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How To Rent Girls In Cebu

If you are traveling solo, renting a girl in Cebu it’s the solution to loneliness. You can rent Cebuana girls by the hours, days, or weeks.

There are girls that suit each need: girlfriend, lover, tour guide, companionship, sex partner, or all of them.

And don’t necessarily need to be a working girl. There are plenty of civilian girls happy to offer a girlfriend experience for a tip. In a country where the basic salary is $200 per month, any extra money is always welcome.

For example, there are many university girls that struggle to pay the rent, and if you can help, a student is more than happy to become your girlfriend.

The best thing about renting regular girls is their naive nature and willingness to make you happy. Instead, working girls are all about what they can get from you, your pleasure isn’t that important.

In this article, I’m going to describe the type of girls available for rent in Cebu and their current prices. Also, I explain where to find rental girls so you can arrange a meeting immediately.


Best Places To Find Cebu Girls For Rent

Most foreign men think the only way to rent girls in Cebu is to visit a girlie bar. They never think of the possibility to hire girls online.

Here some more details based on your rental needs…


Short Term Rental

If you are looking to rent a girl in Cebu for a few hours, your best option is to hire a working girl.

There are bar girls and working girls freelancing in Mango Street after 7 pm. You pick a girl you like, have a drink together, and if she is right for you, go back to your room for some fun. It’s a straight forward transaction.

Bar girls’ rates start at 2.000 pesos while working girls freelancing in the streets ask for 1.500 pesos.


Long Term Rental

If you are looking for a Filipino girlfriend experience by having a young and attractive girl with you during your vacation time… Or simply want a distant relationship, consider hiring girls with a regular job or students that need financial aid.

They are more enthusiastic and offer genuine companionship without making you feel that you are paying for it.

Yes, they aren’t money-oriented like working girls, rather girls with values but little opportunities to get a decent living.

Girls in Cebu know how to look after a man and want to please. But the best part of hiring a lady instead of having a regular relationship is you don’t get any dramas because they are dependent on you.

If you want to rent a girl for more than a night, your best option is to use a popular dating site like Pina Love.

To get started, fill your profile with a realistic view about your life and what you are looking for. Send out a bunch of messages asking to meet.

Don’t talk about finances immediately, that will come later after you spend a few days together. A girl for a week will cost you about 5.000 pesos, and if you want to make her your girlfriend, offer an allowance of no more than 12.000 pesos per month.

Another option is to hire a “sugar baby”…

sugar baby girl in Cebu for hire

Unlike girls you meet on dating sites, sugar babies don’t get jealous or create problems. They understand their role in this type of arrangement.

Meaning you get all the benefits of a young and energetic girl (intimacy, companionship, and more) but without the downside of a relationship (drama, jealousy, unreasonable demands, and less freedom). You lead, and she follows.

The best way to find a sugar baby in Cebu is by using a site like Seeking Arrangement. There is a wide selection of girls.

When you message the girls, go straight to the point of the conversation. It saves everyone time.


Best And Worst Girls In Cebu For Rental

The best and cheapest girls to hire in Cebu are either students or girls working in the numerous call centers in the city.

But if you have the choice, go for university girls…

student girl in cebu for rent

The reason is girls that are studying are focus to study so they can get their diploma. Meaning they aren’t emotionally demanding. 

Instead, girls with a regular job might be happy initially to get extra money from you, but over time they’ll want more security. And for them, security means to marry you.

Anyway, either you get a student or a girl with a regular job, don’t pay her more than 10.000 Pesos per month. More than that it’s excessive.

In conclusion, visit Mango Square if you want to hire a girl by the hour. But if you want to rent a girl for a few days or more, get in contact by using dating sites.