Best Places To Meet Cebu Girls

You might be wondering where to meet sexy girls in Cebu hot for action, right?

You are going to find the answer here. Not only I’m going to show you the best places to meet Cebu girls, but giving you the best ways to get laid, fast.

Cebu has a wide range of girls from the typical university student, to the bar girl in the red light district to the middle-class woman who has a fetish for foreign men.

Meaning, there is a girl for you either you prefer to pay for sex, or you want it for free.

The best part is the city offers different opportunities of hooking up as you can meet girls during the day and at night as well.

The day game is quite as responsive as well as the night game.

I’m going to talk about each place separately, starting with…


Night Clubs

If nightlife, party and girls are your things, you can easily hook up in Cebu night clubs.

Let’s have a look at two clubs that you should definitely check out while in Cebu.


Are you looking purely for hookers freelancing in Cebu’s clubs? Then, Oqtagon is the place that you should visit.

You will meet a good number of freelance hookers ready to go with you for 1.500 pesos. But you can drive the price down.

If you prefer to pick up regular Cebuanas, the next night club is for you…

Liv Super Club

There are a good number of women that like to hook up with foreign men.

They are party girls that love to have fun and are bored to get hammered by Filipino guys.

You have to be strategical in your approach though, it’s not as easy as ABC.

They tend to party in big groups, so you need to be comfortable and confident to talk to people.

There are also less popular venues like Icon and Holic that you can check out while in your endeavors.

Those places caterer mostly to Filipinos, but foreigner are welcome.


Girlie Bars

El Gecko bar girl in cebu

Bar girl in El Gekco.

Call them what you want – bikini bars, sports bars, girly bars, freelancers bars – but girlie bars are just a sure way to get yourself laid. However, they aren’t the best option to rent a girl in Cebu.

There are a good number of girlie bars in Cebu that will offer you the service, my favorites are:

  • All Stars – Sports Bar
  • Viking Bar – Bikini Bar
  • El Gecko Resto Bar – Sports Bar

All Stars is a sports bar in Mango street with waitresses wearing sexy outfits. You can’t bar fine them, but you can meet them after work or during their day off.

Viking Bar is the only bikini bar in Cebu worth to visit. They have a few top spinners, but you better get there early (before 10), or you risk to find only ugly girls.

Last but not least, El Gecko bar. This place has live music, many sexy women and even good food. Here you can pay for the girls if you want one.

The girl prices in these bars start at 1.500 pesos for sports bars and 3.000 pesos in the bikini bars.



cebu girls online to get laid

There are two type of Cebuana girls online – On the left side a freelancer using dating apps to find customers, on the right side an everyday girl looking for foreign men.

While reading about girly bars and clubs you might think that to get a hook up in Cebu, you always have to pay.

But that isn’t the case.

Cebu is one of the best cities to use dating apps in the Philippines to get laid.

The reason is the numerous girls that you can find online plus the convenience to meet them for a coffee or meal and head straight to your room.

In Manila, you have many more girls on those dating apps, but the logistics is just rubbish.
It’s common to waste 30-60 minutes in a taxi, whereas in Cebu you can walk to the meetings.

Just keep in mind that most Cebuanas online are students and office girls that work hard to support their family.


Malls & IT Park

cebu girl in shopping mall

During the day you can meet girls in the malls and IT Park.

In the mall, you can flirt with shop’s assistants or you pick up women that just hang out.

Pay a visit to the IT Park around 1 pm when most call center girls go for lunch, it’s a p…y paradise.

Either way, malls and the IT park are hotspots to meet girls in Cebu during the day.

Some of the best shopping malls with heavy traffic of Cebuanas are:

And don’t forget there are also freelancers in these malls as well, especially in the evening when they hang out to eat and shopping.

They usually charge 1.000 pesos for a short time.


Street Hookers 

Unlike in Manila, the quality of street hookers in Cebu is quite good.

The girls are easy going and fun while they don’t make you feel like you are with a “hooker.”

Along Mango Square and Ayala Center on the terrace on the second floor, you can find street girls freelancing.

Times vary as in Ayala center, the best time is around 5-7 p.m. and Mango square, you should have a look after the sunset till 10 pm.

Most of the girls ask for 2.000 pesos, but a 1.000-1.500 pesos is more reasonable.


Locations Where to Hook Up With Girls in Cebu

I’ve marked the best nightclubs with the blue pin, the girlie bars with a drink pin, the malls with a green shopping pin and the IT Park with a yellow star. 


Video Of Cebu Women

As you can see, Cebu is quite a good place for both day and night hunters. The streets and clubs are as promising as the malls here.

Don’t forget to use dating apps to set updates even before landing in Cebu. That way, you don’t arrive empty hands.

I hope this Cebu girl guide as provided a complete picture of the best places to meet sexy girls in Cebu.

Have fun!