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How to Meet and Date Quality Filipino Women Online

How To Meet And Date Quality Filipino Women Online

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to meet quality Filipino women online. I’m not talking about the usual bar girls, freelancers or sloppy Filipino girl with kids.

I’m talking about quality girls with no kids, a good job, speak proper English and they are looking for the real thing, not your money.

She wants to meet a foreign man because she is attracted by your exotic futures as you are attracted to hers.

This powerful guide to meet and date Filipino women online, applies whether you are:

  • Meeting a Filipina for the first time.
  • Planning a trip to the Philippines and you want to meet attractive girls.
  • Looking for a lust holiday with genuine and exciting sex experiences (no the usual, I fuck for money).
  • Looking for a long-term relationship and even marriage.


Can I Meet Filipina Girls Online?

My readers have asked me this question over and over again. I think the reason is that dating women online in the West is just very bad.

You’ll meet the worst women society can offer such prostitute, divorced women, fat ones, scammers and more.

In Asia instead, online dating is the easiest way for local women to reach out to foreign men. Most are good and honest girls looking for love, a relationship or just have a new experience.

Meeting the perfect woman online is a bit different than meeting in the real world, but the same fundamental principles apply while selecting the perfect match.

Do you want to hear my story?

I’ve been to the Philippines countless times and on my first trips, I was focused on getting laid – a lot. So what I did.

Over time my priorities had shifted and realized the Philippines has high-quality women, not only to have sex but to have a conversation, holiday together, relationship and a feeling of love.

So, in 2014 I made my priority in meeting well-spoken women on their twenties without kids and with interests in common.

Took 10 days to find my perfect match online.

She only had a Filipino boyfriend for two years, a good job at the local bank and spoke good English. She knew how to cook and look after a man.

Clearly, this girl would be considered a unicorn in any Western country.

Enough about me and my personal story. Let me focus on you with the right set’s mind to meet your perfect match.

Please, make sure to read the entire article because I’m going to ask you some questions that you will most probably answer differently by the end of this article.


3 Important Question For You Before Starting

  1. Does a man need to be tall, rich, handsome and young to meet beautiful and love caring Filipino women?
  2. Do you think is possible for a man who isn’t tall, rich, handsome and young to meet beautiful and love caring Filipino women?
  3. Is it possible to create a spark relationship with intense feelings between you and a Filipino woman?

Let’s get into the approach.

The secret in attracting quality Filipino girls online is to portrait yourself by the way Asian women think about you as the right man.

Although an Asian woman can feel attracted to a man’s physical appearance, the most important way quality women choose to meet you online is portraiting a clean look and stable personality.

This is what makes Philippine’s women so appealing to us. They can see behind physical appearance, status, and all the superficial stuff.

In fact, you don’t need to be a millionaire, tall, young and handsome to get laid with a beautiful Filipino woman.

If you have tried some online dating site in your home country, and you are not the TV’s star type, or own a big house and a beautiful car, or have six packs, the chances to meet some decent women are nearly none.

It isn’t your fault.

Western women’s mentality is so superficial to look for the bad boys in town to spice up their life, preferably with a lot of men and Silver Stallone body.

If you are the average Tom, most probably you get rejected all the time by women.

Don’t worry, in Philippines women will love you especially if you are over 40s, mature and pleasant person.

Are you ready to date a Filipino Girl? LET’S DO IT.


What Type of Men Attract The Right Filipino Woman

Most Filipino women will be shy to meet you at first, this is part of their culture.

This simply means that being shy is not merely a facade but part of the Philippine woman’s way of life.

So, being that cool guy with tattoo and gym body will not be an advantage, actually is the opposite.


Educated Filipino women are looking for mature men (the older, the better) that can offer a sense of security and portrait themselves as gentlemen.

Naturally, Filipino women are attracted to white skinned men as much as you are attracted to tan skin.

Most Filipino men are short and dark skinned, it is a common thing and this offers you an opportunity to look like a super star thanks to your skin.

What about black men? They look exotic to most Filipino girls, and they would love to meet you.

They’ll feel attracted by your look because in the Philippines there aren’t any black people living there which offer the “wow” factor.

As you most known women tend to be less attracted to man’s physical appearance, for a woman the most important thing to her is how you make her feel when you interact with her.

In the Filipino woman gene, security by a strong provider is important.

Play this card to your advantage to get noticed by Filipino women online.

In my profile pictures, I dress and look sharp.

It doesn’t stop there. Once I get the girls in the webcam, I present myself like I’m going out for a dinner or with friends.

You’ll compete with thousands of other men online, and any small details are essential for you to succeed in meeting quality women online.

To recap, it’s important your portrait yourself properly online to be contacted from a large pool of quality Filipino women, and this is already half the way through.

I’ve explained in details How to Pick Asian Women Online in simple steps.

What will cost you?

No more than 15 minutes to register and write down a proper online dating profile, and in the next few days, you’ll be overwhelmed by messages from beautiful Filipino women.

What You Should Watch Out When Dating Filipino Girls Online


1 ~ Location

Well educated Filipino women are located in the major city of Philippines: Manila, Davao and Cebu City.

There are many good office jobs and university which provide fertile soil to meet quality Filipino women that are self-dependent and looking for short time fun.

educated filipino girl

Philippine cities offer a bit of everything, from good girls looking for a solid relationship to the slut university girls looking for a nightstand.

Moving off the beaten path, where tourists are rarely seen, you can meet some cute and love caring Filipino woman using online dating.

These provincial cities provide quality girls that are extremely traditional, looking for love and a good man to marry.

countryside filipina girl

You will be surprised to meet some girl in her twenties still virgin in those areas and she will not know anything about sex.


2 ~ Profile Picture Speak Loudly About Her

While searching for your woman, her profile pictures can tell you a lot about her story.

If a girl’s profile says that she works in a restaurant (in Philippine the average monthly salary is US$ 250), yet her pictures show her posing in five stars hotel’s room, or dining in luxury restaurants – then something isn’t right.

Who is paying for all that? Maybe her “Sugar Daddy”, but she insists on being a good girl.

However, this isn’t always the case.

She might have been invited by some friend who has access to a better life and because she is proud to show off her one-time adventure, the pictures don’t give her justice.

You can find out by asking indirectly about those photos, without being too interrogative.

The truth will surface, Filipino women aren’t good lairs 😉



If she pass the first sniff test, bring it up again to make sure the story haven’t changed


3 ~ Be The First Foreigner

Many foreigners going to Philippines to meet women are showering them with gifts, luxuries, and undue praise.

This set the girls expectation high and it reflects on you. If you don’t offer the same or more, the drama will never end.

This kind of shit is not the point you are going to meet a Filipino woman, you are looking for good girls with good habits and not too many requests.

Unteaching the bad habits of those girls is almost impossible, and it isn’t worth the effort.

Just ask her if she had any relationship with a foreigner before, and if she says “yes”, don’t get into details, just move on.

Don’t throw on a hardhat and play construction worker in an attempt to rebuild a faulty foundation laid by some other guy.


4 ~ Education Is A Plus

University Filipina

Educated girls in the Philippines have nothing similar to the one in the West.

Usually, educated Western women have good paying jobs which offer them to be independent and in most cases snobs.

This can be a big turn off, and for me is unacceptable.

Femininity, humility, and intelligence are pretty damn sexy and in the Philippines.

Educated girls tend to be very friendly, polite, and ego-free. This is refreshing, offering a better relationship for the love sicker.

Bare in mind, education doesn’t mean much better salaries. Sure, they’ll get a few hundreds of dollars more than girls working in malls or restaurants, but it isn’t going to make bank.

As a result, you won’t have to deal with any money snobbery.


5 ~ Asking for Money

Known as “gold digger”, these type of women will ask you for money from you right at the beginning.

They are bar girls or freelancers looking to make some extra cash online and certainly not quality women.

You can quickly spot most of them but a few are deceptive and calculative.

The usual stories are:

  • Mama, papa, uncle, sister,grandmama is sick and need medicine;
  • I lost my phone;
  • I need money to go see you when you will fly to Manila.

These are just a few of the stories, but there are countless tricks along the way.

Stay always on alert and don’t follow for those tricks.

She was making a living before meeting you online, so there isn’t any point that now she needs some cash.

This type of women, once you send money, they’ll expect it forever, not worth it. I never deal with women asking for money. That doesn’t mean I never gave some.

Being generous is important, but passing by like an idiot is another story.


The Cool Things About Meeting Filipino Women

The Filipino thing is they can see you like a sexy, handsome and attractive man even if you are overweight, short and with a big noise.

Weird, but true.

Did you know Filipino and the rest of Asia highly appreciate white skin? Sound crazy, isn’t it?

Instead, you are looking for tanned girls because they look so sexy and exotic to you, the opposite is true for Filipino.

The better you understand how Filipino culture thinks, the better you can showcase your good quality.

For example, if your nose is big and in the West your coworker takes the fun of you, in the Philippines girls will go crazy for you.


The Truth About Dating Online

meet online filipino girls

It is a convenient way to find and meet attractive Filipino women without putting the money first on an expensive trip to the Philippines.

Why should you invest your money in a trip when there isn’t a guarantee to get a date?

Online dating sites offer great flexibility and convenience to interact with Filipino women from the comfort of your sofa whenever you have time and are in the mood.

Filipinas online dating sites

You are free to select the girls that match your criteria by filtering:

  • age
  • status
  • location
  • body shape
  • habits

Generally speaking, you will have a better control to find your dream Filipina.

The chances to meet a perfect match walking around the Philippine is almost none. It would take months and a lot of luck to meet a quality girl over there.

Relocating to Philippine is another option, allowing you to establish circles with coworkers and meet good working girls while going out for dinners and social events.

It is a big step, and I don’t recommend it.

Leaving everything behind to take on a new life without a sure thing, it’s a gamble.

Instead, by meeting girls online first, you don’t risk anything.

Just imagine being able to talk to her after a day of hard work, no more lonely evening watching TV and drinking beer.

You’ll have wonderful conversations, some erotic moments and good feelings together, so you can go to sleep with peace of mind dreaming about the day you’ll meet for real.

What I want you to know is that online dating is the most powerful tool that I’ve used for years to meet Asian women from the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and many more countries.


What Do You Think Now?

I asked you three questions at the beginning of this article.

Do you think is possible for YOU to meet quality Filipino women online today?


Do you think you can’t meet beautiful Filipino women because you’re not tall, super rich, handsome or young enough?

If you think that you can’t meet a beautiful Filipino woman today, then read through the article again and look at the proof of me meeting beautiful and attractive women for years online.

I hope you’ll get started today. You don’t go and waste more of your life thinking that you can’t do it, “Oh, I’m not good looking enough” or “I’m not good enough.”

Yes, you are.

You can meet quality Philippine women easily online, just you need to take action.