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Happy Ending Massage In Manila: Best & Cheapest

Are you looking for an adult massage parlor in Manila that offers happy endings? If your answer is yes, you’re reading the right article.

Even though Manila is a vast city, I know how hard it is to get a good massage with happy ending. I had my fair amount of disappointments searching for those “happy” places.

For example, the massage parlors in Burgos Street employee young and cute girls. But during the massage, it’s shocking to learn that they don’t offer any extras.

Manila isn’t anything like Bangkok where you can get a dirty massage almost anywhere. Most erotic massage shops here operate underground because the local police enforce intensive campaign against massage parlors offering “extra services” to customers.

I say underground because they are reluctant to promote their service openly. There aren’t any sexy girls in front of the parlors or explicit signs.

And because the competition is low, it reflects on the final price. Meaning the parlors offering happy ending are expensive. But don’t worry if you’re on a budget. Besides revealing the best Manila massage places that offer “happy endings”, I’m going to tell you how I get cheap private massages in my room.

That way, you can get two ladies at the price of a masseur girl from these happy ending massage shops…


1. Wilderness Health Zone

At Wilderness Health Zone you pay 1.300 pesos for the massage and a standard 1.500 pesos for the extras.

I know, it’s pretty expensive. For the same price, you can bang a freelancer in Manila for all night. As I said earlier, erotic massage parlors are expensive.

There are better options if you want a girl to massage you, and give up her candy. I’m going to reveal it at the end of this article.

It isn’t easy to find Wilderness Spa, so ask a taxi driver to take you to Heartbeat along Quezon Avenue. There you’ll see the building.

All in all, the massage is pretty good, not always the case for happy ending parlors.


2. Starfleet Manila

The reasons to visit Starfleet in Manila is its vicinity to the airport and because most of their therapists are good looking. You can visit at any time of the day and night, Starfleet is open 24 hours.

starfleet dirty massage in manila

Price starts at 800 pesos for the massage and a tip of 1.000 pesos for a handjob. If that isn’t enough, you can get a body to body massage for 4.000 pesos.
And the last parlor is…


3. The Cave Spa and Health Club

The Cave Spa and Health Club in Manila happy endings

The Cave Spa is the most famous Spa in Pasay with extra service. You can’t choose the girl; it’s random because the girls follow a roster. But you can ask to change her if she isn’t your type.

In the Cave, the price is 3.500 pesos that include a body to body massage and happy ending.

The girls are skillful and young, but in my opinion, a bit costly. For that price, you should be able to choose the therapist, as she isn’t always a pleasant surprise.

If you aren’t into an unpredictable situation or prefer to get a cheaper happy ending massage directly in your room, I know a better way.


Best Areas For Erotic Massages

The most common areas for erotic massages in Manila are P. Burgo Street (Manila red-light district) and Malate. Also great places to hang out at night.

It’s impossible to figure out from the outside of the parlor if they offer blow jobs or hand jobs as extras, so I recommend to ask at reception.

Don’t be shy, it’s normal in this areas to ask for such services. You’ll get a simple yes or no, nothing to be ashamed of.

Also, in most parlors you can find a willing massage lady to give you an hand job for a tip even thought is against the policy. Yet, don’t expect a blow job in such places.


A Cheaper Alternative To Manila Happy Ending Massage

If you are looking for an erotic massage and don’t mind to be an amateur girl, you can get serviced by a freelancer for 1.000 pesos.

You can choose the girl… She goes to your room… And there is no time limit. Meaning, you can enjoy a massage from the comfort of your room without the hassle.

What’s a better way than getting served from a cute and loving girl directly in your room?

happy ending massage girl in manila

Probably getting a massage from two cute girls for the same price of a massage parlor 😉

You can meet plenty of Manila girls online that are into “pay for play” activities. Yes, they can massage and finish you off.

While I was staying in Manila, I’ve negotiated a “happy massage” deal with a girl met on a dating site. At first, she was a bit nervous and shy, but each time she got more confident and eager to please.

I can still remember her watering mouth and beautiful smile.

In conclusion, you can get a happy massage in the parlors or directly to your room.

In the parlors, you pay more to get less. The girls are average and you have a time limit.

Instead, you can recruit a girl online and make a deal at a fraction of the cost. Not only it’s cheaper, but there are some real cutes out there.

I wish you “happy” moments in Manila.