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Thai Soapy Massage In Thailand: Stages, Costs And Tips To Get Happy

Did you hear about a soapy massage during your trip to Thailand and are now intrigued by what it is like?

Well, a Thai soapy massage or also commonly known as a body-to-body massage is a fun way to get pampered by a hot naked girl.

Make no mistake, it isn’t like your everyday visit to a masseuse. In a soapy massage, a lady of your choice will wash you from head to toe by grinding her body against yours.

Now, you might be unsure what to expect from this experience, and perhaps looking for some tips to enjoy your time there.

Don’t worry as I’ll answer all your questions in this detailed guide to a Thai soapy massage.

Let’s get started!


Stages Of A Thai Soapy Massage

Below you’ll find the process of a soapy massage in Thailand from the moment you walk into the parlor until you leave the building.


Stage 1: Pick the girls

Once you enter a soapy massage parlour in Thailand, you’ll be lead to the girls by the receptionist or also known as, Papasan or Mamasan. Sit down and take your time to choose the right girl.

Keep in mind that inside the massage parlour, you can find three types of girls:

Fishbowl Girl – The fishbowl girl is the permanent employee at a Thai massage parlour. The reason they are called “fishbowl” girls is that they’re usually behind a glass wall.

Thai massage girls in a soapy massage in Thailand
Fishbowl girl in a Thai soapy massage parlor in Thailand

Their prices are also the lowest but it doesn’t mean they don’t know their job. It’s their full-time job, so among the other two categories, fishbowl girls might be the most experienced.

Sideline Girl – Sideline girls are commonly freelancers working at soapy massage parlours.

They can come and go at convenient times. They aren’t in the fishbowl area but are rather seated in the lounge or somewhere on chairs. This also allows you to initiate a chat before picking them.

Models and Supermodels – After that, we have the models and the supermodels.

Make no mistake, they aren’t called models because their photos are published in magazines. But rather because of their hourglass figures that will make you keep thinking about them for days.

They’re the most expensive kind of girls you’ll find in the parlour and also the youngest.

Note: if you have the money, then you can also pick more than one girl.


Stage 2: Head to the Private Massage Room

Thailand soapy massage room

This is where the real fun begins as you’re now ready to have your 90 minutes of bliss.

The girl you choose will take you to the massage room where you can find two areas.

One has a bathtub and an air mattress which is also referred to as the “wet area”. The other is a “dry area” where you can find a table, a couch and a bed.

You’re first going to start with the wet area where you’ll be lead to the mattress by the girl. There she will rub her body against yours and cleanse your body with an aromatic soap.


Stage 3: Get Washed Off

Thai masseaur soaping customer

Once you’re all soap up, she will erotically wash off every part of your body.

Remember how our elders used to say that we should take extra care of our private parts? Well, your masseuse will make sure of that.

And to make the experience even hotter, you’ll be surrounded by mirrors. From every direction, you can see a hot babe cleaning your gear.


Stage 4: Enjoy a Regular Massage

Once your body is cleaned, now the masseuse will lead you to the dry area.

It is now time for round 2. If you want, you can now get a regular but naked massage to get in the mood, especially if you orgasmed in the wet area.

You can let her know of your extra sensitive spots and chat with her to make the session even more erotic.

Once the massage is over, she will prepare the condoms because now, it’s time for the grand finale.


Stage 5: Time for Some Intimacy

After you’ve put on the condom, it’s now time to have sex. Now your sexual experience is heavily dependent on your behavior with the masseuse until this point.

Even if you treated her like a slave, you’ll still get sex, don’t worry, but it may not be the best. The nicer you treat your masseuse, the more excited she will naturally be in the bed.

That may also help you create some chemistry in the bed for a more memorable sexual experience.


Stage 6: Final Shower to Wrap Up

After you unload on her tits, she can’t leave you dirty again, can she?

So you’re once again, going to go for a short erotic shower with her to the bathroom.

After all the gunk is cleaned and you’re done with your final shower session, it will be time to wrap up.


Stage 7: Get Dressed and Pay the Tip

Finally, get dressed again and pay a tip to the masseuse if she gave you a good service.

The tips are their own, and in general, it’s a standard to do it before leaving. Anywhere from 100 to 300 THB is considered to be the standard.

If your experience was unforgettable, then perhaps you could consider tipping more.


Tips to Get an Excellent Soapy Massage in Thailand

If you’ve never gone for a Thai soapy massage before, then keep these tips in mind to make your experience better:


1) Trim your Body Hair

If you haven’t trimmed your body hair in quite some time, then it might be a good idea to do it before you visit a Thai massage parlour.

Your masseuses will serve you nonetheless, but excessive body hair on private parts isn’t good for hygiene anyway. Even if she doesn’t say it, it might be a huge turn-off for her.

As a result, it may make her feel reluctant to give her all.


2) Treat the Girls with Respect

We can’t emphasize enough that how important it is to treat the masseuses with respect.

Some customers think just because they pay for the service, they can treat them like slaves.

However, you’d be surprised to see that how big of a difference being empathetic can make.

It will make the experience fun for both of you. And who knows, she might even whisper her number to your ear if you’re lucky.


3) Share your Fantasies

If you want to explore your fetishes, then you can share your fantasies with the receptionist. He/she will help you to pick a girl who knows how to satisfy your kinks.


Why You Should Get a Thai Soapy Massage At Least Once In Your Life Time

In terms of sexual gratification, no other massage even comes close to a Thai soapy massage.

Although the price might be a bit high, you’ll get 90 action-packed minutes with a hot girl of your choice. You get to take an erotic bath with a Thai girl in a Jacuzzi, a slippery body-to-body massage, and a sexual session all under one roof.

So if you’re visiting Thailand on a short tour, then this is one thing that needs to be on your to-do list.