red light districts in manila

Manila Red Light Districts: Review & Prices

The Philippines is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. Not just for sight-seeing but also for the vibrant nightlife filled with attractive Filipinas.

This can’t be farther from the truth with many nightclubs, bars and tourist-friendly red light areas where you can pick up Manila girls for sex.

There are four tourist-friendly red-light districts in Manila:

  • P Burgos Street (PBS)
  • Malate
  • Ermita
  • EDSA Entertainment Complex

These areas might seem the same but are unique in their own way – some have more girls freelancing in bars, other areas focus only on bikini bars and others are popular with karaoke bars.

For example, Ermita is famous for its KTVs. Instead, PBS is popular because of the girlie bars. Keep in mind that there are other places than the red light areas where you can find girls for sex in Manila.

This guide will give a detailed overview of each red light district in Manila with prices…


P Burgos Street

It’s a 200m long walking street located in the upscale city of Makati which is the Manila business district.

As said earlier, it is the most famous red-light district area because it’s the tourist-friendly and has many quality girlie bars.

In fact, here you can find the sexier bar girls in Manila if you are ready to pay for it…

Sexy bar girl in Manila red light area - Burgos street

Bar girl in Burgos Street – Manila

Thanks to its central location, it’s not only good for its sultry nightlife but also close to sports bars, posh restaurants, modern hotels, and one of the best shopping malls in the Philippines – Greenbelt.

This makes it a great area to stay not only to hook up with Manila girls at night but also for guys that love to pick up girls in the shopping malls during the day.

In other words, you can meet hot girls 24/7 when staying in this area.

There are lots of bars in Burgos Street. Some are just ordinary bars and some are “girlie bars”.

The most popular girlie bars in Burgo Street are:

  • Plan B – The bar with most girls. Last time I counted 70 of them.
  • Bourbon – Beside girls, there are ladyboys too.
  • Bottoms – Naughtiest bar in Burgo. The girls dance topless and give blow jobs if you give a good tip.

This is the most expensive red light area in Manila.

Girlie bar prices vary from bar to bar. In general lady drink prices range from 250-390 pesos, bar fine 2.500-4.000 pesos and sex 2.000-5.000 pesos.

Instead, prices for Manila freelancers on the street start at 1.500 pesos. Besides girls, you can also find ladyboys if that’s your thing.

The next red light area you must visit is:



hostess girls in Manila ktv in malate

If u love nightlife, clubbing, KTVs and pretty girls, Malate is paradise for you.

As you might have figure out already, this red-light district has two specialties: KTVs (Karaoke Bars) and nightclubs.

There are many Japanese and Korean KTVs which have lounge hostesses to keep you entertained with chatting, singing, dancing and of course, sex.

The most popular KTVs in Malate are:

  • Keiko
  • Air Force One
  • Mysterious Lady Angel KTV Bar

Here the review of the best KTVs in Manila.

If Karaoke bars aren’t your thing, there are also western-style clubs where you can pick up Manila girls hot for action.

Plus, you can find girls freelancing in Cafe Havana outside of Robinson Malate in the afternoon.

You can find most entertainment venues on Adriatico road. But you can walk in Bocobos, Remedios and Mabini Street to check out more girls, especially if you would like to get a massage with happy endings.

So, how much is going to cost you a girl in Malate?

Most KTVs offer unlimited drinks for up to 2 hours for 500 pesos. Lady drinks prices are between 250-350 pesos. For sex, expect to pay 3.000 up.

Freelancer girls in clubs and bars ask for 2.000-3.000 pesos for all night, but you can negotiate the price down to 1.500-2.000 pesos.

Most massage girls don’t want to give extras in the shop. Ask for her phone number and to meet in your hotel room. A tip of 1.000 pesos would is enough to get you laid.



This red light district is right next to Malate connected by Adriatico road.

Even though Ermita is nearby Malate, the scene is different. Ermita is less busy and has about a dozen girlie bars with most of them concentrated on Del Pilar Street, which makes it easy for bar hopping.

But what makes it different from the other two red light areas is the several sports bars where you can pick up freelancers.

In fact, the best joint in Malate to pick up sexy girls is La Café – It’s not a bikini bar but a freelancer pickup joint…

The best time to visit is between 23.00 and 02.00. If you like any of the girls, there is a short time hotel next door for 12$.

If you prefer to meet girls in nightclubs, there are a few good ones around Remedios circle area. Many young and wild Filipina girls go there to party.

Last but not least the red light area is…


EDSA Entertainment Complex

EDSA Entertainment Complex

If you’ve been to Nana Plaza in Bangkok then you’d know EDSA Entertainment Complex is somewhat similar but smaller. It’s a complex with a few girlie bars operating in the building located in Pisay.

The bars officially open at 7 pm, but the dancing rotation doesn’t really get going until 8 pm. Still, between 6-8 pm is the best time to pick up the hottest bar girls.

The complex closes at 2 am. After that, just go to Burgo Street for some fun.

There are quality girls here, a little less attractive than girls on PBS in my opinion. On any given evening there are at least 100-130 girls to choose from in all the complex.

But what makes the trip worth it is the low prices, half of those in Burgo St.

Lady drinks range from 220-300 pesos, bar fine is 2.000 pesos.

Depending on how long you want to spend with her and if she likes you, EDSA girl prices are negotiable between 1.500-4.000 pesos for all-night.

The only bad thing about EDSA is it’s location, not so convenient.

My favorite place is Cotton Club because has the most girls and is said to be non-existent on paper. In reality, you can even get a blow job.

The bars close early at 2 am, so if you want to avoid paying the bar fine for the girls, just wait for closing time.


Manila Red Light Districts Map

I’ve marked the Manila red light areas with the star pin in red. As you can see, Ermita and Malate are closed by while EDSA Entertainment Complex is far away. This suggests that is a good idea to get a girl-friendly hotel either in Malate or Ermita. 

As you can see, Manila red light districts offer a wide range of sexual entrainment.

Visit P. Burgos Street if you have deep pockets and you want to meet the sexiest girls in Manila.

Are you on the budget?

Visit the girlie bars in EDSA entertainment complex where you can find a few diamonds in the rough at half the price in P. Burgos Street.

If you are an Asian guy, I recommend staying in Malate where most of KTVs are located. Having said that Malate has a lot to offer also for Western men looking for freelancers or an erotic massage.

At last, Ermita red light area is a dying old star that is getting smaller and smaller with a few girlie bars still operational.

However, La Café in Ermita is probably one of the best places to pick up hookers freelancing in Manila.

That’s all for this Manila red light district guide, have fun!