Singapore fuck buddies

How To Find A Fuck Buddy In Singapore

Fuck buddies are increasingly getting common in Singapore nowadays. Many people are searching for that no-drama and no-responsibility relationship.

The main reason is that life in the city is stressful, especially for young people trying to climb the corporate ladder.

So a fuck buddy relationship is the only way to have intimacy without investing too much time in it.

The hard part is to find people of the opposite sex on the same page because the locals can’t express openly their sexual needs in public.

But on the right adult dating site, you’ll find several people open to having a fuck buddy relationship.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best ways to find a fuck buddy in Singapore, and also offer tips to help you get them fast.

But first, let’s face the elephant in the room…


Is It Hard To Find A Fuck Buddy In Singapore?

It is not that difficult to find a fuck buddy in Singapore anymore. But you need to put in the effort.

There are many Singaporean girls open to having someone they can talk to, flirt with, and call on anytime they need to be satisfied sexually. It is a balanced relationship where no one is responsible for the other.

Yet, there are also girls in Singapore that wouldn’t go for a fuck buddy relationship as you can hear in this video…

It’s important to approach the right girls for this type of relationship.

I highly recommend expatriate women because most are here temporarily so they don’t want a serious relationship. And the same applies to international students who are happy to explore their sexuality.

Also, you should look for such relationships in the right places. For instance, adult dating sites like Asian Match Mate are suitable for those looking for a fuck buddy in Singapore. The platform is all about no-strings-attached sex.

Don’t jump straight to the point but take the girl out for one or two dates to see if there is compatibility. After all, fuck buddy relationships aren’t like a hook up where you have sex only once. So you want to make sure there is some chemistry.


Best Ways To Find Fuck Buddies In Singapore

Finding a fuck buddy takes effort because you need to find a girl who is on the same page. There are several ways to go about it, so let’s start with the easiest one.


Adult Dating Sites

If you’re searching for a fuck buddy, Asian Match Mate is your best option. This site is commonly used to find fuck buddies and hookups in Singapore.

In fact, most people on the site are very open-minded about casual relationships and are sexually adventurous…

fuck buddy in Singapore

You don’t have to take her shopping or entertain her like in a typical relationship. It’s all about having a great time in the bedroom first, and then all the rest.

Make sure you use explicit words to describe what you’re looking for on your profile. And use several pictures and videos that depict your lifestyle so you’ll match with the right girl.

Invite her out and see if the chemistry is there. During the convo, throw in discussions about your preference and dislike when it comes to sex.


Bar and Nightclub

Most girls who visit social venues like bars, clubs, lounges, and the like are searching for some fun. This makes them ideal for a fuck buddy relationship.

First, you’ve to make sure there’s an attraction between the two of you because you’re not only looking at hooking up but having a no-strings-attached relationship.

The best way to do that is to offer to buy her a drink and engage in a conversation. For this to work, you need to be charismatic and confident in your approach.

If you two clicks have a one-night stand with her. And if also sex is great, talk to her about having a fuck buddy relationship.



Universities are a great place to find a fuck buddy simply because students are easygoing and aren’t looking for a committed relationship.

Also, the majority of uni girls are open-minded and down for a good fuck without the drama.

Keep in mind that there are students who struggle to make ends meet in Singapore, and they are willing to get into a sugar relationship.

If you aren’t a student, you can hang around the university campus and join social events organized by the university. That will help you to build a network of friendships.

Older men who wouldn’t fit into the university lifestyle can contact girls on sites like Seeking and find a relationship on their own terms.


Tips to Set Up a Fuck Buddy Relationship in Singapore

It’s one thing to find a fuck buddy, and it’s another thing to get the girl to agree to the relationship.

As such, here are tips to help you have a healthy and great relationship with your fuck buddy.

•  Be brutally honest with her: If you’re setting up an FWB relationship, be straight with the girl. Most SG girls are very conservative, they can quickly get the idea of a vanilla relationship.

So you need to make this clear at the beginning, and let her see reasons why you’ll be good as a fuck buddy to her.

•  Be Organised: If you’re going for a student or working class, make sure to study her and learn about her.

Do not allow your affairs to mix up with hers. Since it’s a sexual adventure, if it’s distorting her work or school, most girls would opt out.

•  Privacy: Singapore is a conservative country, and unless she offers or talks about it, you need to keep the relationship private.


FAQs Regarding Finding A Fuck Buddy In Singapore


● How effective is Adult Friend Finder to find a fuck buddy in Singapore?

According to this article by World Hookup Guides, finding a fuck buddy on Adult Friend Finder is your best option.

I’ve used Adult Friend Finder in Singapore, and found out there are many horny people intoall sorts of arrangements from fuck buddy relationships to couple-swapping, threesomes, group sex, and several sexual kinks.


● What is the fastest way to find a fuck buddy in Singapore?

The fastest way to find a fuck buddy in SG is by using popular hookups apps and sites.


● How to ask someone politely to be your fuck buddy?

You can politely ask the person after taking her out and letting her see that you’re decent.

Make sure you throw in some flirty talks, so the idea of a fuck buddy won’t be too surprising.


● Do Fuck buddies in Singapore usually have an open relationship policy?

In Singapore, you can have an open relationship policy with your fuck buddy. Just be concise about it and be upfront.