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Happy Ending Massage In Cebu

Are you looking for an erotic massage parlor in Cebu that offers happy endings? If your answer is “yes,” you’re in the right place.

I know how frustrating it is to get a happy ending massage in Cebu. I had my fair amount of disappointments in searching for those “happy places.”

Cebu isn’t anything like Bangkok where you can get a dirty massage almost in any corner of the city. Several massage shops are discreet because they provide only regular massages.

For example, the massage parlors Mango Square employees young and cute girls. But during the massage, it’s shocking to learn that they don’t offer any extras.

However, there are a handful of happy ending massage places that operate underground. Meaning they don’t promote their extra services openly. This is the reason why parlors in Cebu aren’t the cheapest place for a happy ending massage. But don’t worry if you’re on a budget.

Besides revealing the best Cebu happy ending massage places, I’m going to tell you how to get private massages directly to your room at a fraction of cost.

That way, you can get two ladies at the price of a masseur girl from these happy ending massage shops…


3 Best Parlors Offering Happy Endings 

One of the most known “happy” massage parlors is…


1. Chuva Chuva

Chuva Chuva lingman massage in cebu

Probably one of the best lingman massage in Cebu, in Chuva Chuva you can get an oil massage with a handjob for 900 Pesos.

I know, it’s pretty expensive. For the same price, you can bang for a short time a freelancer in Cebu. As said earlier, parlors that offer extras aren’t the cheapest option in town.

There are better ways to get a massage with a happy ending, and I’m going to reveal it at the end of this article.

The interesting thing about Chuva Chuva is their VIP package: two girls for 1200 Pesos (only massage). I’ve to admit their massage is good. But don’t bother asking for extras as it’s going to cost you more than 1.000 Pesos in extra tips.

Also, you don’t get to choose the girls. There is a rotation system assigning the girls automatically.

If you would like more than a handjob, consider visiting…


2. Stressfree Massage

Stressfree massage offers handjobs and blowjobs. I’ve found the girls to be more attractive then Chuva Chuva, but nothing to brag about it.

This isn’t easy to find, so I recommend to get a taxi and ask to take you to Juana Osmeña St. Burglary. You’ll see the shop in the basement…

stressfree massage happy ending in cebu

Once inside, pay 500 Pesos for the massage and get escorted to the room. You get a random massage girl, and if you don’t like her, you can ask to change.

After 30 minutes into the massage, she’ll ask for extras, and you can bargain the deal.

Expect to pay 700 Pesos for a handjob or 1.000 Pesos for a blow job.

And the last massage place offering happy endings is…


3. Masaji Spa

If you don’t get satisfied only with a handjob or blowjob, Masaji Spa offers full service. Meaning you get a massage plus handjob, blowjob and sex.

It doesn’t have a physical location. The girl goes directly to your hotel room. They are the only Nuru massage in Cebu – the “therapist” will bring a mattress cover as well as Nuru oil and condoms.

The cost is 2.500 Pesos only for the massage, which doesn’t include a happy ending. For that, you need to tip the girl an extra 2.000-5.000 Pesos. Every girl adjusts their prices independently.

You might spend 2.500 Pesos only to find out the girl ask too much in extras, leaving you with a hard bone and unsatisfied.

If you want to take the risk, you can book a girl on their website.

In total, expect to pay at least 4.500 Pesos for a full service. If you ask me, that is too much for the Philippines. But there is a better way…


A Cheaper Alternative For Erotic Massages In Cebu

If you need an erotic massage without breaking the bank and don’t mind to be amateur, you can get a freelancer for 1.000 Pesos.

She’ll visit your room, don’t rush the experience while making you comfortable. You don’t need to take a taxi… Or pay crazy money for extras… Or get a random girl.

What’s better than getting a happy ending from a young and willing girl directly in your room?


Probably getting an erotic massage from two cute girls for half the price of a happy ending parlor in Cebu.

There are many girls willing to offer a massage service at your doorstep.

On my last visit to Cebu, I made a deal with a girl who I met on a Filipino dating site.

At first, she was a bit shy. But over the sessions, she got loosen and enjoy performing the body to body massage fully naked.

You can’t expect amateur girls to ride you like the pro masseur from a Nuru massage service provider. But I can still remember her watering mouth, small ass, and soft skin…

eortic massage girl in hotel room

In conclusion, you can get a happy massage in Cebu without breaking the bank.

The massage shops offering happy ending in Cebu aren’t anything to brag about. The girls’ look is average and to deal with the extras after having paid for the massage is a deal-breaker.

If you want to get an erotic massage, you better recruit a girl online at a fraction of the cost on your own terms. Not only it’s cheaper, but there are some really pretty girls out there.

I wish you “happy moments” in Cebu.