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How To Rent A Girlfriend In The Philippines

If you’re wondering if you can rent a girlfriend in Philippines, not only is possible but it’s also easy.

I’m talking about full-service girls offering companionship, engaging conversations, travel companionship, party mate, and anything in between.

Most foreign men think the only way to rent girls in the Philippines is in the red light areas. The truth is the majority of girls out there working in shops, restaurants and patronizing dating sites are potential rental material.

In a country where the basic salary is $250 per month, any extra money is welcome.

For example, many girls working in the mall’s shops have a hard time making ends meet. If you offer financial help, you can turn them into a temporary girlfriend.

But keep in mind that it isn’t all about money, but also about trust, friendship and affection.

So, don’t try to walk up to any Filipina girl and offer money to be your girlfriend. It isn’t going to work.

For a civilian girl is important to communicate and trust a man before entering a relationship. This means you need to exchange small talks over a few occasions.

And there is no better place to do that than dating sites.

Below you’ll find the best places where to find girls for rent in the Philippines. That way you can immediately get in contact with your dream Filipino girl.


Best Places to Hire a Philippines Girlfriend

Most men visit the girlie bars when looking for companionship only because they don’t know better ways.

Obviously, a bar girl is the worst companionship you can find in the Philippines. The reason is most are liars and cheaters.

So, what should you do?

You can either find a Filipina travel companion for a few days or a sugar baby for a long-term arrangement. Someone sweet and friendly like Vergina…

One way is to use a dating site like Pina Love. There are plenty of girls eager to spend time with a foreign man.

But keep in mind that most girls are uneducated and it gets boring pretty quickly to hang out with them.

In case you want a beautiful girl that can hold intelligent conversations, then you should look for a university girl…

filipina sugar baby in bedroom

And the majority of universities are located in Manila. Not only that, but the uni girls in the capital know how to look after your needs, how to dress to impress and how to treat a gentleman. No drama, unreasonable demands, jealousy, restricted freedom, and so on.

The best way to find young, beautiful and intelligent girls is either to visit the university campuses or use a site like Seeking. Plenty of university girls looking for a relationship.

When contacting the girls, let them know what you’re looking for. It saves time and avoids unnecessary disappointments. And remember that the majority of the best girls for rent are located in Manila.


What’s The Price To Rent A Filipina?

The cost to hire a Filipino girl is based on her current income. But as of 2023, the minimum wage in Philippines is 505 pesos per day, which adds up to just over 15.000 pesos per month.

But it also depends on the profession. For example, a shop assistants usually work at minimum wage.

While an attractive bar girl makes more than 40.000 pesos per month. That means if you want to hire them as temporary girlfriends, the shop assistant will cost you at least 20.000 pesos per month while the bar girl’s monthly cost starts at 50.000 pesos.

You need an extra 20% to incentivize them to jump ship. Would you change your job for the same money and conditions?

So, it’s much cheaper to rent a Filipina who works a regular job like a waitress or shop assistant than a bar girl. Even better opt for a student girl who doesn’t have an income and high expectations…

beautiful girlfriend in the Philippines for rent

When you give 1.500 pesos to a university girl or waitress, she’ll be extremely grateful and happy to stay a day with you. Especially nowadays when part time work at call centers and other repetitive VA jobs have been affected due to AI assistant bots.

On the other hand, a bar girl would hardly spend a few hours with you for that amount of money.

To make things more clear, here are the standard prices to rent girls in the Philippines:

  • Rent a Filipina for a day cost about 1.500-2.000 pesos.
  • Hire a Filipino girl for a week at about 5.000-9.000 pesos.
  • The price for a long term girlfriend is the best deal out there. No more than 20.000 pesos per month.

As you can see, the longer you commit, the cheaper is the allowance.


Final Thoughts About Sponsoring Girls In The Philippines

Renting or sponsoring a girlfriend is a great way to enjoy a girlfriend’s experience in the Philippines.

When you make a Filipino girl dependent on you, she’ll do anything to keep you happy. The reason is simple, she knows there are plenty of other girls eager to replace her.

In a country where opportunities are scarce, girls fight hard to hold on to a man that has disposable income. It means you have leverage when paying a salary to a Filipino girlfriend, and you can make her do whatever pleases you.

The last thing you want to do is to sponsor a bar girl. Too many men before you have spoiled her with easy money. And now they are demanding and ungrateful because they didn’t live in scarcity.

On the other hand, civilian girls like students and girls with a day job are faced daily with survival. So they understand that in life they have to work hard to get money.

It means you get a much better deal when you rent a civilian girl rather than a bar girl.

In conclusion, avoid bar girls and instead look for girls on a popular arrangement site in the Philippines.