and keep cool because expressing anger is considered rude.

You may be off-put by the idea of constantly having to be nice and friendly, but it’s how mongering in Japan works for foreigners.

Unfortunately, we are not on equal footing with Japanese customers. They can go to a shop dirty looking, drunk, and be foul-mouthed and rude and still get service. We just can’t do that.

As I said before, Japan has a thriving sex industry. For the most part, it’s fairly out in the open…

Although prostitution is illegal by Japanese law, the law only defines that as vaginal intercourse. Sex services loophole the law by offering everything except vaginal intercourse.

When going for sex service in Japan, be aware of business without a website or with no reputation, a few places are manipulative forward tourists. One search and you will come across crazy stories on how tourists were drugged, had their credit cards maxed out, and worse.

The good thing is you don’t need necessarily to pay for sex if you want to get laid in Japan. For example, one way is to get a temporary girlfriend.


What About Girls And Sex In Japan

Japan’s sex culture is very open-minded because sex isn’t seen as guilt, shame, or taboos. On top of that, only vaginal intercourse is seen has cheating for a married woman or illegal by the law for a prostitute. Meaning that any other act isn’t a problem.

For example, I had sex with a married Japanese woman that refused to have vaginal sex because of the exclusive property of her husband. But she was fine with anal sex and sucking.

Sex in Japan is regarded as a natural urge. It isn’t considered acceptable only in a relationship or an act of love. As a result, once you hook up with a girl is natural to have sex.

There are many Japanese women known as gaijin hunters that crave to have sex with foreign men… And they are your best opportunity to get laid in Japan.

Usually, they are well-traveled girls that have studied abroad…

nightlife girls in japan

On top of that, you can find cougar women ready to spend on you for casual sex. It’s no secret that many married Japanese ladies have no sex with their husbands. And don’t let me started with divorced women.

What about sex and Japanese women?

Women in Japan are generally open to the idea of having sex with strangers and it’s common to get laid on the first date.

Having sex with a Japanese woman is an unforgettable experience, it’s hard to find women so devoted and submissive.


Where to Find Sex in Japan

You are traveling to Japan because you want to get laid with beautiful local girls but you don’t know where to get started.

Here the best places to hook up with Japanese girls for sex, starting with…

1. Online

japanese girl sex japan online

Online is the place to find one night stands, and most are milfs hot for action. It isn’t uncommon for Japanese mature women to have their own place, offer a stay, cook and tour you around.

Japanese women online usually can speak English and are open-minded about many sexual things.

Some internet work before your trip really pays off. If you fancy girls and couples willing to do almost anything, the best way is to hook up on Asian Match Mate. This community is open-minded about sex.

If you are an older guy that wants a Japanese girlfriend about half your age, with a great body, and super easy going, sites like Seeking Arrangement have plenty of sugar babies.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

pick up hot japan girls in nightclub

If you love to go out at night and pick up girls, you should focus on gaijin-friendly nightlife venues.

The fact is most places don’t allow foreign people. That a good thing because when you let in a place it means the girls are into foreigners.

It’s easy to hook up with party girls, but keep in mind that in Japan touching or kissing in public is seen as a creepy act.

Hold on your horses, just have a good time with the girls and go with the flow. At the end of the night, go for a love hotel or back to your room and she will follow your lead.

If this is your type of game, the best nightlife and sexy girls can be found in Tokyo and Osaka.

3. Red Light Districts – Pink Saloons

red light districts in Japan

Every city in Japan has a red light district with shops that offer sex. They range from open couch blowjob bars to places with individual private booths.

Keep in mind that not all places accept foreigners, so at least be presentable and polite. It increases your chances of admission.

Some might offer full intercourse but it isn’t guaranteed. Don’t ask the question to the manager because they are not legally allowed to say yes.

By asking it shows that you don’t know much about how things work here. Yet, anal intercourse is legal and you can ask for it.

The standard rate for a BJ starts at 3.000 yen and full sex at 13.000 yen. Tokyo is the most expensive city while Kyoto is one of the cheapest.

Some shop charges 1.000 yen to choose the girls on their menu. Don’t bother, the photos are photoshopped anyway.

4. Escorts – Call Girls

Japanese escort girl in Tokyo

In Japan escorts are called “hotel delivery health” or just “deli-heru”. There are plenty of these services out there, but most are for Japanese. Look for websites and flyers written in English as they are a safe bet to serve foreigners.

For example, Asian Mystique is a good option in Tokyo that serves foreigners.

Prices for a decent escort in Japan start at 14.000 yen up to 70.000 yen per hour.

5. Soaplands – Japan Sex Massage

japanese sex massage girl in a soapland

Soaplands are bathhouses that offer sex services. A nude masseur bath and please you.

The interesting thing is their special bath chair called “sukebe isu”. There is a hole in the middle where the girl can lick your balls and anus.

The full service lasts for 40-120 minutes with rates from 13.000 yen to 80.000 yen.

Soaplands in Japan used to not welcome foreign visitors, but now they begin to relax. High-class soaplands are still off-limits

6. Strip Clubs

Until three years ago you could walk in a Japanese sex club, watch a striptease and have sex with the dancers.

Nowadays, you can only watch the girls stripping and take a photo with their bikini on…

stripper in japan sex club

The reason sex clubs got teamed down is they were a were health risks for workers and customers.

The shows are entraining and usually last 1-2 hours for a modest 3.000-7.000 yen entrance fee. If you have spare time, consider a visit.


Typical Costs In Japan

• Sex

Pay for sex in Japan isn’t cheap. It seems to be too much demand and not enough girls.

If you go for quality services like soaplands or deli-heru, expect to blow between 14.000 to 70.000 yen. Soaplands are erotic bathhouses while deli-heru are call girls.

A cheaper option is to get a blowjob or handjob in a brothel for about 3.000-5.000 yen. That’s all that is in an offer for paid sex.

Fortunately, there are several ways to hook up with everyday girls for a free fuck and a lot of cuddles.

• Entertainment

The nightlife scene is costly. Expect to pay a 2.000-4.000 yen entrance fee in most nightclubs and 1.000 yen for a drink. It isn’t unusual to spend 10.000 yen for a night out in Japan.

• Accommodation

There are the infamous love hotels that charge 3.000-7.000 per day. Regular accommodations on the low spectrum are 3.000 yen per night, international hotels start at 12.000 yen.

• Food

Japanese food is awesome! You can eat for as little as 1.000 yen for a set menu up to 30.000 yen for a steak of wagyu beef.

• Transportation

The Japanese transport system is huge and difficult to navigate even for locals. Between cities, the way to go is by train, and it isn’t cheap.

Within the cities buy a metro card that lets you use several services starting at 160 yen up to 330 yen.

Taxi is expensive with fares starting at 400 yen.


Tips & Tricks

Build a List of Girls: Don’t arrive in Japan unprepared, get in contact with girls on this site.

• Be on Point: Japenese girls want to fuck as much as you, so be straightforward: “Hello cutie -) My name is XXX and your profile caught my attention. Let’s meet up… Are you up for it?

• Have a Few Back-Up: Most girls show up for the date, but sometimes unexpected events happen. So set up 2-3 dates in a day.

• Sleep at her Place: There are several mature women on dating sites that are more than happy to have you as their guest for a few days. That way you fuck more, experience Japanese hospitality and sleep for free.

• Polite and Calm: Japanese girls give a lot of importance to the way you treat them, so be nice and polite if you want to have a good time.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Japan

If you want to find a nice Japanese girlfriend, I’m going to show you an easy way to get one.

Having a temporary girlfriend that travels with you day and night it’s a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture.

Imagine cuddling and kissing your Japanese girlfriend. What could be better?

my japanese girlfriend in bedroom

Slightly submissive and all about you, making sure you are happy. You really feel like she is your girlfriend during the time together but without any drama.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t realize that there are 1000s of hot girls craving to hook up with a foreign man. They waste time and money in the red light districts just because they don’t know any better.

For these men, the Japanese tour becomes a burden and disappointment. Not only they have a hard time hooking up with girls, but they have to pay a hefty price for it.

But with some preparation on your side, you can easily meet girls online way before your trip.

The best way to find a Japenese girlfriend is to use a dating site like Seeking Arrangement. Plenty of ladies that want to have a great time with a foreign man.

Just upload a few nice pictures, introduce yourself, message a few girls and get to know each other before your arrival in Japan.


Dating In Japan

Japanese girls enjoy a meal or coffee out but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most girls love to have a good time and expect the bedroom to be part of it.

The only thing you should be polite, kind and gentle. Japnese women can’t stand rude behaviors.

You plan out the date as you like and don’t hesitate to get her back to your place or love hotel. They know what is going on even if they pretend not to know anything about it.


Top Sex Tourism Destinations In Japan

Tokyo – The most foreign-friendly city in Japan.

The amount of sexy girls and sexual entrainments is outstanding. If it’s your first time in Japan, Tokyo is a must.

Kyoto – The city has 3 well known red light areas.

The Japanese girls here are friendly and welcoming. If you prefer a more Japanese intimate experience, Kyoto is for you.

Osaka – The second biggest city in Japan.

There are red light areas as well as a vibrant nightlife. It’s a good place to hook up with everyday girls.

Kawasaki – It’s an unfriendly destination for foreigners.

If you want to enjoy yourself and have a chance to hook up, you need to speak some basic Japanese.


Best Cities to Meet Japanese Girls

This concludes the Japan Sex Guide. Have fun!

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