Take Asian women back to your room for sex

How To Take Asian Girls Back To Your Room After A Date


Is It A Daunting Task To Get Girls Back To Your Room?

Learn How You Can Get Her In Your Bed At The First Date

What you don’t know, scare you.

Get a girl in the suck at the first date, it isn’t ART, but a PROCESS. The truth is, you’re terrified to ask her to get back in your bedroom because you don’t KNOW what to do in the event she refuse your offer.

I repeat myself here, but it’ IMPORTANT; what you don’t know, scare you.

When I ask a girl to get back to my room and she refuses, I make a joke of herself. The reason is simple; I don’t let her PLAY the game.

My RULES, my game.

It might sound cocky but I assure you while the early days of my dating life, I wasn’t confident. Not only that, every time I was getting rejected, the only way to release my stress was to go home and jerk off watching porn movies. It was a HARD PERIOD of my life.

I didn’t know the “how to get her back to my room.” I was hoping she would invite me in. Seriously.

You see, letting her decide the outcome of a date isn’t going to work. Women are passive, men aggressor.

You’ve to make the move. It’s a natural occurrence. This is another way to let her know that you like her. In her mind, she knows that you want to bang her because you like her.

Introvert men think that making such move at the first date is going to give a bad impression. In fact, the opposite is true.

Please, don’t feel ashamed of yourself to take her back to your bedroom. She is going to feel desired and happy to know that you like her. I never in my life lost a woman because pushing her to have sex with me during the first date. I get respected to be a real man.

Here the shocking truth:

I never in my life lost a woman by inviting her to have sex with me at the first date. NEVER!

You put in so much effort with your dates hoping to get the final price (get laid). Why to wait?

I know how feels to be rejected or look down. The good news is, there is a solution.

In this article, I’m going to show how to overcome your fears and become a confident man by using my game system to get girls back to your room at the first date.


What Is Holding You Back

holding you back to get asian girls back to your room

First, is important to overcome your fear of rejection. I would say most men struggle with this problem sometimes in life, and the earlier you tackle it, the better.

Below I present the three most common problems men faces when asking her to visit your place. Procrastination is not going to help you and keep in mind that the

“Hey, don’t think to procrastinate.”

Remember, your most precious asset is TIME. You’ve only 24 hours per day, like everybody else on this earth.

You can’t waste time in dates, and no cookie.

Right Here, Right Now!

What is holding you back is you. A mere change in your mindset will change your life forever.


1. Being The Nice Guy

If you’ve ever read some dating site, I’m sure you heard about being a nice guy with women doesn’t work, and why women like bad boys.

We often make the mistake of thinking that isn’t NICE to ask her to have a drink in our condo, particularly at first date. But if we pull our head out of our butt and think about it, it doesn’t matter how much nice you can be to a woman – because being nice isn’t going to make her feel more attract to us.

You have the same chances to get laid at the first date or after several dates; all boil down to expectations.

What I like about Asia and Asian girls is the way they think about dating. In her mind, you’re being a nice guy to take her on a date and eat delicious food. She would feel very bad to reject your invitation back to your room.

Too simple? I’ll never understand why with Western women must be so complicated instead.

It’s a cultural expectation and goes something along this lines;

Asian women will be grateful and thrill if you take her out for a lovely evening, and it’s only natural to give you something back and make you happy.

What can make a man more comfortable than having sex?

So, don’t “pretend” to be a nice guy. Western society has made a full of you by making you think that asking women for SEX at the first date is BAD. Not only is counterproductive (you don’t get laid) but you are trying to be someone you aren’t.

Not only is counterproductive (you don’t get laid) but you are trying to be someone you aren’t. You took her out on a date only because you want to bang her. Don’t lie, be yourself!

I’m always clear about my expectations, and I let her know in a nice way that I expect to take her back to my room at the first date.


2. Low Self-Confidence

Confidence is to be man - bring asian girls back to your room 2

It’s all about confidence, isn’t it?

Yes and No.

If you aren’t confident on your requests, don’t expect she’ll accept your invitation to get back to your room. Two simple scenarios to make this point clear.


Scenario 1 – YOU

After a wonderful evening out, it’s time to get back home. You’re wondering how to convince her to visit your room because, after a so good meal, you want to lick her pie (that pie don’t make you fat :)).

Good boy… Who doesn’t like a pie.

But you wonder how to pass the message without being rejected or worst, create an awkward situation for both of you.

So, before getting into the taxi, you feel the need to ask her permission to get back to your room; “Would you like to have a coffee/drink to my place?”

You feel safe because you are asking permission, and if she say “yes”, great! You are going to get laid.

If she say “no“, not so great but you didn’t ruin – the moment.

Do you know what I think about this approach?

I don’t see anything terrible wrong going in this way, but I’m confident to say that you have a 10% chance to get laid. Every ten women you date, one will accept your offer and that is sucks.

From a financial point of view, you are better off to meet prostitutes.

Let me explain.

Taking out a girl for a classic date (have few drinks, dinner, cinema,etc) will cost you in average US$10-US$100 per date. Let’s take the middle cost; US$50 and multiply by 10 times you need to take a woman for a date to get one bang. TOTAL = US$500.

Well, in Asia you can have an orgy with top women (9-10 scale) and spend less than that.

If you decide not to learn the game with women but instead frequent prostitutes, I respect your decision because it makes financial sense.


Scenario 2 – ROCCO

After a wonderful evening out, it’s time to get back home. I’m not wondering how to convince her to visit my room because I’ve a clear plan.

I want to lick her pie.

Idon’t like to get fat.

I’m not wondering how to pass over the message without being rejected or worst, create an awkward situation for both of us because I’m in control of the situation. It’s my duty as a man to take the lead and be responsible for the evening success.

She and I will be disappointed if we don’t have sex today.

So, I get into the taxi and ask the driver to take us to my place. I inform my partner we are going for a coffee/drink to my place.

I feel confident and masculine because I took the decision, and if she says “yes”, great! I’m going to get laid.

If she says “no“, not so great but means she isn’t ready yet.

Bro, open your ears:

“Women want sex, but they don’t like to be asked for permission.”

Your confidence is the primary attribute to bed women successfully, so don’t be shy and go for it.

Be casual, indifferent, and relaxed about it.

Ok, maybe not too casual.



In average, every ten women I take on with this approach, only four will refuse to follow my lead. You see, a small change of wording and attitude can bring a 600% increase in your success rate to get an Asian girl into your bedroom.

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3 Strategies That Works Every Time

With these 3 simple strategies, you can get most Asian girls in your room at the first date. These strategies apply to different type of girls and situations, so don’t mess up.

Who I Used This Strategy For; Women which are naive or are looking for some fast cash. There is no any point walk around the city with her; conversation is tedious and time to time annoying.

These type of girls are from an inferior education, so what is the point to go for fine dining and talk about social-politic staff.

Strategy; She knows that you’re unfamiliar with her city. Ask her to meet you at the hotel. Once there, tell you aren’t ready yet, just come up while you getting dressed.

There are few typical situations which you might experience;

  1. She’ll go straight to your room, no question asked. This action rings some bell; she is a freelancer and some $$$ will be required after the deed because you are gentlemen and don’t take advantage of poor girls.
  2. She’ll text you from reception by saying “I wait for you downstairs.” Just reply “you aren’t ready yet, will take another 30 minutes.” Ask to go buy some food next door for you and her because you are starving. Have a romantic lunch/dinner in your room the two of you and get her pie.
  3. None of the above, she is stubborn and won’t agree to anything. You might have a good girl here, go for the challenge!

Take her out and have some fun together, but not too far from your hotel room. Focus on your goal, getting laid ASAP. Let her know you’ve forgotten the camera in your hotel room, and you would be pleased to get some picture together. If she still doesn’t accept, dump her immediately. Your time is precious, and she is going to waste it.



TIP; Time to time you might be faced with an uncooperative local girls Don’t be afraid to dump and move on. There are so many girls happy to meet you, plus you’ve got a schedule full of girls.


2# – You‘ve Forget Camera or Phone in Your Room

Perfect To Date; University girls and office girls.

Who I Used This Strategy For; Girls with a strong personality and values. These type of women need to be persuaded before accepting to get back to your room.

Strategy; Meet the girls nearby my hotel room for logistic reasons. It’s nice to have a coffee, night out or dinner to build up an intense sexual feeling.

I love to tease the girls even before we meet. I usually send a reminder message (it’s very important to confirm your appointment one day before and same day of your meeting) with write something along this line; “Hi …., tomorrow we are going for dinner and you should dress properly; white skirt, high hill black shoes and the rest is up to you”.

From there the conversation can take multiple ways, but I keep my objective in mind; dress her as I’m pleased. Asian women are amazing in satisfying your requests, and why not to start from pre-meeting.

I’ve got a short story for you.

Once in Bangkok, I met up with a naughty school teacher which I convinced to dress all in red for me. Once we met, I was so pleased that she follow my instructions and my desire to bang her, was skyrocketing while having dinner together.

So, please do me a favor, think what you want and plan accordingly.

Going back how to get the girls back to your room after met her somewhere in town.

A trick which has worked very well for me is to tell her that I’ve forgotten the camera or need to charge the phone in my room. She’ll feel comfortable to go back with your to the hotel room, after all, you only need to take your camera, but once in the room, she can start to pose for you.


3# – You Don’t Have Much Time

Perfect To Date; Businesswomen and self-employed.

Who I Used This Strategy For; Women into the business world which value and understand the importance of time.

This technique uses “time constraint” which is great because the girl will feel safe to come to your room.

I usually say that I need to meet a friend of mine in one hour. However, I can meet for a quick drink. Before she arrives, I buy some groceries and wait in the hotel’s lobby.

Once she comes, I will take her back to my room with the excuse to drop the grocery with the assumption that she can’t get into any trouble because I have to go to meet my friend later.

These strategies have worked for me and hopefully will serve you well. There is still room for improvement, and you can develop more techniques along the way. Never get tired to experiment, my friend.


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