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seeking arrangements reviews

Seeking Arrangement Review

SeekingArrangement promises to hook up men — or sugar daddies — with younger women know as sugar babies.

And it’s not like “give me money, and then I’ll spend time with you”, that’s like hiring an escort. But instead to put the chemistry and feelings before the financial.

On SeekingArrangement, you can easily meet girls and women open to the idea of casual dates… Or to get into a relationship with benefits… Or find a travel companion for a few days or weeks.


Compared To Other Dating Sites, You Actually Get Way Less Bullshit And Drama

The best thing about SeekingArrangement is you don’t have to lie to a woman ever again. You and she set clear expectations before getting into the relationship.

Meaning SeekingArrangement is your ticket to an instant intimate relationship without bullshit and drama.

When you date conventionally the pattern is always the same: meet a girl, get to know her, the vibe is great for a short period, and then she gets emotional: start the “drama” and there’s an awful lot of stress and texting… “Where are you?” What are you doing?”, etc. is an alternative to regular dating sites that offer a traditional romantic relationship.

Men and girls alike get right to the point on this site without playing any “dating game”. I offer you “X” in exchange for “Y.” It is usually “intimacy and companionship” in exchange for “gifts”, but it can be anything.

In some longer-term relationships, daddies provide to sugar babies monthly monetary allowances… Or they pay their monthly rent when the lady is a student.

But remember that before the financial should be some chemistry if you want the arrangement to work. It isn’t like to hire an escort but rather a girlfriend with benefits.

Of course, there are also other situations where you can meet girls just for dinner or a vacation together. It doesn’t have to be a long term arrangement.

In conclusion, the main benefit of meeting girls on SeekingArragment is the “no-drama”. You and she get into a mutual arrangement, which is clear from the start. The expectation and boundaries are explicit, so things don’t get emotional.

You want to talk honestly on the first date about who you are, what you expect to gain from the relationship, and what you offer. It’s just like when you discuss any business relationship and business arrangement.

Don’t discuss arrangements directly on SeekingArrangement because you might get banned. They are a U.S company and don’t want to foul of US laws on prostitution. So don’t solicit on the site.


Finding A Match

Since SeekingArragment is not a general dating site, it has build-in specific filters for types of arrangements like friends for benefits, open relationship, long term relationship, marriage-minded, discrete relationship, non-monogamous, vacation together, etc.

You can also look for a sugar baby by location, body type, height, drinking habits, and similar stuff like any other standard dating site. But the best part is you can scout for girls all over the world, even in your neighborhood.

For example, in the major Asian destinations like Bali, there are 530 girls seeking arrangments… In Tokyo about 720… In Manila 2.800… In Singapore, a massive 3.500.

That is a lot of chicks ready to hook up! No need to visit any nightclub, bar, or other social venues when you have so many girls hot for action one click away.

Like any other dating site, there are fake profiles and inactive users. But you can easily avoid them after a few days of knowing the community.

However, SeekingArrangement does a great job to offer a safe environment for the kind of relationship and connection that it encourages.

Keep in mind this: “To find gold you have to filter through a lot of mud”. It takes some effort to find a serious and genuine girl, but when you do, you have got your piece of gold.

Here are some of the things I have noticed by using the site…


The Good

  • A lot of girls in all the major cities. If you search nation wise, the amount of hot babes is just insane.
  • Straight to the point – It’s about intimacy and companionship first, friendship and relationship maybe later.
  • No drama from the girls because it’s an arrangement.
  • Most women are polite, not shy and want to please you.
  • You can get a feel of the site for free, then decide to upgrade the membership later.
  • Very easy to navigate throughout the massive amount of profiles with search and filters.
  • One membership allows you to contact girls all around the world.


The Bad

  • You can communicate only via chats, messages, or emails. It would be nice to have video chats and live streams built-in the platform.
  • There is an app only for Android phones. iPhone users don’t have an app, but they can use it on mobile.
  • You can’t message without upgrading the membership. Only to search and read other profiles. It means you have to upgrade if you want to arrange a meetup.
  • Due to their massive success, they have been inundated with escorts that clutter the site despite the terms and conditions stating this is not allowed. Popular sex tourism destinations are prone to this problem.
  • The thing that I dislike the most is the many filters and searches available to find the right match. Too many and too complicated to use. To avoid this mess, just search for girls based on location and age.


Is Seeking Arrangement Safe?

This site is working hard to keep scammers at bay and to protect your interests. They monitor suspicious activities, but scammers and crazy women still contact you time to time. You need to figure it out with common sense.

The best way to use this site while protecting your privacy is to use a general email that doesn’t contain your name and surname. It’s also worth using an extra phone number.

It’s obvious but worth repeating: “don’t send personal info, don’t give money, and if girls offer you pics just say no thank you and move on”.

The common frauds are ladies requesting transfers of cash upfront as a “deposit” and to pay the travel to meet you.



Is it worth a membership on SeekingArragment? It is if you are serious about arranging a mutually beneficial relationship with a woman. If you want only to troll the profiles and add the ones you like hoping to get contact, then it is not.

Women naturally expect the men to make the first move, and they pick the one that offers the best opportunities, but he’s also the real deal maker.

Pay members can communicate and deliver monetary gifts, but also get to see the women’s private gallery.

When you upgrade to premium, you have full access and flexibility to use the site. Besides the essential functions, the premium membership boosts your profile in the search and offer more visibility. Meaning you get more attention and replies from the ladies.

The premium subscription is 89.95 USD per month if billed monthly or 79.95 USD per month when charged for three months.

Sugar babies take seriously only men with a subscription for obvious reasons. One reason is that it is easier to believe that someone’s a real person if they’re paying for the membership… And it’s self-evident that they are serious sugar daddies.


The Final Verdict

SeekingArrangement is probably the easiest and most ethical way to find friends-with-benefits without hurt feelings. Everyone uses the site stating clearly what they want, there is no second-guessing.

SeeingArragement is excellent for people who want to get into an open relationship, honest people who value their freedom, people who are tired of “drama relationship”, and people who want to travel with someone. On the other hand, the site is not for cynics and people looking for an Asian wife.

This site might look like a modern version of escort services, but don’t judge it by its cover. Sugar babies aren’t all about money as escorts, but individuals who know what they want in life and are aware of what they can offer to the right man.

In conclusion, SeekingArrangement is one of the best sites to meet girls with benefits.


How To Use Seeking Arrangement

If you want to give it a try, visit SeekingArrangement’s homepage and register.

Upon registration, you get asked a few pieces of information to help you to be and find the best match.

I suggest using a general email address to complete the registration process instead of using your Facebook account. Privacy matter.

You have to upload at least a personal photo for identification purposes, it’s to keep the community safe. You can set all your photos private, so you don’t risk getting exposed.

It’s worth having a few photos in professional attire if possible. That way you look trustworthy in the eyes of the girls. Also, add travel photos if you have any, they’ll set you high upon every SB’s travel wish list.

If you want to attract the right girls, you should work hard on the “bio” and “seeking” sections. And be honest.

In the bio mention your photos are private due to professional considerations. When you contact the girls you’re interested in, you can make the photos available. I’ve received good responses from women by proceeding this way.

The seeking section helps you to narrow down the right girls for your needs.


Do And Don’t Do

Remember that you will get nowhere if you are thinking of using the site for free. First, you can’t message any member for a meetup. Second, the girls want to know that you can afford them. If you can’t pay for the membership, it’s self-evident you can’t.

There are men that favorite the girls but never message them. That’s useless. It’s like to say “Hi” to a girl in the street hoping she carries on the conversation. It’s no sense.

Several sugar babies complain some men on SeekingArrangement are looking for escort service at a low price or for free. It’s important you set yourself apart from other men by being honest and serious about a mutually beneficial relationship.

My advice is to don’t discuss sex for money or monetary benefits like monthly allowance directly on the site. You might get banned.

This site is a tool to get in contact with the girls only. The details of the arrangement should be discussed privately by email or other means.

And at last, stay away from delusional ladies. The ones that think a man should pay for the privilege to have a platonic or online relationship. That’s bullshit. Those girl’s sense of self-worth is way over-rated.

Stay grounded, be smart.

Good luck — and if you would like to share your success story or you have any questions, contact me at [email protected]