9 Best Angeles City Bars to Pick Up Filipino Girls

What makes this town’s nightlife exciting is the numerous girlie bars in Angeles City with thousands of sexy girls.

Not only the girls working in those venues are hot but they can speak proper English making the experience more fun.

The two major areas packed with bars in AC are Field Avenue and Perimeter road. While they are busy at night, during the day a few bars are open.

Below, there is a list of the best Angeles City bars which I review personally, giving you the best options the moment you land in town.

You don’t have to run the red light districts like a hungry dog. Instead, you can get into action immediately.

And don’t forget to check at the end of this article, the bar general prices for your drinks, lady drinks and bar fine.


Best Bars in Field Avenue – Angeles City (Walking Street)


1. Club Atlantis

Club Atlantis has been around for ages, and it has a few sister bars such as the Dollhouse and Crystal Palace.

On any given evening, there are at least 80+ girls. However, quantity doesn’t mean quality, so watch out for old ducks.

If you only visit one of these cattle market types of bar, then Club Atlantis should be it.

The setup is like a fishbowl Asian style, the girls wait for customers to be picked up. So, don’t expect to see too much action on the stage.

Considering the size of the club, no matter where you sit, you will get a good view of both stages.

The bar has two sections; The babes on the upper floor are prettier than those on the ground floor, but they are not as eager to dance.

Most girls on the upper stage prefer Asian men, and for some reason, Asian men prefer to see girls standstill instead of shaking her ass. Probably has something to do with submission.

Sometimes I get refused to bar fine girls, especially the hottest dancers because they are into Asian guys only.

If a girl sits with you for a drink, then she’ll be happy to go with you.

Ah, don’t forget to order some sushi while looking at the girls, it’s pretty good.

Keep in mind that the waitresses are a pain in the ass as the mamasang pushing for drinks and tips. Just smile, and let it go.

Open from 7 pm to 4 am.


2. Dollhouse Bar

This bar is jug BIG!

Expect no less than 60 girls any night of the week.

Once you walk in, you’ll notice many girls bored. However, once they sit down with you, they come to life.

There is a big center stage where the girls dance and you can enjoy the view either downstairss or upstairs. Personally, I prefer to sit in the first row of sits downstairs where I can see the girls closer.

However, after picking up a girl, you can go upstairs where is more private and less distracting.

Ah! What I like most about this bar is their lingerie show. I think you’re going to love those Filipina wearing sexy outfits.

There are also 3 pool tables available.

Open from 4 pm to 6 am.


3. Crystal Palace

The club is on the quieter Real Street off Walking Street, connecting with a walkthrough to the Dollhouse bar.

It has two sections with huge stages. However, most girls take their leave between Mondays and Wednesdays, so you are better placed to go during the weekends.

Crystal Palace is one of the few clubs where you can relax and enjoy girls dancing without being nagged to buy them a drink.

There is a wide selection of Filipinas, and you can go around to the back where there are pool tables for some private time with your girls.

The downside is the prices to have fun in here:

  • Lady Drinks 300 Pesos
  • Bar Fine is 2.500 – 3.500 Pesos for the hotter dancers


4. Viking Bar

The bar is at the center of Walking Street, next to the Royal Amsterdam Hotel, You will not miss it with its Viking ship exterior.

It is not as big as the previous 3 bars, but there are about 40 girls at any time and many are HOT!

If you’re a Westerner, only about half of the girls will go with you. Unfortunately, most girls in Viking Bar are only into Asian guys.

I recommend getting there before 8 pm if you want to bar fine the hottest girls. Korean guys like to go out early at night to pick up talents.


5. Lollipop Bar

This small bar is always busy, not because of the size but because the girls are enthusiastic and naughty.

In this bar, you’ll never meet shy or cherry girls (virgin). Lollipop girls are cock proof – if that is a word.

Besides, I love their kinky outfits which are “revealing” instead of the usual coyote dancer dress or bikini like in other bars in Angeles.

They run a lot of discounts for many groups such as army personnel, making it popular with locals. It’s fun to hear the horror stories from expatriates living in Angeles City.

Happy hours from 2-6 pm.


6. Voodoo Bar

The only bar opens 24 hours in Angeles City. You can get drinks and ladies any time of the day and night.

However, don’t expect to meet spinners and cute girls, but below average chicks.

The good news is those girls are a lot of fun to be around with. They like to play dirty, you can go hands-on and take photos as you’re pleased.

Are you looking for dirty sex?

Bar fine a girl in Voodoo then… Being there and done it already 🙂


7. Club Asia

This bar is only for guys that are Asian or look like one.

I put it on the list of the best bars in Angeles City because the girls are super HOT! Even if you’re a Westerner and your chances to bar fine a girl are slim, it’s worth it.

Some girls look underage but they aren’t, it’s just the way they make up and dress up.

Unfortunately, they never want to go with me 🙁

In this case, I would like to be Asian.


Best Bars in Perimeter Road – Angeles City


1. 1991 Club & Show Bar (previous name: Eruption Bar)

This bar is not as flashy and packed with hot girls as the bars in Field Avenue, but a good place to chill out while playing pool and enjoy the girlie shows.

If you’re into shooting pool games, you’ll meet lots of good players and there is no charge for games.

Furthermore, this bar offers cheap drinks and bar fines like most bars in Perimeter Road (see prices at the end of the article).

Bar open from 4 pm to 2 am


2. After School Bar

If you miss your school days or want fantasy is to get laid with a schoolgirl, this bar is the place for you.

The After School girls are usually wearing a sexy costume that resembles a school uniform, and they like to be naughty students too.

Also it open early in the afternoon, so you can get some action after lunch.

If you go late, the best girls get picked up by Korean guys.

Bar open from 12 pm to 11 pm.


3. Ponytails Bar

Just next to ABC Hotel, it’s a good place to visit in the afternoon if looking for an early barfine.

Not the most fun atmosphere inside, but it always seems to have some top quality looking girls.

Ponytials offers a two-tier system with the white tag girls going for 2.500 Pesos and the green tag girls going for 3.500 Pesos.

The drinks are cheap and if you stay local, expect to pay less than 90 Pesos.

Fantastic waitresses who can drink and party hard.


Angeles City Bar’s Prices

There are two areas in Angeles City for bar hopping with different prices:

– Field Avenue (Walking Street)

  • Your drinks are between 100-160 Pesos;
  • Lady Drinks are 200-300 Pesos;
  • Bar fine that is all-inclusive is 2.500-3.500 Pesos for short time;
  • Tips for the lady if she gives you a good experience is 500-1.000 Pesos.

– Perimeter Road

  • Your drinks are between 60-120 Pesos;
  • Lady Drinks are 110-160 Pesos;
  • Bar fine that is all-inclusive is 1.800-3.000 Pesos for short time;
  • Tips for the lady if she gives you a good experience is 500-1.000 Pesos.

That is what you need to know about prices in Angeles City bars.


How Bars Works In Angeles City

If it’s your first time in the Philippines, you might not know how things work in a girlie bar.

Basically, you walk into a bar, sit down and order your drink.

You check out the girls in there, and if you see a girl that you like, you can invite her to have a drink with you.

When you feel she is the right one, just pay the bar fine to the bar which includes sex for 2 hours and one shot.

The standard price in Angeles City is between 1.800-3.500 Pesos based on how in demand the girl is.

So, if you prefer fat and old girls, you’re going to pay much less then young and hot spinners.

Furthermore, if she gives good service, 500-1.000 Pesos tip is expected.

A note of warning! A few girls try to escape their duties, coming up with bullshits.
If she doesn’t do what she is supposed to do, just take her immediately to the mamasang and ask for a refund or another girl. Don’t let these unavoidable situations to ruin your holiday.

That’s all, enjoy the naughty Angeles City nightlife.