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Should I Trust a Filipina girlfriend?

You will get a different answer to that question, but the main thing is that you should be careful of anyone. Like everywhere in the world, there are good and bad people.

There are many bad stories all over the internet, but also good ones, fortunately. The only way you can find out if a Filipina is girlfriend material is to date her.

You should know that the poorer people are, the more they are prepared to do anything to escape from that poverty – laying, cheating, robbing, etc.

Yes, the Philippines is a poor country overall but not everyone is poor, so you should focus on women that are well off rather than women that can’t make ends meet. That increases your chances to find a trustworthy girlfriend.

By saying I don’t mean all poor people are bad, but the chances are higher. Why should you take unnecessary risks?

If you find a well off, and respectable person (of any nationality), you may be pretty safe from being scammed, ripped off, etc.

I lost track of how many Filipinas lost interest in me when I said I wanted to live in the Philippines as I had little money. But some are happy with that if they actually like you.

Those are two good tips to minimize your risks, but where I see most foreigners fail is they meet up the girls in the wrong place.


Where Did You Find Her?

The most important step to find a trustworthy girlfriend is to look in the right places.

If you found her at a bar in Angeles, you should not trust her. For that matter, any red light district is a bad place to find a girlfriend to trust.

Bar girls simply come from terrible families who have terrible moral values. In fact, normal families daughters don’t turn into bargirls.

That’s not to say all bargirls are bad people, but they grew up in a bad place. She might be the exception but most of them just care about money, especially if there’s a large age difference between her and you.

There are so many quality girls in the Philippines who has a job other than being a bargirl and have a decent family with values, your chances to get screw are much lower.

Yet, you shouldn’t trust her completely with your life sort of speak. Women are always women after all, no matter their nationality.  And relationships are never bulletproof.

However, in general Filipino girlfriend are fantastic, love caring and loyal. Keep in mind that you will get out of a relationship what you put into it.

But where to get started?

If you can go to the Philippines and live there for a few months, you will find yourself introduced to someone nice. But if you can’t do that, search for a Filipina girlfriend online throughout a popular dating site.

I know of so many happy couples that have met online, probably because is the easiest way to go for men who can’t just leave their job or other commitments.

I recommend starting your search for a girlfriend in Manila where there are the hottest and best-educated Filipina in the country. That increase further your chances to find a non-cheater.

If it is your first time meeting a Filipina, you better stay away from the countryside places where the population is extremely poor.

The next logical question is:


What Type Of Filipina Are The Best Girlfriend?

Women of good upbringing — and these are the Filipinas you want as a girlfriend — are very capable and strong women. Any Filipina with a decent job is a potential good girlfriend.

She doesn’t have to be a career woman necessary but has shown in the pass to be able to win the struggle in her life.

For example, if her family didn’t have the mean to send her to a good university, the girl still went to a part-time university while working in a respectful job on the side.

Yes, respectful job not freelancing in nightclubs and the next day go to university, that is a sleazy way to go.

If you find this type of Filipina, don’t be surprised to be matched in a relationship, they are hardcore but still tend to be relatively meek, soft-spoken and subservient to you.

You’ll get pampered and look after with so much love that you will not resist to provide her with anything she is going to ask you.

Another way to find out if she is a trustworthy girlfriend for you, it’s to look at her mother. How does her mother treat the husband and the rest of the family? Does she have any addictions or mental problems? When your girlfriend talk about her mother, does she praise her or bitch about it?

The mother has a great influence on the upbringing of a girl, so it’s natural that she has many treats of her mother. Consider staying a few days in her mother house so you can see how the mother behaves.

The way you are going to be treated and feel is most luckily what you’ll get by your new girlfriend. Don’t think that she is just different, in the majority of cases she is a clone of the mother.

This is all that I have to say about the loyalty of Filipina girlfriends, they are trustworthy as far you pick her in the right places and she had a good upbringing.

Good luck bro.