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How To Hook Up In Singapore And Get Laid

Hooking up in Singapore can be easy or hard depending if you hit the right places and how you approach the matter.

The island offers a range of social venues like bars, nightclubs and pubs to meet singles. But there are also hookup websites and communities online that help to find one night stands in Singapore.

The possibilities are many, but which places are best for casual hookups in Singapore?

In this article not only I offer a deep insight into the SG hookup scene, but you’ll find helpful tips to find no string attached sex in Singapore.


What Is Singapore Hookup Culture Like?

In Singapore, you’ll find women from all over the world working and living here. So you don’t have only the ladies born and raised in Singapore.

Locals are less open forward hookups than expatriate women living and working here. This is just a generalization, but pretty much accurate.

Singaporean women are interested to get into a committed relationship and hopefully start a family rather than hook up.

On the other hand, single expatriates are here temporary so they prefer to hook up or find a fuck buddy rather than get into a serious relationship.

Another important factor is age. Local girls under 25 years old are open-minded to no string attached sex, but after that is unlikely.

So if you prefer mature women, you should stick to Western women and avoid Asians or local girls.


Where To Hook Up In Singapore

It’s important to pick the right places in Singapore where people go to hook up because it saves you a lot of time and rejections. 

It isn’t fun to be treated like a creepy and pervert man just because you’ve shown an interest in hookups.

Basically, if you love to go out at night and pick up girls, visit the bars and the nightclubs in Orchard Road, Clarke Quay, and Marina Bay. However, it won’t work unless you’re exceptionally charismatic and good at making conversations.

If you don’t like to party or simply prefer to avoid interactions fate to face, you can find a nightstand or a fuck buddy on online classifieds and adult dating sites as explained below.

Best Nightlife Places To Hook Up In Singapore

• Clarke Quay: The best way to start the evening is to go for a few drinks in Clarke Quay. It’s a favorite among tourists and locals.

The girls who come here want to have fun and are open to the idea to meet new people.

Just to get a better idea of the type of ladies that hung out in Clarke Quay, check out this video…

As you can see, the girls are there for a birthday party and are open to the idea to meet guys.

However, as said earlier, local Singaporeans are prudish and won’t go for a nightstand so easily. But they definitely give their phone number.

The best bars to hook up in Clarke Quay are:

  • Crazy Elephant bar
  • Level Up bar
  • Little Saigon bar

And the best places to pick up hookers are Canvas and Attica.

• Marina Bay: It’s an iconic landmark in Singapore that attracts a lot of tourists. There are a shopping complex, a casino and the most famous bar in Singapore to hook up with girls on holiday: CÉ LA VI.

CÉ LA VI is a bar in the early evening that turns into a nightclub after midnight. And it’s always packed with hot girls any day of the week.

Another option is 1-Altitude in Raffles Hotel which is the highest sky bar in Singapore. But make sure to dress sharp because here the girls have high standards.

• Orchard Road: This area is popular among shoppers, but after dark, it turns into a party road.

Orchard road attracts the most sex tourism in Singapore because there are prostitutes everywhere at night. So you have higher chances to hook up with a hooker rather than an everyday girl in this area.

Most Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese girls you’ll find here are working as freelancers. Meaning they walk the streets, patronize the bars and clubs looking for customers.

Best Hookup Websites In Singapore

If you prefer to meet women for casual encounters without having to go out at night and start a conversation, then you can arrange a hook up from an online classified or an adult dating site.

This is a more direct approach because you don’t have to second guess the woman’s intention like in bars and clubs. Girls on adult dating sites and online classifieds are there to hook up.

The major difference between the two is the majority of women on online classified turn out to be escorts. While girls on adult dating sites are there to find a casual sex partner.

The most popular online classify in Singapore is Locanto after Craiglist shut down its adult casual encounter section. Apparently, Craiglist is been accuse of soliciting prostitution.

Yet, if you prefer to hook up with everyday Singaporean women use a site like Asian Match Mate. There are plenty of horny women looking for no string attached sex…

hooking up with singapore girl

It’s a community all about sex, and definitely not for the prudish.


The Fastest Way To Get Laid In The City

Most men simply hook up with prostitutes in Orchard Road. But that is the fastest way to get an STD.

If you want to hook up with worldly women in Singapore, use an adult dating site. Socialize with the girls on the site, and suggest meeting up for a drink or dinner.

Unless you’ll do some creepy thing, you’ll get laid at the first meet up. After all, the girls are there for the same reason as yours: to have sex.

Another option is to go out to bars and clubs to socialize with women. But it’s hard to get a one night stand in Singapore.

The reason is the girls go out in groups and look after each other (better to say they bitch about each other).

In my experience, the only way to get a one night stand in Singapore is to go out with a friend who can help to isolate the other girls.

To conclude, you can hook up in bars and nightclubs but you need a wingman. But if you are solo, the best way to get laid in Singapore is to use an adult dating site.