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The Ultimate Guide To Angeles City Bar Girls

The Ultimate Guide To Angeles City Bar Girls



Rocco is an avid traveler that love to date local girls wherever he goes. Rocco has helped thousands of men on their journey to meet Asian women for the last 9 years.


Angeles City Bar Girls Can Spice Up Your Bland Nights

Angeles City in the Philippines is the entertainment hub of the pleasure-seekers.

It’s located North of Manila (2 hours away) serviced by a small airport called Clark. I usually land there so I can avoid the messy Manila International Airport.

What makes this small town great is the pulsating nightlife scene.

Finding sexy Angeles City babes is like looking for water in a river; They are everywhere.

If hectic business meetings or professional commitments have kept you tied down to a dull life for quite some time, pack your bags and head to Angeles City.


To meet hot girls and spend an amazing sex vacation in the company of Angeles City babes. You can take a refreshing dip in the pool of lust.

How does it sound; More than 1,000 girls working in the Ago-go bars industry, without taking into consideration all the girls working in hotels, malls, restaurants and other businesses.


Angeles City is unknown to most foreign tourists, so this small town never gets crowded.

The fewer men visiting ensure that the girls outnumber the tourists. For every 10 Angeles single, there is one tourist.

Paradise? Maybe.

You’ll figure it out.

My first time visiting Angeles City was in 2009.

I had a great time!

That’s why I can’t stay away for too long.

In fact, I visit at least once per year.

The girls are super friendly, and they love to have fun without many demands.

In this article, I’m going to tell you all the things you need to know to experience an unforgettable holiday in Angeles City.


Where to Find Angeles Bar Girls?

It’s pretty easy because Angles City is small, and beside the bars there isn’t much.

However, there are two distinct areas to meet Angeles City bar girls;

~ Field Avenue; The main walking street.

~ Perimeter Bar; Located in the outskirt of the city where the “Old School” bars are located.

The streets, especially Field Avenue, is walked all day and night by sexy Pinay girls.

Just say “hi” and the game is on.

Angeles city is in Philippines 1

Field Avenue In Angeles City. The main street for nightlife, girls and FUN.

Best places to pick up include shopping malls, restaurants, bars and even the cute hotel receptionist you are living in might be willing to have some “fun” with you.

Field Avenue is the only red light district which you can get girls nine in the morning. There isn’t a closing time so that every Ago-go bar can decide freely operational hours.

Every Angeles City girl you see is available. If they might look not interest to go with you, just offer some cash and they might change attitude.

If you’re shy and the direct approach intimidate you (no one like to be rejected), then you can meet local Angeles City girls from the comfort of your sofa.

I love to pick up Angeles City girls online, which is convenient and practical.

My favorite dating site is Pina Love; easy to use and hundreds of girls available.

Most of the girls online are from the bars and happy to meet outside working hours.

Not only you save money doing so, but you can take the time to know each other while creating intimacy with the girls.

I don’t have to say that you’ll have better sexual experiences this way, right?

If you go directly to the bars, you’re seen as a customer by the girls. That means being seen as an ATM. The girls will have sex with you only for the money, no feelings.

However, if you meet them outside the bar, you’re seen as an intimate friend. That intimacy is what makes a great sexual experience. In other words, she is going to be wet for you.


The Bars in Angeles Are Croweded

Field Avenue is the home of the biggest Ago-go bars in town

Just visit Atlantis Ago-go to get an idea of the huge size. There are few hundreds of girls every night available.

Last time I counted 250 of them. This bar is great, and it’s a must stop, not much because of the huge amount of girls but because the place is very cool.

There aren’t only bars in Angeles to meet local girls at night, but some excellent discos where you can meet freelancers and late in the night some of the bar girls after they finish work.

My favorites are:

~ The Mansion

~ High Society Club

I’m been in these clubs countless times and met some hot girl on several occasions.

But be careful, some freelancer can bring trouble, and there is always a reason why they don’t work in the bar.

There are countless stories of people drugged, robbed or even victim of police scams. Always take extra precautions when dealing with Angeles City freelancers. This town is rough.

You can also visit bars with a live band like Club R&B and Klub Bossa which are popular.

These places are excellent to chill out in the company of your new girlfriend. She will love if you take her in these two locations as Filipina love live music.

Now that you got an idea about where to meet Angeles City girls let’s go deep to learn more about their place of work and how to deal before bar fining.


What To Expect In Angeles City Bars


A special night in Angeles City, the girls are wearing cute night vests. A rare occasion, the local authority doesn’t accept nudity.

The crazy old time for Angeles City is gone. I used to party hard and do naughty things in every bar I was going, plus the girls were mostly naked all the time.

However, in the last few years, nudity is usually not entertained as the bars can get into trouble if they let girls dance naked.

There are still some night and places where you can enjoy some semi-nudity activity, and there is one place where the girls are still fully naked.

Anyway. What about Angeles City’s girls?

They are many, some hot some fat, comes in all colors from a white skin to chocolate or brownish and some is great in bed but unfortunately mostly are starfish.

It’s important to select the girls carefully. A real monger can smell out any starfish, they usually have a particular attitude, and few signs are a clear alarm you are dealing with a low-performance girl.

They can ruin and demoralize any punter.

These type of girls are there to earn their living working in bars as a dancer, but some do it because they love having fun and indulge themselves in sex.

You must get this type of girls if you want to have a great time in Angeles.

I can’t forget the time I got this crazy girl in Geiko’s.

She was a sex machine, full of energy and so eager to please. She even called a friend to join us for a threesome the next day.

It was her ideas, not mine.


When I saw her, I knew she was up for some dirty activities. I have got a proven system to pick the naughtiest girls.

I’ve banged hundreds of girls and notice a pattern in their behavior related to sexual performance. Nothing scientific, just common indicators.

In my first years of mongering, every ten girls I used to pick up, three were sexually boring, five average and two HOT.

Now, I never fail to find the right girls.

Not only I experience better holidays, but I save a lot of money and hassles by avoiding poor performer’s girls.

It’s a bit like going to shopping in a store.  You buy a product with the expectation it works as per description but once home, it doesn’t work and you don’t have a return policy in place.

It’s hard to get the money back from a bar, but not impossible if taking the necessary steps.


Get Mamasang To Pick Your Bar Girl

Every bar has a mamasang. The mamasang is an older woman in charge of recruiting and managing the girls. She acts like a mama.

Mamasang knows the girls intimately like a good mama should. Even the smallest of the secrets she knows, the secrets that most Filipino girls are shy to share with friends and totally taboo in family.

Thinks like anal or deep throw blow jobs, the things most men like to get but still taboo.

Do you think she will tell you these little secrets if you ask her?

You’re a stranger, so why she should share with you these embarrassing secrets. She feels to be a good girl and dance and do dirty things only because she has to take care of the family.

But not despair, there is a way to know the girl’s little secrets indiscreetly without creating much of embarrassment – Ask mamasang.

Mamasang is the manager in the bar, her duty is to take care of the girls but most importantly make customers happy.

She is old and has enough experience to understand that men enjoy certain activities, and if they can find the right girls which satisfy their lust, they will come back to the bar.

The more customers the bar gets, the happier girls and mamasang are as money flow around. Simple enough?

Whenever I go to any bars, I sit down and relax with my beer. No hurry, just looking around.

What will be the next move?

Most men call a girl for a drink because she is pretty or smiles to them. Or worst, the girl decides to sit with him.


Bar girls having a lady drink.

You think is normal, it’s how things work, but there are shortfalls with this approach.

First, select a girl just by the look isn’t any guarantee of a great sexual experience or that she is into you.

Usually, the cutest girls on the stage are starfish, but there is a minority which loves sex and here is where you want to focus your attention.

By inviting a girl over, you are committing.

Not only you have to buy a lady drink for around US$ 10 (financial commitment), but all the girls in the club feel like they aren’t any good for you and she is better than them.

Let me ask you something; “If you don’t like her, what are you going to do next? Call another girl over?”.

I think you are smart enough to understand that you are digging a hole in the ground for yourself.

The second case is even worst, the girl chose you. Ho my god, really?

Men feel powerful when a young, beautiful girl sitting next to chat with them. Feel good to attract girls. It’s the classic man’s ego.

I’m sorry, but letting a bar girl to choose is pure foolishness.

The majority of the girls who have the guts to start a conversation with a man are;

~ Disparate; no customers for a long time.

~ Physical issue; the stomach is smashed, or the pussy is smelly, so no one sticks around with her after one bang.

~ Gold digger; she know that quantity brings in the dollar, so she hit every customer in the club. The classic slut.

Whatever her reasons to sit with a guy by her choice, it isn’t because she is attracted to him, but she wants the money and nothing else.

I never like gold diggers, their primary focus is money and not having fun or looking for a long-term relationship with a man.

I always choice my victims, and been selective, I always get the best girls.

Now that you understand a bit more about the Angeles City bar girls psychology, how you should proceed?

As I said earlier, ask mamasang for help. She knows the girls intimately.

Don’t think you just call over mamasang and ask to give you certain types of girls without showing respect.

She is a woman too, have feelings and will help as much as she can if you show some kindness.


How Much You Need To Shell Out?

Any woman in the world wants some form of money, directly or indirectly.

What I love about Angeles City is that I pay one time for the girls. Bar fine and service all included. No extra charges, drama or surprises.

Angeles city bar girls prices are standard; if you are handsome, tall and young the price is the same as a old, fat, less handsome guy gets.


In Angeles City doesn’t matter your look, the cash will do the talk.

Short and long time are similarly priced, so going for the long is more convenient.

For the new of you, short time means the girl is released from the bar for 2 hours, enough for a bang. Long time, she is free to spend all the night with you.

Keep in mind that is customary to give a tip to the girl if she performs well.

I usually give 500 pesos, that is my way to show gratitude for some good sex exercise.

The tip is up to you, can be 300 pesos or 1,000 pesos, but please, don’t give less than 300 pesos, it’s offensive.

The misperception of most traveler is that by paying for an Angeles City girl, she will do anything to please you. Unfortunately, that is far from the reality.

If the girl doesn’t have a connection with you, she just will do her job in a sleazy way so she can get her money and get back to work.

It is understandable.

Would you work well for a boss don’t care about you? No, right.

So bar girls in Angeles aren’t any different than other human beings.

In my book, I explain how to build a good connection with the girls in the few minutes available in the bar. It’s easy.

I describe step by step how I attract the girls to me before I bar fine them.

Takes only five minutes, and after few times, it will be natural.

I almost forgot. The price for the girls ranges from 1,200 pesos up to 5,000 pesos for the finest, young and attractive girls.

I get emails from readers asking for the price of the girls because they are afraid to get ripped off.

It’s natural to be intimidated especially if the first time in Angeles City, but girls aren’t going to rip you off if you behave and hold your good manners.

They will ask you the right price for their time, you can get some discount with my “gentle” technique, but don’t overdo, or the girl will lose interest in you.

Bang a girl without feelings is meaningless, and isn’t worth any price, even US$ 10.


How To Spend Time With An Angeles City Bar Girl


My barfine posting before getting hammered. Don’t be shy to ask the girl to do things for you. It is your night, you deserve to have fun and the girls love to be naughty. Taking control of the situation and tell the girls what to do, create excitement and sexual attraction.

Having romantic moments with your temporary new girlfriend is nice.

These are the moments any traveler remember the most, that smile on her face while having a candle light dinner which makes any men feel in their 20s.

Once out of the bar, travelers have no idea where to go beside the way to their hotel room.

Ask the girls isn’t going to help, they have no much idea what Angeles City offer besides the walls of her bar.

Before I mention to build momentum with her, this is the best time to do so.

Having a dinner together, even a simple drink while watching some live band is going to relax the atmosphere and get her comfortable with you.

The more she feels into you, the more she will rock you in the bedroom.

I usually bar fine two girls together, good friends of course. I notice that having a friend, help to build up momentum.

I take them clubbing, order a bottle of whiskey and we happily get all drunk. Once in the room, I always have some cute underwear for the girls, just to spice up the atmosphere.

Angeles City girls love to dress up like cute creature… bunny style being my favorite.

Having a camera is helpful to make them feel sexier, and try new things.

After all, any Filipina girl wants to be a superstar one day.

These moments are unforgettable, making or breaking an unforgettable vacation.