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How To Rent Girls In Cebu

You can rent girls in Cebu by the hours, days or weeks. There are girls that suit each need: girlfriend, lover, tour guide, companionship, sex partner or all of them.

And don’t necessarily need to be a full-time prostitute, there are every day girls happy to offer a girlfriend experience for a tip. If you are traveling solo, renting a girl in Cebu it’s the solution for loneliness.

In this article, I’m going to describe the type of girls available for rent in Cebu and their current prices. Knowing these things could save you hundreds of dollars and countless hours (and maybe help you avoid a disappointment or two…)


Cebu Girls For Rent By The Hours

If you are looking to rent a girl in Cebu for a very short time, your options are limited to prostitutes. In this case, you can hire a bar girl or a massage girl or a freelancer. Let’s see the pros and cons of each type of rental girl.

Bar girls working in the girlie bars down in Mango Street are available after 7 pm when the bars open. You pick a girl you like, have a drink together and if she is right for you, go back to your room for some fun. It’s a straight forward transaction.

Bar girl prices start at 2.000 to 3.000 Pesos.

Another option is to go for an erotic massage. There aren’t many parlors offering this service, but you can always get a private massage directly to your bedroom at a fraction of cost as I explain in the Cebu Happy ending massage guide.


Daily Rental Girls In Cebu

If only a few hours isn’t enough, and you would like a girl for all night or the whole day, then a freelancer girl is the way to go. Not only they are cheaper, but they offer a more intimate experience…

rental freelancer girl in cebu

A freelancer is a self-employed girl that offer companionship and sex. There are full-time freelancers and part-time freelancers also known as sideliners. Full-time freelancers are money-oriented girls hardened by their experiences with men, while sideliners are more easy going and sweet.

For a daily rental, you better search for a full-time freelancer because they are usually better at sex and easy to recruit.

You can find Cebu freelancers in nightclub, online, malls and streets. You can hire freelancers by the hours but typically they are an all-night or day deal.

Expect to pay them between 1.000-2.000 pesos depending on their attractiveness and age.


Long Term Rental – Cebu Girlfriend 

If you are looking for a Filipino girlfriend experience by having a young and attractive girl with you during your vacation time or simply want a distant relationship, consider hiring a sideliner…

girls for rent in cebu

Sideliners have regular jobs or study but need extra financial aid. They are an excellent proposition if you are looking for a long term rental agreement because they aren’t money-oriented. Rather girls with values but little opportunities for careers and low salary.

They know how to look after a man, humble and want to please, but they have little life experiences so they tend to be shy and reserved. The best part is you don’t get all the dramas from a typical girlfriend because they are dependent on you. But you get affection, respect and quality intimate moments.

If you would like to rent a girl during your vacation, the best way is to use a popular dating site like Filipino Cupid. Girls on dating sites are there because they want to meet a foreign man, and you want to meet a girl in Cebu. It’s a Win-Win for both of you.

To get started, fill your profile with a realistic view about your life and what you are looking for in a Cebu girl. Don’t talk about finances, that will come later when you spend a few days together.

As said earlier, they are prostitutes, but they need financial help. However, they have values and might feel offended if you are direct and outspoken about it. Just go with the flow, have great moments together in Cebu, and once she brings up the subject, make a deal.

That’s it.

Sideliners in Cebu are happy to get a 500 pesos tip per day when spending a few days or weeks with you.

If you want a long term girlfriend but aren’t planning to marry her, be upfront about it and give a monthly salary. Every girl has different financial needs, so you can pay as little as 10.000 pesos (200US$) per month to the moon.

The sure thing is they will give you a great time 🙂


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