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Brothels in Manila

So, you’re probably in Manila and you feel like you have to get some before you leave… Or you had planned that trip for months and finally, you’re here and wondering just where to start in your quest to get laid.

But not to worry yourself much, I got you covered here.

If you’re in a rush to get laid, why don’t you consider visiting some brothels in Manila?

Yes, I know that the sex trade in Manila as much as it is tolerated, it isn’t legal. But still, there are escort services, hookers, girly bars and even clubs where you can pick up freelancers. In other words, Manila is a brothel city on its own.

Before we get down to where you can find them and the types that exist, let’s try to break down what brothels are.

Unlike street hookers, the girls in the brothels are employed by the brothel owner.

When you walk in, you pick a girl that you like and pay in full at the reception.  Then you go for the deed in the house if the rooms are available or to your hotel room or nearby one.

Interesting, right?


Why Are Brothels in Manila So Popular?

Most singles want somewhere that they can get laid without the hustle of searching streets to find their fit as they would with street hookers.

As such, brothels present a place where you can just walk in and choose a girl.

The other reason is that brothels will save you having to pay for hotel rooms after you’ve got the girl. Most brothels have their own rooms, so that makes work quite easy.

Also, if you want to get laid and feel somewhat embarrassed dealing with street hookers, brothels in Manila will present you with a ‘safe’ option.


Where To Find Brothels In Manila

The exact location of brothels in Manila is a subject that isn’t as open as you may have expected.

Why? You may be asking…

Well, the sex trade in the Philippine’s as much as it is tolerated or accepted, it isn’t legal.

And the other idea is that, all over the world, brothels are known to be run by human traffickers. That presents a challenge for brothels.

Manila brothels, however, can be found in the red light districts. The keepers also change the locations of the brothels from time to time to avoid being busted.

The easiest ways to locate the exact location of Manila brothels is by asking the taxi drivers or to consult my review of the best girlie bars in Manila.


Type of Brothels

Brothels in Manila come in two different flavors:

– There are some for the high-end market where you’ll likely meet pretty girls.
– There are others for your average Joe that value price over quality.

Also, some brothel caterer to Asian men while other caterers to Westerners. It’s a good idea don’t mix up with the places because girls working there prefer that type of ethnicity.

For example, in a KTVs most girls are into Asian men, for them serve a European is uncomfortable. That isn’t fun at all.

Anyway, going back to the type of brothels, these are the one most likely you’ll find in Manila:

1. The bush kind – They’re low-end market brothels that you’re likely to feel like you just had sex in a bush. They’re good for prices though.

2. Quicky – Here, your time is quite limited to just 2 hours at most. It’s like have-it-quickly-and-move-on kind of setup. They want to get people in and out as quickly as possible.

3. Specific massage joints – No, this is not a joke. There are happy ending massage parlors in Manila that operate as brothels. You can go in and have a happy ending massage which includes a hand job, blow job or sex.

4. Guesthouse – These are the real deal catering to high-end clients.

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Brothel in P. Burgos in Manila

While you’re in Manila and looking for sex, chances are sex will find you even before you begin your search.

Manila brothels are quite secretive and they aren’t accessible to just anyone. That’s why I suggest making a friend out of your taxi guy and asking him where you can find one.

Most folks here have an idea of what you’re looking for and they’ll offer it to you. From the taxi guy to the Pilipino guy sited next to you in the bar.

In terms of brothels, the people who operate them also market their services and that’s why they may find you first.

But is the risk worth it? Say if you get caught in the middle of a bust-up that the police were conducting.

Probably not…

There are other options where you can find girls with less risk like online, nightclubs and even malls.

But if you’re hell-bent on the brothels, then your taxi guy may just be the right person to show you the most delightful spot in town to get your freak on.

Enjoy and stay safe.