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How To Rent A Girlfriend In Bali

You can rent girls in Bali pretty easily if you know where to lo look for them. And I don’t refer only to working girls, but also civilian ladies.

Most foreign men think only working girls are available for hire, and that it’s pretty shallow.

In reality, the majority of girls you see working in shops, restaurants and even students are potential rental material.

The reason is pretty simple: income. Their income isn’t enough to make ends meet. That’s why you can rent a girlfriend outside the red light areas when you know how to approach this matter.

And if you think to be too old to be able to get the attention of a young babe, think again. In Indonesia is culturally acceptable for a lady to hang around with a man double her age.

If you want to learn how to rent a girl in Bali, you need not only to know how to date a girl but also know the right places where to find her.

In this article, I’ll show you the best way to start looking for a rental girlfriend and the relative costs.


Where To Find Bali Girls For Rent

The place where you scout for girls is extremely important to find a lady suitable for your needs.

Most foreign men visit the red light districts to look for companionship and end up with a gold digger rather than a girlfriend. This happens because they don’t know any better.

If you’re after a Bali girlfriend for a few days, weeks, or several months, you should consider only ladies not working in the sex industry for obvious reasons.

There are plenty of girls dreaming to meet a foreign man. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to stay single in Bali for too long.

To find a quality girlfriend, you simply need to join a popular dating site in Indonesia. There are many girls looking for a foreign boyfriend.

There are plenty of young girls looking for a boyfriend and hopefully some extra income. It’s obvious by their age and interests.

The thing is girls on dating sites are looking for a serious relationship. And as you might know already, with serious relationships come all sorts of issues like nagging and drama.

To avoid this, just make sure to be upfront about your intentions and offer a monthly salary for her companionship.

Yet, this approach only works if you live in Bali and have the time to work out things with your new girlfriend.

If you don’t have the possibility to do that, a better option is to recruit a hot sugar baby…

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A sugar baby is a young and intelligent girl that understands the needs of a gentleman. There is no drama because she understands that the relationship is transactional.

Basically, it’s the best of the two words – You don’t get the downside of a typical relationship (jealousy, nagging, drama, and so on) but only the benefits of the relationship (companionship, understanding, and intimacy).

In other words, a sugar baby offers a girlfriend experience without all the hassle of a typical relationship.

I’ve explain already how to find Indonesian sugar babies so I won’t explain it again in this article. But I’ll say That unlike with the girls on dating sites, you can go straight to the point with sugar babies.

So when you create your profile, be explicit about what you’re looking for. It saves time and disappointments for you and her.


How Much Is A Bali Girl?

It depends what type of girls.

For example, a civilian girl will cost you way less than a working girl met in the nightclub…

Bali girls for hire

Working girls are greedy and only interested to get the most money out of you. Instead, civilian ladies want to have a good time with you, money is of secondary importance.

When you give 700k rupiahs to a civilian girl, she is happy to spend a few days in your company. On the other hand, a working girl will spend no more than a night with you.

Having said that, you might still be wondering how much cost a girl in Bali. Here the standard rates:

  • A girl in Bali for a day costs about 300k.
  • A Bali girl for a week cost around 1.4 million rupiahs.
  • A girlfriend for a month will cost you 3 million rupiahs.
  • A Bali girlfriend for a year costs about 50k per day. It’s called sponsorship.


Best & Worst Bali Girls For Sponsorship

The best girls to sponsor in Bali are students or girls working in FamilyMart. If you have the option, go for students.

Student’s main focus is their studies while girls with a day job overtime might want something more than just an allowance.

Usually, they want to get out of their job, marry you and live a comfortable life.

You want to steer clear of prostitutes that have all sorts of bad habits like drugs and alcohol. They are liers and unfaithful, not suitable for a long term commitment.

In conclusion, use an arrangement site if you’re looking for a young and intelligent girlfriend. Alternatively, you can always contact girls on dating sites if you want more then a transactional girlfriend.