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Hua Hin Sex Guide For Single Men


If you would like to meet girls in Hua Hin hot for action so you can get laid and have fun, this guide is going to help you.

I assume you don’t visit Hua Hin only to visit the temples, lay on the beach and eat spicy food. But also to have sex with young and beautiful Thai girls.

Hua Hin is a family destination, so don’t expect to find red light areas all around town. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to get laid with Thai girls. On the contrary, horny local girls are abundant.

This guide’s first section focuses on the P4P scene (Pay for Play), while the second section is all about how to meet everyday girls in Hua Hin (non-prostitutes).

This Hua Hin sex guide was last updated on 9 June 2023

Before your trip contact Thai girls online if you want to find a holiday girlfriend.

Just sign up and write on your profile what you’re looking for. You’ll be surprised how friendly and eager they are to meet up.


Intro To Hua Hin Sex Life

Hua Hin is a low-key destination for sex tourism in Thailand compare to Phuket or Pattaya. In fact, it is advertised as a family destination.

However, it’s an exciting surprise to find out two red light areas for tourists, and a nightlife area popular among the locals…

  • Hua Hin Walking Street – Also known as Soi Bintabaht, this is the main red-light district in Hua Hin. It is located just behind the Hilton hotel. There are several girlie bars and massage shops offering happy endings.
  • Soi 80 – This is the second foreign-friendly red light area with several beer bars and girls.
  • Thanon Phetkasem – It’s the main nightlife area in Hua Hin where locals hang out at night. There are Karaoke bars, nightclubs, and pubs.

Most of the Hua Hin sex tourism takes place in Walking Street and Soi 80.

Instead, in Thanon Phetkasem, you can find most Hua Hin girls, but to have any chance of hook up, you should be able to speak Thai.

Most girls there not only can’t speak any English, but they prefer to hang out with Thai men.

If you want to meet genuine Thai girls (no prostitutes) in Hua Hin who can speak English and are into foreign men, the best way is to use a popular dating site

Civilian Thai girls don’t hang out in seedy bars in the red-light districts. They use dating sites to meet foreign men.

Proper Hua Hin girls are sweet, genuine, and look gorgeous. If you are looking for a girlfriend experience in Thailand, Hua Hin women are great.


Where To Find Sex In Hua Hin

The best places where to find girls for sex in Hua Hin are…

1. Online

hua hin girl online

The easiest way to meet girls in Hua Hin for companionship, friendship and intimacy is by using popular apps and sites.

You’ll find all types of girls and arrangements from the student girl looking for casual sex to lady searching for a serious relationship.

Be honest about what you’re looking, it won’t take long to get to know the right girl.

2. Red Light Districts

hua hin red light district

There are two red light districts in Hua Hin: Soi Bintabaht and Soi 80. Both streets have a good amount of girlie bars, erotic massage shops, and wild girls.

Personally I noticed that Soi Bintabaht is visited mostly by tourists while Soi 80 is an outpost of the expacts living here.

There are some hot girls, but you have to wade through a lot of average milfs in their 30’s and 40’s to find a gem. Be patient.

3. Soapy Massage Parlor

The only soapy massage parlor that offers body to body massage is Lee Lao Dee (WoW Leelawadee). It is a few hundred meters from the night market.

The best time to visit is after 5 pm when you can find the most girls.

4. Erotic Massage Parlor

happy ending massage Hua Hin

There are several small massage shops in Soi 80 and Selakam Alley that offer happy ending massages… And if those aren’t enough, you can visit WoW Leelawadee that offer excellent soapy massages.

Check out the erotic massage parlor guide in Hua Hin for more info.

5. Nightclubs And Pick Up Bars

Thanon Phetkasem is the area for nightlife in Hua Hin. The most famous nightclubs are located on this road.

There are nightclubs for locals with a low percentage of hookers, the most famous is Hi 4 club. It has the classic Thai setup: live band and standing tables.

For Foreigners, Panama Bar is the most popular pick up bar in Hua Hin. Most girls are freelancers expecting some money the next morning.

6. Street Hookers

hua hin hookers

Late at night, you can find several street hookers outside the nightclubs and bars popular among foreigners like Hi 4 and Panama Bar.

After 10 pm right outside the main entrance of the Hilton Hotel, there are freelancers waiting for customers.


What About Sex And Girls In Hua Hin?

If you want to meet Hua Hin girls for casual sex or a serious relationship, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

You have the usual Thai sex scene, with bar girls and massage girls available if you don’t mind paying for sex. But there is also plenty of everyday girls dreaming of meeting a foreign man.

There are plenty of nice Thai ladies on these dating sites.

Just treat them to a nice meal, be a gentleman and you’ll get rewarded.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend in Hua Hin

sexy girl posing in hua hin beach

If you want to take a girl on vacation with you find a female travel companion. For a long-term arrangement get a Thai sugar baby.

Having a temporary girlfriend to share romantic and intimate moments with is the best way to relax in this beach town.

She can help you sort out things, be your best friend during the day, and lover at night. You are going to experience Thai culture very intimately.

The tricky part is to find a local girl that can speak English, she is attracted to foreign men she isn’t a hooker.

In this regard, the best solution is to game online. Use apps and sites that Thai girls use to meet foreign men.

Just sign up, create a profile mentioning what you’re looking for and you’ll get plenty of messages from girls eager to meet up.

I hope the Hua Hin sex guide has given you some info. Enjoy the beach!





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