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3 Most Popular Dating Sites In Korea

If you want to meet and date quality Korean girls, your best bet is to use a dating site.

Here are the top three dating sites in South Korea. I’ll go into more detail in my reviews later in this article:

  1. Seeking Arrangement
  2. Asian Kisses
  3. Ok Cupid

In Korea dating online isn’t a taboo, but a practical way for Korean women to meet foreign men. Dating sites are an excellent tool to line up dates even before setting foot in Korea.

If you are determined to get a Korean lady, you definitely can succeed. There are many Korean women that dream of meeting a foreign man. You look exotic to them as much they look exotic to you.

korea dating site

Should you decide to sign up for an online dating site, spend some time to write an interesting profile with a view about life and what you are looking for into a girl.

Then upload a couple of photos looking good, not stone or drunk posing in front of a Ferrari that isn’t yours.

Make sure to verify your profile as this puts you straight up on the search. When you upgrade the membership, you are going to land more responses and attention from the girls.

Here are my detailed reviews of the most popular dating sites in South Korea…


Seeking Arrangement

SeekingArrangement is a straight forward dating site that connects young and beautiful girls in financial distress to generous men that understand the meaning of “help”.

Unlike other dating sites, on SeekingArrangements there is no false pretense about the relationship. Girls and guys are explicit about what they expect from the relationship without second-guessing.

For example, if you are a gentleman in his 30s or 40s that would like to date a college girl, there are many Korean students who need financial assistance for their studies.

The site is easy to use and you can search for girls in any city in Korea. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to one country when you can search for women all around the world.

It’s free to search for girls and get a feel of the site, but if you want to contact the ladies you’ve to buy the membership.

The membership price on SeekingArrangement is 89.95 usd per month if you subscribe monthly or 79.95 usd per month if you subscribe for three months.

Asian Kisses

This dating site is made in Germany, so if you are European, it suits your needs.

You can pay for the membership in euros instead of usd like the above dating sites. Also, you have better protection and privacy terms as the business is established in the European Union.

On Asian Kisses, you can find girls from all over Asia, and there are a few Korean women as well.

It’s easy to navigate and use it. When you upgrade the membership, you can benefit from ranking your profile higher in the search. Meaning you’ll get more messages and interests from the girls.

The membership price starts at 25.90 euros for monthly recurring payments. That means every month your credit card gets charged until you remove it from your account. There is also a twelve months subscription for a one-time fee of 140 Euro.


Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid has less Korean girls compare to the other two dating sites. This site is been created 15 years ago to help foreigner men to meet and date girls worldwide.

Korean women on this dating site can speak English, but keep the conversation basic so she doesn’t stress out.

The platform is easy to use, friendly and the search is great.


My Thoughts About Dating Sites in Korea

korean girl on dating site

Dating sites are an excellent tool to get to know Korean girls who are into foreign men. You don’t have to run the streets to meet girls or pick up chicks in the nightclubs, that is old school.

Why waste time and money hoping to meet a Korean girl out there when you can conveniently contact them on a dating site? Even if you are not in the country yet.

Get in contact with girls before your trip is a smart move because you can get intimate faster without wasting precious holiday time.


Tips How To Use Korean Dating Sites 

It’s from 2009. I’m using dating sites to meet Asian girls, and they have been an essential tool in Korea because it’s hard to approach girls in everyday life.

These are the three most important things I’ve learned:

  • Join a dating site at the earliest – Before you get busy to book the flight, get on a dating site and start conversations with the girls. The earlier, the better because you every day there are new members and you want to be the first one to contact them.
  • No money talks – Any decent Korean girl never speaks about money with someone just meet, even on Seeking Arrangement. The girls who mention money are either prostitutes or gold diggers.
  • Set up a video chat – Photos can be enhanced with software, but video chat can’t. Before meeting her, have a video chat.

There are several other tips to use dating sites effectively, but those are the most important.

I wish you all the best looking for your Korean dream girl. There are so many beautiful girls out there waiting to please you.