sex guide to cebu

Cebu Sex Travel Guide For Single Men

If you would like to know where to find girls hot for action and learn how to get laid in Cebu, this guide is for you.

Cebu is the IT city of the Philippines that employs thousands of young and beautiful Filipina girls.

It is also a university city, which means there is a considerable amount of sugar babies and holiday girlfriends.

Keep reading if you would like to find casual sex, a fuck buddy, or an intimate relationship in Cebu City.

This Cebu Sex Guide was last updated on 02 September 2022

Spoiler Alert: If you want to visit Cebu City, you have to be vaccinated or go for a pre-departure RT-PCR/ART test.

And don’t miss the opportunity to get in contact with Filipina girls online before your trip so you’ll have someone waiting for you.



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Intro To Sex Tourism In Cebu
General information about sex culture in Cebu

Where To Find Sex In Cebu
Overview of best places to find girls and get laid

Typical Costs + Tips
General prices in Cebu to help you budget your adventure

How To Rent Girls In Cebu
Best ways to find Cebu girls for rent

How To Meet Sexy Cebu Girls Online
Best sites and apps to meet girls in Cebu

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Cebu
How to meet and date girls during your vacation


Intro To Sex Tourism In Cebu

There are two obvious reasons why you should visit Cebu: girls and beaches.

Girls in Cebu, also known as “Cebuanas,” are super-hot and have a friendly attitude forward foreigners.

The beautiful white-sand beaches and a rich coral coast are another great attraction. Cebu is a place to relax while enjoying the local beauties.

Sex tourism and sexual activities are tame compared to Manila and Angles City, but they aren’t dead yet.

Officially there aren’t red light districts in Cebu, but around Mango Square, you can find a few girly bars. There are sports bars with freelancers, bikini bars, and karaoke bars.

cebu bikini bars

The sex scene doesn’t stop at night. You can find freelancers walking around Ayala Mall in the afternoon.

Don’t expect to see young and good looking girls, rather run-down mature women. If you prefer young and hot ladies, use a sex dating app.

Cebu is an ideal destination for a girlfriend experience thanks to the numerous universities with cute girls… And an IT Park packed with young Filipinas workers.


What About Sex And Girls In Cebu?

Cebuanas are hot, fun, and crave to meet a foreign man. Don’t be surprised to get laid almost every day during your vacation.

Cebu isn’t such a popular destination among single foreign men, so you have that exotic appeal that attracts local women.

Sometimes it is awkward to get so much attention from the local girls… And I’m not referring to the bar girls…

When you approach girls in Cebu, they might act shy and reserved at first, but get loose pretty fast. They are so shy that you can’t even tell if they like you, so don’t stack in doubt, go for it.

They will have sex with you when you ask because they love the idea to hook up with a foreigner. It is something that excites them.

Most girls you see working in restaurants, hotels, or shops are open to the idea of dating a foreign man. It takes patience, some small talks, and convincing, but once they agree to go out with you, it’s almost a sure thing to get laid.

Not everyone feels comfortable approaching girls in public, especially in a foreign country where you get noticed.

A private and less awkward way to meet Cebu girls is to use a popular dating site. There are plenty of girls looking for a foreign man.

Ha! Cebu girls get really turned on once behind closed doors. Don’t expect naughty stuff like a sloppy blow job or anal, but a decent session of action.

They love to have sex, but their religion stops them from going over the top.


Where To Find Sex In Cebu

If you want to get laid in Cebu fast, the best places to find horny girls are…

1. Online

It has never been easier to hookup in Cebu thanks to sites like Whats Your Price. There are many hot and young girls ready to meet you and have a good time.

And if you prefer something kinkier, Asian Match Mate is an adult dating site where people aren’t shy to share their naked photos and meet up for no string attached sex.

2. Nightclubs

You can pick girls in Cebu at night by visiting a popular nightclub. Most clubs have numerous freelancers ready to get back to your room for some cash.

The most popular nightclubs in Cebu to pick up girls are:

  • Icon – well known among locals and Korean chick. Not many hookers.
  • Liv Super Club – this club is busy any day of the week with pros and non-pros.
  • Kazmik Club – It’s a classy place to pick hot girls, but it is expensive.


3. Escorts

If you don’t feel like picking up girls in clubs, you can book a Cebu escort and arrange to visit you directly in your room. It’s a convenient service.

A cool escort booking platform is Smooci

4. Erotic Massage

Three massage parlors are offering happy endings in Cebu: Chiva, Stressfree, and Masaji Spas.

If you would like to learn more, not only I’ve reviewed the best Cebu erotic massage places, but I also share how to get cheap sex massages directly in your room.

4. Girlie Bars

cebu bar girls

Girlie bars have girls for companionship and sex.

The sports bars offer food, cheap drinks, sports event on TV and girls are usually available when the bar closes.

Bikini bars have a center stage with girls dancing. They are all available to sit and drink with you and to take away for sex.

Karaoke bars have private rooms where you can sing, drink, eat, and play around with girls.

5. Streets

walker girl in cebu city

After 9 pm walk down to Mango Square, and you are going to find prostitutes in the street.

Not the safest way to hook up with girls because usually they are underage or have diseases. Let alone the numerous ladyboys (transgender) pretending to be ladies.


Typical Costs

• Entraitment and Companionship: The price to bar fine a girl in a bikini bar range between 3.000-8.000 pesos (short and long time) all included. Lady’s drinks are around 150-250 pesos, the more drinks you offer… the more fun later.

You pay full price upfront to the bar. If things don’t work out in the bedroom between the two of you, it’s hard to get a refund.

If you like the nightlife scene, another option is to pick up girls in the nightclubs. Most nightclubs have free entrance, but the most popular one will charge 200-300 pesos.

Inside, you can hook up with freelancers that charge 1.500-3.000 pesos for all night.

Don’t you like to go out at night?

Get a happy ending massage in Cebu starting at 700 pesos for a handjob up to 4.500 pesos for full service.

The cheapest option is to meet girls on popular arrangement sites in the Philippines like Whats Your Price. Obviously, you have to pay for the date.

• Accommodations: Hotel rooms in Cebu are a good value.

Budget hotels start at 1.500 pesos per night. If you book for a week or even a month, the price is negotiable. Average hotels are in the range of 3.000 pesos and luxury hotels start from 5.000 pesos.

• Food: If you go for local food is very cheap, costing you no more then 200 pesos per day. But it also tastes weird for most foreigners.

There are several restaurants owned by foreigners around Cebu where you can have meals that taste like back home for a similar price.

• Transportation: You can get around with a local taxi for less than 100 pesos. It’s cheap and convenient.


Tips & Tricks

• Carry only cash: bring with you only what you need for a day of fun. Watch, gold, or anything flashy will only attract the wrong people to you. Keep it simple… Keep it safe.

• Watch the bill: Bikini bars, KTV, or any other place are notorious for extorting money from unaware tourists. Check your bill regularly and pay for what you consume.

• LD (Lady drinks): Make it a ‘single’ and not a ‘double’ lady drink. Why pay double for the same service?

• Ladyboys: In  Mango Square, there are many ladyboys. Be kind to them, don’t argue and keep them at a distance. They are skilled thieves.

Minimum legal age is 18: When the police get involved, be prepared to pay 100.000 pesos in a bribe or face jail. Just ask for an ID before taking a girl back to your room.

Drugs; The last thing you want to do is buy drugs. Getting caught with drug possession is a big deal in the Philippines.

Bribe; For whatever reason, when the police accuse you of wrongdoing, don’t argue, but instead pay up. The $$$ talks if you get busted and is the best way to go.


How To Rent Girls In Cebu

If you don’t want to spend a lonely time in Cebu, you can rent a girl by the hours, days, or weeks. I’ve already covered where to find girls for rent in Cebu in details.

But in short, you can hire bar girls around Mango Square where there are several pick up bars, or get a vacation girlfriend.


How To Meet Cebu Girls Online

While in Cebu there are many prostitutes and sex tourism is rampant, there are also plenty of genuine girls interested to meet foreign men.

You can meet beautiful and young girls happy to spend time with you and make getting around much easier and more fun.

cebu girl online

The problem is girls in Cebu are shy and not receptive when confronted in public because they aren’t used to get approached by people they don’t know.

For this reason, the best way is to meet girls on sites and apps Filipinas use to interact with foreign men.

To get started, create a profile for free with your photo and something about yourself.

Then chat with the girls and meet up once you feel ready.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Cebu

cebu girlfriend

If you need a local girl to go around with you, get a Filipina travel companion and enjoy the holiday girlfriend experience. If you are looking for a long term arrangement but without all the dram of a regular relationship, find a sugar baby.

Having a temporary girlfriend is the best way to learn about Filipino culture and to enjoy your stay in Cebu.

She can plan all sorts of nice things and help you to discover authentic local places like special restaurants, hidden beaches, and so on.

Can you imagine having an attractive, young, and horny Filipina girlfriend all day and night?

cebu hook up with girlfriend

Visit places together, have romantic moments and get intimate with her. Never feel alone again in a foreign country wandering around searching for companionship.

A vacation girlfriend is the best way to experience an unforgettable vacation… And the first step for something more.

Unfortunately, most travelers focus on buying a flight ticket and finding accommodation first, only later to search for a girl. They end up in a seedy red-light district wasting money on hookers. No wonder they feel disappointed when back home.

If you want to enjoy your time with a beautiful Filipino girl in Cebu, first put in some effort to find her and then get busy with the flight ticket and accommodation. There are so many Filipinas eager to meet you that you don’t have to pay for companionship and to get laid.

The best way to get a girlfriend in Cebu is by using popular arrangement and dating sites in the Philippines.

To get started, write a profile mentioning your interests and what you’re looking for in a girlfriend. And don’t forget to be honest about your intentions as it saves time for everyone.





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