Best Erotic Massages In Hua Hin

Like most other places in Thailand, Hua Hin provides tourists with various pleasurable activities. And one of the best activities is happy-ending massages where you can relax and get a load off.

It’s relatively easy for a local to spot erotic parlors but for a tourist isn’t always obvious.

The best way to know if a massage shop offers happy endings is to look at how the girls are dressed.

Unlike a regular parlor where the staff wears a Thai massage uniform, the erotic massage parlor in Hua Hin has girls dressed in civilian clothes trying to pull you in.

nuru massage Hua_Hin
On top erotic massage parlor girls. Bottom regular Thai massage shop.

Just to save you confusion and time, I decided to list the most popular erotic massage in Hua Hin as well as offer tips and alternatives to erotic massage shops.


1. Baya Massage

Baya Massage is close to the shore, located in Dechanuchit Alley.

Like other massage places in the city, the girls are seated in front of the parlor, and you can choose which one gives you special treatment.

Although the place doesn’t work late, you can still get some action before hitting the pubs and clubs. The girls are pretty handsy, so I suggest you tip them in advance for some extra care.

  • Location: 16 Dechanuchit Alley
  • Work Hours: 9 AM – 12 PM, every day
  • Phone Number: +66 88 142 6688
  • Price: 300 Baht for an oil massage, 500 Baht for a happy ending and 1.000 Bath for sex.


2. Saowanee Massage

Close to Baya Massage, there’s a small spot called Saowanee. This place doesn’t have as many girls as the previous entry, but all of them are young and cute.

Similar to other happy-ending parlors, there’s a frontal section for foot massage and hairdressing. However, the real action goes in the back.

Definitely a place worth visiting!

  • Location: 56 Poon Suk Rd
  • Work Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM, every day
  • Price: 300 Baht for an oil massage, 500 Baht for a happy ending.


3. WoW Leelawadee Hua Hin

Words such as “nuru” or “soapy massage” are clear indicators of happy-ending parlors.

Actually, they usually offer 90 minutes of erotic activity. Expect to start with a body to body massage to finish with sex. 

If you’re specifically looking for a soapy massage in Hua Hin, your only option is Wow Leelawadee (Lee Lao Dee).

While this place is a bit under the radar and focused on local customers, they welcome foreigners as well without charging extra.

My tip is to visit between 5-6 pm when they open. at that time you’ll the most girls to choose from.

Nine in this video show the parlor rooms where the action takes place as well as the bar where you’ll pick the girl:

  • Location: Hua Hin 64/1 Alley
  • Work Hours: 3 PM – 1 AM, every day
  • Phone Number: Not available
  • Price: Starts at 2.800 Baht for regular girls and up to 4.000 Baht for models. The price is all-inclusive: soapy massage and sex.


4. Climax Massage Hua Hin

Selakam Road, or Selakam Alley, is one of the hot spots for happy-ending massage in Hua Hin.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what kind of service Climax Massage parlor provides. The place is open up to 3 in the morning, so you can have fun after drinking in the nearby girly bars.

The parlor has separate rooms, which gives you full privacy. They have several girls with boobs job, so if you fancy a breast massage don’t miss out.

  • Location: 32 Selakam Rd
  • Work Hours: 3 PM – 3 AM, every day
  • Phone Number: +66 92 570 4277
  • Price: 300 Baht for an oil massage, 500 Baht for a happy ending and 1.000 Baht for sex.


5. Maximum Massage

Maximum massage in Selakam Alley

Another place worth visiting in Selakam Alley is Maximum Massage. It’s right next to the Climax parlor.

The place works as a parlor and a bar, so you can have the best of the two worlds.

While there are a few foot massage chairs in the front, all the real action goes in the back room. Don’t hesitate to ask for an oil massage.

  • Location: 20 Selakam Rd
  • Work Hours: 12 AM – 1 AM, every day
  • Phone Number: +66 83 614 2294
  • Price: 200 Baht for all massages, 500 Baht for a happy ending


6. Cozy Massage

Soi 80 has several happy ending massage parlors alongside numerous bars. Cozy Massage is one of those spots where you can unwind and get your happy massage.

  • Location: 190/16 Soi 80
  • Work Hours: 12 AM – 1 AM, every day
  • Phone Number: +66 85 006 7613
  • Price: 200 Baht for all massages, 500 Baht for a happy ending




Where are the best spots for erotic massage in Hua Hin?

When looking for erotic massage parlors in Hua Hin, walk down to Selakam Road, Soi 80, and Soi Bintabaht. In those areas, all the massage shops offer happy ending.

In this video, you can have a walking tour of the areas just mentioned…


How much does erotic massage cost in Hua Hin?

The prices on the shop’s window refer only to regular services like oil massage, Thai massage, and so on. That money goes to the shop, non to the ladies.

So the extra service is directly negotiated between you and her. For an hand job expect to pay 500 Baht, for a BJ 500 Baht and 700-1.000 Baht for sex.