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Sex in Manila

Manila Travel Guide For Single Men

If you’re craving for a sex holiday in Manila and want to know the best places where to find sexy girls hot for action, this sex guide has all the info you need.

You should enjoy your trip to Manila, instead of worrying about where to go, what do and most importantly how to do it.

I’m going to cover all the things you need to know to experience the ultimate Manila sex vacation.

So, if you’re serious about having sex in Manila every day, please take 10 minutes of your time to digest the full article.

This guide is going to focus mostly on the P4P scene (Pay for Play). If you prefer to meet and date quality Filipino girls, then consider using a popular Filipino dating site instead.

This Manila Sex Guide was last updated on 06 July 2019




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The Ultimate Men’s Travel Guide to Manila
General information about Manila for first-time travelers

Typical Costs
An overview of general prices in Manila

Tips & Trick
A few pitfalls that I’ve experienced – and some useful trick

Date Manila Women
Learn how to meet Manila women the easy way

Top Venues
The best nightclubs and bars in Manila


The Ultimate Man’s Travel Guide To Manila

Manila is a developed city with a massive nightlife and where you can find the sexiest Pinay girls in the Philippines.

In fact, the number one reason to visit Manila is to have sex with local girls.

The good thing is that is easy to hook up with Manila girls because they speak good English and are into foreign men.

They literally go crazy for foreigner and they are ready to do anything to get the opportunity to hang out with one.

So, if you are looking for sex in Manila, it is just a matter of knowing where to find them. You can meet any type of girls, and enjoy any kind of experiences.

If you are into “pay for play”, there are numerous nightclubs, girlie bars, and KTV where you can pick up working girls in exchange for some cash.

But Manila is a metropolis that offers much more than red light districts and cheap hookers.

The city is vibrant, with local girls working in offices and student studying in the numerous university ready to have sex with you.


When Go To Manila

A good time would be from late November to early March but the best time for me is in January and February just after the Christmas rush and when the weather is slightly cooler and comfortable.

April to early June is summer, so it’s sunny most of the time but hot and humid.

Keep in mind that May there are school’s break and the city malls are flooded with lovely university girls.

Definitely, a good time to meet the Filipina of your dreams.


What About Girls & Sex In Manila…

Manila has the hottest Pinay girls in the Philippines but also the priciest one.

Before taking on dealing with Manila hookers, you better have a clear idea about prices, places and how to deal with them.

The most well-known areas to pick up are Entertainment Complex in Pasay City (EDSA) and Makati. But there are other places and ways to hook up with girls in Manila for sex.

Manila nightlife

Pinay girls enjoying food during a night out in Manila. Manila nightlife is vibrant and offer great sex venues to meet horny Pinay women.

Manila nightlife has everything the tourist and the business person could want.

Manila bars, clubs and restaurants range from the small ‘back street venues’ to the swanky 5* celebrity haunts that wouldn’t be out of place in London or New York.

Manila nightlife scene is no different from Cebu nightlife and Angeles City nightlife in that it changes at a large rate with establishments seeming to open and close almost every day.

If you don’t want to hang around Manila to meet girls or your schedule is tight, consider booking an escort in Manila services.

Tips and hint sexy girls

TIP; If you want to meet a Filipino girl right away, I recommend to sign up with a Filipino dating site. It’s easy and busy with HOT girls.

Philippine girls guide to have sexI’ve written the Filipina girls guide packed with useful info to clear some of your thoughts about Filipino girls and tips to get you laid.

Which girl suit you?

The school gal, or maybe the Pro, or the Big Score.

There is only one way to find out your type of Filipino girl.


Typical Costs

Manila Makati Burgo Hollywood and jools

Popular GoGo bars in Burgo street, Makati. Makati’s Burgos street bars have a fine reputation for nightly entertainment and perfect location to meet sexy Pinay girls.

  • Sex: There are two main red-light streets; Makati and EDSA. You can find plenty of free girls in malls and street looking to have some good time with a foreigner as well.

  • The AGoGo bars: If you like GoGo Bar/Dancing girl, I can save you a lot of reading time and tell you to look at the Angeles info. The Manila AGoGo Bar scene (Makati and EDSA) is nowhere near as vibrant as Angeles.

    However, there are two main Manila GoGo Bar areas;

    Firstly Makati, which had a reasonably good reputation years ago for the prettiest girls. Bar fine about P1500/2500 plus the tip for the girl after the deed; Short time P1.000, long time from P1.500 up to P3.000.

    EDSA is another popular area that will not break your bank. Your Beer P120, Ladies Drink P195 and make sure its a ‘single’ and not a double ladies drink (P390); Bar Fine P1.400/1.600. Tip expected next morning by the girl varies anything from P1.500/2.000 up.

  • Massage girls: They are found everywhere working for all those little massage places. Typically a foot massage costs P250 (5$), full-body massage going for P250 (5$) and facial massage range P250-500 (5-10$). But if you want to get an erotic massage, get ready to shell out serious money. I’ve written a guide about Manila happy ending massages, exposing the best erotic parlors in the city but also how to get a cheap sex massage directly to your room.

  • Freelancers: Usually you will find them in the nightclubs and discos as well as shopping centers.

    Average and below average looking girls ST (short time) P1.500, take off P500 (12$) if below average. LT (Long time) P2.000/2.500 (50-60$).
  • Accommodation: Budget Hotel prices start at around 1500 pesos(30$) per night and go upward from there. Medium priced hotel will sit you back at 2500 pesos(50$) and luxury starting from 5000 pesos(100$). Keep in mind that location is a key factor for a great holiday.

  • Food: Manila is a national hub of regional cooking and has almost all the regions of the Philippines represented either in exclusively regional eateries or featured with other cuisines.

    General restaurants, either catering to the working class or the elite, can offer varied dishes coming from every region and cater for almost everyone’s taste palette.

    Street Food is often described as “Pamatid Gutom” or food to tide over, something to temporarily hush a stomach growl, sold at small food stalls will cost you only P30-150(1-3$).

    When it comes to dining, in a nutshell, Filipino food can be described as timid in flavor, not much creativity.

    Food is trained to have only one dominant flavor – either the bitterness, the sweetness, the sourness, or the saltiness is enhanced.

  • Transportation: When in Manila, get around with the colorful jeepneys.

    These “kings of the road” not only get you almost everywhere around the city on a minimal fare for 8.5 pesos(1/4$), they also provide insights into the Filipino psyche and allow a liberal glimpse of pop art.

    Otherwise, there are the buses, air-conditioned or not, which ply the wider, oft-traveled routes. Some buses go as far north as Novaliches and as far south as Alabang and Muntinlupa.

    The light Rail Transit (LRT) runs two lines covering part of Manila.

    A journey will cost you between 12-20 pesos (1/2$) depending on the distance. You can get a weekly pass for 250 pesos(5$).

    Taxis about along major streets and within commercial and business centers. Make sure taxi driver is willing to use meter , before stepping in. Tricycles (motorcycles with side cars) and pedicabs (bicycles with side cars) service narrow roads and inner city alleys.


Tips & Tricks

  • Do not carry unnecessary valuables on your person, especially something that will catch attention as watches, bling, etc.

    Make sure to check the Manila girl’s ID before go back to your hotel room. Manila is well know for the underage scams organised by girls and police. The fine is severe and if not payed, you might face jail.

  • Watch your chits/bill – It is easy to lose control on the LD (lady drinks) while playing with beautiful Filipina girls. Pay the bill always in cash and whenever possible try to give small note instead of big ones.
  • Ask before exchange phone number – Ask girl if its ok to swap phone numbers in the open/public view in a bar or A go go.
  • LD (Lady drinks) – Make its a ‘single’ and not a double ladies drink.
  • Minimum legal age is 18 – If police get involve, it might cost you up to P100000. If you don’t pay requested police bribe, you might end up in prison for many years.
  • Drugs on the street – If you get caught and convicted, you’re facing 20+ years in one of the worse prisons in the world or even death penalty!!!!

    When you get in trouble, try to get out as fast you can with the minimum number of people and pesos getting involved. Keep a few US $100 bills in your wallet. The green $$$ talks if you get busted.



Philippines girl for dating (2)

Are you looking for a woman in Manila to be your girlfriend? Do you want to have a feeling of affection and a personal connection?

You aren’t alone. Most men need an attachment to a woman, and why not a young and attractive Filipina. If this is the case, you need a date.

You can share experiences, spend time together, go around Manila Metro in love and make your dream holiday a reality.

You think isn’t possible, is it? An old man can’t have a loving relationship with a young girl, isn’t it?

Well, in the Philippines not only it is possible, but it is easy with the right guidance.

Filipino women dream to meet a decent western man to spend time together, have a conversation, caring you and be your girlfriends.

There are hundreds of university and office girls looking for you. When you are wondering why you didn’t meet one yet, the simple and play answer is “you didn’t look for in the right places”.

Beer bars, AGo-Go bars, red light districts don’t have good girls, only hookers and money diggers.

This is the reality for most tourists going to Asia. I know, it is sad, but you can make the difference for yourself.

If you are looking for quality girls, read the next chapter to learn how to meet the woman of your dreams.


How To Meet Local Women In Manila

When it comes to meeting “good” local Pinay women in Philippines, you basically have three options:

  • Online Dating Sites in Philippines. Every Pinay girls have access to the internet and have at least one account on a dating site.

      It is convenient to meet someone on the net because you have a great choice of girls, you can talk with multiple women at the same time and you can select preferences such age, location and so on.

      You can create a list of preferred girls, and over time reduce it down to the few preferred one.

        The girls will be more open interacting with you, after all, you are thousands of miles away and you aren’t so scary as the tourist walking up the street.

        You can build trust, affection, know each other well and create the perfect interaction for a dating.

        This means that the first time you will meet in the real world, you will have already a strong connection and be ready to spend the night together.

      • I recommend:

        Filipino women dating onlineFilipino Cupid – It is one of the biggest dating site in Philippines with thousand of women looking for romance, relationship and why not, a night stand.

        I have used Filipino Cupid for years to meet local women in Manila and Cebu (my favorite destinations).

        I hear horror stories all the time from travelers dealing with fake profiles on other dating sites. I rarely encountered them with Filipino Cupid.

        Filipina dating girlsPina Love – This website is been around for a long time and is used by about 200,000 users.

        Easy to use and most of the girls are genuine, looking for a relationship, love and hopefully a marriage.

        I started to use Pina Love one year ago, and I have dated successfully 5 girls (my relationships don’t last long because I love to keep on changing).

        What I like the most about this dating website is the friendly interface and how simple is to chat with multiple girls at the same time. There are some real cuties on this site, check it out.


        Tips-and-hint.jpg2_TIPS: Before you subscribe, I want to give you three facts when dating Filipinas online which will help you in the future.

        1. First, the good news. Women from the Philippines really love foreign men. We are as exotic to them as they are to us.

        2. Dating much older men is not a problem for most of the women. Thus, don’t worry about your age, it will not matter in the Philippines.

        3. Most men on online dating sites are perverts. Thus, you can make the difference and be on the top 10% just by posting three “clean” photos of you (make sure to shave your face and dress properly) and talk politely to the women.


          • Walk around the town looking for cute girls working in restaurants, shops and malls. Basically, women that earn their money honestly without given away their pussy to the first tourist which say “hi” to them.

            If you see a cute waitress, just sit and order a coffee with a big “smile. If she feels good about it, then start a general conversation with a compliment; “You know, you look so cute.”

            Simple as that. Few more small talks which will lead to getting her phone number.

          • Visit discos and nightclubs. There are a few types of girls in these clubs; educated girls, freelancers, and curious girls.

            – The educated girls will be found mostly in HiSo nightclubs, which are packed with office and local women.

            If you are young, dress smart and know how to pick up girls in Manila, then those places might work out well for you.

            – Freelancers are girls looking for money and fun. They can’t bother to work in beer venues and Ago-go bars, so the clubs are the to GO place.

            You will find many in the clubs frequented by foreigner and tourist.

            They will pretend to have a daily job, or study and tell you they are there just to have fun with friends, but it is a lie.

            You will recognize them by the way they dress (incredibly sexy) and make up, plus they can speak proper English. They are a great companion if you are planning a sex holiday around Manila or Philippines, in fact, the best tour guide.

            – The “curious girls” are usually young and they can speak little English.

            They work or study, and they want to meet with Western men to learn more about our world.

            These girls are rare, but they are the perfect girlfriend experience with real feelings and dedication to you if you can hook up with one.

            I have met a few on dating websites. Usually, they write on the profile things like; “I am looking to meet men for friendship that are polite and kind.”

          • asian match dates



            TOP VENUES

            Manila has two main areas when it comes to the famous “girlie bar” scene, namely P. Burgos in Makati and the other in the International Centre, just off Roxas Boulevard.


            Burgos Street in Makati

            GoGo Bananas (formerly Ritzy’s)

            Across the road from Foxy’s, Go Go Bananas is a big club which runs about 50 girls. This can be quite patchy and the quality of girls and the number of girls differs from night to night.

            When you go there make sure you ask the girls about the prayer room.

            OK the girls are not the best looking but they are extremely talented. 5030 P. Burgos St. cor. Kalayaan. Tel: 895-0883

            Bar Bandido

            The first thing you notice as you walk in it’s the good air-con. It’s a larger bar with an excellent sound system and good music. The main attraction in any go-go bar, of course, is the dancers. Bar Bandido did not disappoint.

            There were a large number of dancers in attractive uniforms. Some of the girls were above average. This has become one of my favorite bars. Lady’s drink P250. Happy hour 6 – 8 PM.

            Wild West (formerly Geronimo)

            Wild West (with all bias intended) is certainly worth a visit. As are Mogambo and Bandido bars. Wild West runs about 50 girls as does Mogambo. Bandido runs about 80 girls. 788 Makati Ave. cor. P. Burgos St.


            Probably the largest bar in Makati, big stage, two levels – open with a sushi bar on the second level. Lots of beautiful girls.

            Same owner as Go Go Banana’s. Both are good stops in Makati. Prices in Makati are higher than Pasay — but the quality of the ladies is usually quite good. LDs run 225 to 275p or so.

            This is a big club which seems to run about 80 girls. They are heavily into the synchronized dance routines, and the girls whilst friendly are not too pushy for ladies drinks.


            Probably the largest bar in Makati, big stage, two levels – open with a sushi bar on the second level.

            Lots of beautiful girls. Same owner as Go Go Banana’s. Both are good stops in Makati.

            Prices in Makati are higher than Pasay — but the quality of the ladies is usually better. LDs run 225 to 275p or so.

            This is a big club which runs about 80 girls.

            They are heavily into the synchronized dance routines, and the girls whilst friendly are not pushy for ladies drinks.


            The place is getting a bit rundown. There was only a four-girl lineup when I last visited, though one of the girls was the prettiest I had seen all night.

            Worth a visit, if you want to check out a very professional dance/cabaret show or you just want somewhere safe to take your spouse or business associate. 5043 P. Burgos St. Tel: 897-9098


            Pasay City

            FireHouse Located in the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. A Manila institution.

            It’s been around for decades. When Ermita was closed, it first moved to a compound next to the Holiday Inn (now Traders Hotel) and then to its current location in the EDSA complex.

            It’s a large bar with a 2 tier stage and customer dance area. The music system is one of the best in town.

            They usually have between 50 and 70 dancers and lots of GROs. Like all the bars in Manila, the age is slightly higher than in Angeles City or Bangkok, but there are some absolute stunners.

            The manager has been around FOREVER and one of the top barmen in town.

            Pit Stop Located in the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. The smallest bar in the complex, the quality of the staff varies from time to time, but when it is hot, it is really hot.

            There are 12 seats at the stage, but the rest are pretty far away for a great look. Some beautiful girls for such a small club. More intimate atmosphere than Cotton Club.

            Cotton Club Located in the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. A Manila institution. It’s been around for decades.

            When Ermita was closed, it first moved to a compound next to the Holiday Inn (now Traders Hotel) and then to its current location in the EDSA complex. It’s a large bar with a 2 tier stage and customer dance area. The music system is one of the best in town.

            They usually have between 50 and 70 dancers and lots of GROs. Like all the bars in Manila, the age is slightly higher than in Angeles City or Bangkok, but there are some absolute stunners.

            The manager has been around FOREVER and one of the top barmen in town

            Casino About the same size as Pit Stop. It is the most intimate. You’re closer to the girls and have the easiest time ‘contacting’ them (if it is hard anyway).

            Almost all of them were fine fine fine. I bar-fined ‘L’ and paid the 900P to the bar and 2000P to her for short time. That’s the going rate.

            All I can say is WOW.



            In general, Ermita is a dump. The streets and sidewalks are filthy and broken.

            Fields Avenue is like Rodeo Drive compared to Ermita. Beggars follow you and are practically everywhere and families sleep in the streets.

            Con artists freely roam the streets and stand right outside your hotel entrance to try to nab you, even to the point of following you for several blocks.

            Should you be foolish enough to let them lead you anywhere, you will quickly find your guide joined by several other male associates. Do yourself a favor.

            Avoid them at all costs. Don’t even engage them in conversation. Just smile and politely say: ‘no thank you’ and continue walking.

            These hoods are not restricted to night-time but are on the prowl even at 1:00pm in the afternoon. Amazonia The old Firehouse, complete with the rooms upstairs.

            La Cafe’ This has some nice sexy bar girls during the day. No bar fine, only freelancers.

            You can arrange a short time for P500 to P1000 for the entire evening.


            MUST TO DO

            Quezon City If anyone’s in Manila & up for something 100% safe & different check out Quezon Ave/Quezon City it’s about 20-25 mins riding the MRT for around php15 from Makati.

            The last trip is around 10:00 p.m. so a good time to roll in. Just take the Quezon Ave exit then take a taxi for php35 up Quezon Ave let me tell you about the bars.

            Note: All the bars on Quezon Ave are bunched next together so it’s hard to miss them.

            Visit Angeles City Angeles City is gaining world fame today as the entertainment capital of the Philippines.

            It distinguishes itself as one of the fastest-growing cities outside of Metro Manila. The bars along Fields Avenue and A Santos Street will leave a lasting impression.

            AC is all about sexy Pinay girls and party time!

            Visit Subic Bay – Subic Bay is only one hour away from Angeles City and in my humble opinion is a must visit. Subic Bay is all about SEA,SEX & FUN.


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