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Thai happy ending

Happy Ending Massage in Thailand

When thinking about Thailand, the first picture that comes into your mind is either ladyboys or happy ending massage.

Simply, Thailand has many of them and they are the best.

In fact, you can’t get a better erotic massage other than Thailand.

Thailand is one place where you can enjoy the pleasure of exquisite body massage along with incredible sex afterward.

If you have never experienced a Thai happy ending before, let’s clear what is all about…


What Is All About

Well, the explanation lies right in the phrase. It is a simple way of indicating that the traditional massage administered by a Thai masseur will end with a sexual climax.

There is another popular type of sex massage known as body to body massage also known as Thai soapy massage.

Usually, the happy ending massage refers to the small shops scattered around town that offer oil and Thai massages but offering extra services at the end.

It’s up to the customer to accept or not.

The customer pays the usual fee for the massage and gives a hefty tip for the special at the end.

Average Prices in Thailand’s Massage Shops:

  • Foot Massage: 200 Baht
  • Thai Massage: 300 Baht
  • Oil Massage: 400 Baht
  • Hand Job: 500 Baht
  • Blow Job: 700 -1.000 Baht
  • Sex: 1.000-1.500 Baht

It’s a discreet way to have paid sex instead of walking down the street hand in hand with a hooker.


Is It Common to Get An Happy Ending?

I came to the conclusion that at least 30% of the massage businesses in Thailand provide happy endings.

There are sex destinations like Pattaya and Bangkok where you can get extras almost in any corner of the city.

Now, the question remains how to find such massage parlors where you can get happy endings.

And how do you confirm from them whether they provide a massage with happy endings or not?

And in the last but not the least how to avoid trouble which may erupt in the process?


How To Find Happy Massage Parlors

The easiest and most dependable way to locate a happy ending massage parlor is by trusting the words of a prior happy customer.

This is the best way actually as such customers will share their insights about the parlor ranging from the prices charged to who could be the most pleasurable of all girls.

With our sex travel guides readily available, you do not need to hang around the massage parlors or bars for that matter to get a good review.

You will be able to locate the best massage parlors and their customer reviews not just for Thailand but entire Asia.

Imagine yourself getting naked and rubbed by a girl in her twenties. You can even select to get massaged by two girls in one go.

This choice is entirely yours.


How To Pick The Best Massage Girls

If your back hurts or even if you want to relax with hot stones put on your back or more so, if you want to have some paid sex, then these massage parlors are your dream come true.

They are well-known for a massage that comes with a happy ending.

Just visit the massage parlor that you like, and you will get a choice to select from a few girls that are available there.

You can take a good look at each of them and observe how they react when you smile at them.

Thai-massage-girls for happy ending

Massage Parlor in Thailand

This is the perfect massage shop to get a “happy end”. Just have a look at the writing on the window, it is a clear message; “choose a girl” and “oil Massage”.

These girls are happy and they love their job, this is a good sign for fun.

When I pick up two girls for a sex massage, the first one from the left and the second one from the right side.

I didn’t pick base on beauty because is personal, every man like different girls but I choose base on the best sex performance.

Are you wondering how I can pick the hottest girls just by looking at them?

I am not a sorcerer. I have just banged hundreds of girls and I can immediately recognize the good performer.

You will notice that there are two categories of girls who work at such massage parlors.

Some of them do not want to work there, and when you look closely, you will be able to make out that their smile is not genuine.

The other lot is of those girls who simply love their job.

The girls in the latter group are the ones that are perfect for you as they will love to spend some time with you- privately!


Step By Step For An Incredible Erotic Massage


1. Undress yourself

As soon as she leaves to get some oil or a towel, undress and relax.

She might have the shock of her life when she returns, but you can always say that you feel more relaxed when you are without any clothes.

Do not stop giving compliments and the chances are that you proceed one step further for a happy ending.


2. Flirting with her is important

She might be disappointed when you book only a massage session without a happy ending but in no case, you should stop flirting with her.

By paying her compliments and telling her how beautiful she is, you will be able to make her fully comfortable with you.

Good amount of sexual tension is built up when you say all these things and mean them too.


3. She must know that she turns you on

It is important to build up sexual tension by flirting with her. Continue to make her smile by showering compliments.

If you say something flattering and she responds with a smile, feel free to touch her.

When you see that she is comfortable with your touching, you can start caressing her breast too.

She might respond back while massaging your balls.


4. What is the final step?

Well, the final step is to lead her to your dick.

This is the risk that you need to take once you have caressed her enough.

Just take her hand slowly to your dick and she will be sure that she is driving you crazy and no doubt, she is going to love it.

don't feel uncomfortable during the oil massage

Don’t feel shy to show her that you are enjoying the massage. She will feel obligated to finish off your frustration.

Do not get disheartened if your attempt to get a hand-job fails in the first attempt. It just does not matter.

If she pulls back her hand then, only pretend that nothing had happened while at the same time, continue to caress and touch her to build up some more sexual tension.

Let it go on until the time she is massaging you.

Once you have created some more sexual tension, give it one more try, and the chances are that she will do what you need.