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How To Rent A Girlfriend In Singapore

If you need company or would like to experience the ‘dating-vibe’, renting a girlfriend in Singapore is a superb idea.

There’re so many reasons why renting a girlfriend is a great way to enjoy the city:

  • She will offer companionship, support, and most times intimacy.
  • She’ll listen more than talking.
  • You can explore the city with her and experience Singapore’s dating culture.
  • You can explore the dating lifestyle with her before going on a real date.
  • You’ll get the girlfriend experience, with all the kinks, and without any strings attached.

Luckily, renting a girlfriend is not a new thing in Singapore, so there are a few ways to go about it.

We’d answer everything you need to know about renting a girlfriend in Singapore in this article, and also offer tips to help you get there faster.


How Much Cost To Rent A Singaporean Girlfriend

If you want to rent a Singaporean girlfriend by the hours, you’ll spend between 110 SGD – 200 SGD per hour.

A one day girlfriend will cost you between 300 SGD for a student to 550 SGD for a mature woman.

And if you’re going for an attractive sugar baby, she will cost an average of 300 SGD – 710 SGD per visit/date.

If you decide to go for KTV girls, the cost will be higher because they’re more sophisticated and a lot of wealthy men usually rent them too.

So expect to spend at least 570 SGD – 2100 SGD on a KTV girl.

Consider also the general expenses of the outgoing like food, drinks, and transport expenses. Budget at least 150 SGD per date.


Best Ways to Rent a Girlfriend in Singapore

It’s pretty convenient and easy to find a female company for hire in Singapore.

There are young and educated girls, most times students, who need extra bucks to make ends meet. This kind of relationship is known as sugar dating and this is why sometimes you’ll see older men with much younger girls.

Then you have guys that can rent a girlfriend for a date as you can see in this video…

There are several ways to go about renting a girlfriend in Singapore, so I decided to list all of them.


Use an Arrangement Site

The easiest way to rent a girlfriend is to use an arrangement site like Sugar Daddy Meet.

On arrangement sites, you do not have to deal with any regular relationship issues (drama, jealousy, and unreasonable demands).

You can set the terms of the relationship, and as long as you support her monetarily, she would in exchange offer the best girlfriend experience without any strings.

You can take her on a date, watch a movie with her, take her on a trip, and even get intimate with her. It’s like getting the whole package of a girlfriend, but without the regular relationship issues.

Also, girls on arrangement sites are usually young, attractive, educated, and speak good English.

So imagine getting a girl like that to spend the day with you…

Singapore rental girlfriend

She’ll offer you companionship and intimacy on your terms. No drama and unreasonable demands but only sincere attention.


Sign Up On A Dating Marketplace Site

With a site like What’s Your Price, you can easily hire a girlfriend for a date. It cuts down the chase of searching for a girl on an online site and matches you easily with a suitable girl for a date.

The downside is, most dates are usually dinner dates. But don’t feel shy to discuss further arrangements with her.

As long as you support her, she would be interested in acting like your girlfriend as long as you want.


Visit a KTV Lounges/Bars

Most KTV Lounges in Singapore have hostesses who offer companionship and intimacy by the hour. She will drink, party, and entraining you.

All you need to do is visit a KTV Lounge, choose a hostess of your liking, and have a good time. The only downside is they are expensive.

I wouldn’t recommend this option if you’re looking for an actual companion. It’s best you go for a sugar baby if you’re looking for connection and stability.

Here are some KTV Lounges you can visit in Singapore:

  • Club LA – located at Jalan Besar
  • Pandora – located at Orchard
  • New World – located at Jalan Besar
  • Blackbox – located at Bugis
  • Dynasty Classic – located in Little India



Networking is a great way to meet open-minded and liberal girls who do not mind being your girlfriend for a while.

Many students work as freelancers, models, or sugar babies in a bid to make extra cash. So renting a student or office girl as your girlfriend, it’s not a bad idea.

So, if you want to network and meet interesting girls like this, get someone to introduce you or hang around their environment.

But, you should be charismatic when approaching them, and you may also throw in some flirty talks too now and then.


Tips on Hiring A Girlfriend in Singapore

paid girlfriend in Singapore

Here are tips to help you hire the most suitable girlfriend for you:

  • Be Attractive: Whether you’re scouting for girls online or networking, an attractive man is most appealing to Singapore girls. You need to dress smartly, upload flattering pictures online, and be confident when approaching her.
  • Don’t go for bar girls: Never try to hire a bar girl as your girlfriend. Apart from the poor experience of acting like your girlfriend, you might also wake up to your property stolen. And intimacy with a bar girl is risky because they sleep around a lot.
  • Choose a method that works for you: If you’re going for just casual meetups, an arrangement date site is your best option. If you’re going for a long-term and stable girlfriend, use a sugar site.
  • Understand your need: You should know what you want before starting your search for a girlfriend to rent. For example, If you’re looking a paid companionship but with an emotional connection, then you should hire a Singaporean sugar baby.


FAQs About Renting A Girlfriend in Singapore


● Can I Rent A Girlfriend in Singapore?

Yes, you can rent a girlfriend in Singapore. You can use apps and sites like Sugar Daddy Meet and What’s Your Price… Visit a KTV lounge or network with like-minded people.


● What’s The Price for a Girlfriend in Singapore?

The average price ranges from 110 per hour to 2100 SGD per month, depending on the sophistication of the girl.


● What is a girlfriend for hire?

A girlfriend for hire is someone you can take out on a date, attend an event with, explore the city with, and play games with, but without any emotional connection or commitment.