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Sugar Babies In Singapore: Options, Costs and Tips

Singapore is an ideal place to find a young and passionate sugar baby who’ll offer companionship and intimacy.

The whole concept of sugar dating is very popular among young girls in Singapore.

And perhaps the best part is you won’t find only Singaporean sugar babies, but also foreign ones who are studying and working here. Especially from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines

If it’s your first time trying to get into a sugar relationship in Singapore, there are a couple of things you should be aware of. Things like where to find potential sugar babies, actual rates, and how to be a successful sugar daddy in Singapore.


Where Can You Find Sugar Babies In Singapore

The easiest ways to find yourself a hot sugar baby are listed below:


1. Sugar Sites

You will save time and effort by using sugar sites because people are very clear about their expectations and needs.

For example, on popular sugar sites like Whats Your Price you’ll find beautiful and intelligent girls in Singapore who understand the whole concept of sugar dating.

This means no drama or unreasonable demands, but instead, understanding and willingness to please you.

Just create a profile, mention what you’re looking for and you’ll get contacted pretty soon.


2. Visiting Student Hotspots

In Singapore, most girls searching for sugar relationships are mainly students who want to make a little extra cash.

If you’re in your twenties or early thirties, you can easily find a gorgeous and smart sugar baby by visiting the places where students hang out.

  • Orchard Road is an extremely popular student hang-out spot in Singapore, especially around Cineleisure.
  • Marina Bay has bars and cafés nearby the college campuses in the area.
  • Scape hosts events for youngsters like concerts, sports events and so on.
  • Libraries are the place where students go to study. Just hang out in the lunch area and sit with them to start a conversation.

In addition to meeting the local students, you’ll also get to meet foreign girls studying in Singapore like Dahye…


3. Upscale Nightclubs

You can visit night clubs like Zouk and Marquee Singapore. These nightclubs are upscale and the rich come here to party.

Obviously, that attracts girls who have the right mindset to be a sugar baby.

Make sure to dress to impress and get a VIP table. That makes you stand out from the crowd while demonstrating that you can afford a sugar baby.


4. KTVs

KTVs are karaoke bars that employ hot girls in need of money. Some are students working part-time while others are full-time hostesses.

You want to focus your energy on the part-time girls who probably don’t like the job but are in need of cash.

Just get the phone number of the girl you like and don’t be shy to put your proposition on the table at your first meeting.


4. Get a Gym Membership

Singaporean sugar baby in gym

You’d be surprised to know how many sugar relationships begin at gyms in Singapore.

Buy yourself a gym membership, it’ll cost around 200-300 SGD a month. You won’t only get physically fit but will also find athletic sugar babies.

The best part is the lack of makeup and tight outfit will show you her natural features. Can’t go wrong with that.

Pick an expensive gym because sugar babies hang out in these places. A good start would be Virgin Active.

Carry an extra water bottle or sneak to offer to her. This will act as a fantastic ice-breaker.


How Much Does a Singaporean Sugar Baby Cost?

The price for a sugar baby in Singapore isn’t standard.

But it ranges from an average of 2.000 to 5.000 Singaporean dollars for a monthly allowance. And 200 to 500 Singaporean dollars for a pay per meet.

Chinese girls born in Singapore are typically more expensive than local girls of Indian and Malaysian ethnic. Simply because they are in demand.

There are also many Russian girls in Singapore studying and working. The PPM for a Russian sugar baby is about 400 Singaporean dollars.

And if you go for South East Asian girls you should expect to pay a PPM of 200 Singaporean dollars or a monthly allowance of 2.000 Singaporean dollars.


Tips For Sugar Daddies in Singapore

sugar daddy in Singapore

These tips can help you bag the hottest Singaporean sugar baby:


1. Dress Smartly

Singaporean girls are extremely fashion-conscious creatures. So your dressing sense can make or break the deal.

You don’t have to spend a lot on designer outfits, just have a cool and smart wardrobe with neutral colors. Nothing too flamboyant because they like their men dressed a bit maturely.


2. Clean and Groomed

Hygiene is also a big part of the Singaporean culture. Make sure you shower before meeting her because it’s important to smell good if you want your sugar baby to stick around.

Also, your sugar baby will take you more seriously if you show her that you’re a well-groomed person.


3. Buy Gifts

Keep giving your sugar baby things to keep the relationship exciting. Singapore is a rich country so sugar babies expect their sugar daddies to splurge on them.

Your sugar girl will try her best to please you once she realizes that you’re a generous sugar daddy. She’ll do anything to earn your favor if you present her with the image of a wealthy man.


4. Afternoon Meet and Greet

Setting your first date in the afternoon as opposed to the evening is a great way to assess a sugar baby’s beauty.

The dark of the night helps to hide her flaws. Instead, the daylight reveals all the imperfections.


4. Don’t Be Shy to Show Off

The hottest girls are attracted to men who have the most to offer. So don’t be shy to show off your resources.

Post your most flattering pics on your online profiles. Photos with quality friends, nice holiday destinations and why not, with hot girlfriends.

Those are all social signals that indicate wealth.


FAQs About Sugaring In Singapore


What’s the best sugar dating website in Singapore?

Whats Your Price and Sugarbook are the best websites to find a sugar baby in Singapore.


What’s the rate of sugar babies in Singapore?

The cost of a sugar baby in Singapore is anywhere between $2500-$5000 Singaporean dollars.


How much is the cost per meeting?

One meeting with a Singaporean sugar baby costs around $500.