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6 Best Pattaya Soapy Massage Parlours

If you have never had a soapy massage before, Pattaya is the best place to try one.

Not only you can get the cheapest soapy massage in Thailand, but overall, Pattaya parlours have decades of history.

In other words, they have built a reputation based on the quality of girls and service offered to their customers.

soapy massage pattaya

In this article, I’m going to show you what happens in a soapy massage and how much is going to cost. That way, you’ll know if it’s worth the investment.

I’ll share the best Pattaya soapy massage parlours, and I’ll also tell you my secrets to get an unforgettable experience.

Before getting started, I want to let you know that soapy massages are an expensive way to get laid.

So, If you have a limited budget or you prefer to get laid on the cheap, there are other places where to find easy sex in Pattaya.

Now that I got out of the way this point, let’s see what happen in a soapy massage in Pattaya…


What Happens in a Soapy Massage

First, there is no entrance fee.

Once inside, it’s a kinda of hotel’s lobby where you sit in a comfortable chair, order a drink and have a look at the girls on display.

You can take your time as long as you need.

If you have particular requirements or you want to know more about a girl, just ask the manager. The Papasan knows most of the dirty secrets of the girls.

Pick a lady by her number, pay the full amount to the cashier and get escorted to the room.

While the girl gets the bathtub filled with water and soap, get naked…

Pattaya soapy girl

Once ready, she is going to clean you from head to toe.


Next, you lie on an air mattress for a soapy body to body massage where she will slip up and down her naked body all over you.

Teasingly every part of your body with every part of her body, especially buttock‘s and breasts.

In other words, It’s a sandwich massage.

Then, you are turned over, where she continues to use her body to massage yours. Not only is this physically a great feeling, but pleasing on the eye too.

This is the best part of the soapy massage experience. You’ll love it!

When finished with the body to body massage, the girl will bath you again and dry with a towel.

At last, 15 minutes on the bed where she is going to give you a happy ending by offering HJ, blow job or full sex service.

The experience usually lasts for 60 minutes.


Review of the Best Soapy in Pattaya

sabai room pattaya

1. Sabai Room

One of the major establishments with a large selection of girls.

It is one of the oldest soapy massage in Pattaya, and the reason is simple: they know their business very well and know how to please their customers.

Besides providing the standard soapy massage, you can have ice or yogurt massage. It’s a cool alternative, especially the ice one where you can play between hot and cold sensual feelings.

Prices: 2.000 – 2.400 and 3.000 Baht all-inclusive + tip

Best Hotel Nearby: On the cheaper side you can stay in the Red Planet Hotel or for upper scale experience in Siam@Siam Design.

Honey Body Massage 2 pattaya

2. Honey Body Massage 2 (previously known as Sabailand)

Most probably the largest selection of girls, I would say 60+.

You get to choose from a range of beautiful girls which make hard to pick one.

During high season the place gets crowded, so bear in mind that the girls might rush the soapy massage.

This place is especially popular among Indians and Chinese men because the girls are young and with white skin.

Prices: 2.000 – 2.600 – 3.200  and 3.800 Baht all-inclusive + tip

Best Hotel Nearby: On the cheaper side you can stay in the Red Planet Hotel or for upper scale experience in Siam@Siam Design. Honey body Massage 2 is in the same building of Siam@Siam Design Hotel.

sabai dee massage pattaya

3. Sabai Dee Pattaya

This is on the top of the list because the selection of girls is huge, and you will get professional treatment.

In high season there are more than 100 girls to choose from.

The girls charge a bit more than usual at 2500 Baht per session and the ‘VIP’ rooms can set you back another 500 Baht.

However, the girls are young and hot, worth the extra money.

Nonetheless, Sabai Dee is my favorite soapy massage in Pattaya because the girls try hard to please.

Prices: 2.500 – 3.000  Baht all-inclusive + tip

Best Hotel Nearby: On the cheaper side you can stay in Sun Shine Hip Hotel or for upper scale experience in Siam@Siam Design.

PP Body Massage

4. PP Body Massage

This soapy massage parlor is located in Buakhao area away from the previous three.

It’s a bit smaller having “only” 30+ girls. The girls here aren’t as beautiful as in the previous establishments but they know how to please.

If you are into chubby girls, here you will find many.

Prices: 2.000 – 2.500  Baht all-inclusive + tip

Best Hotel Nearby: Opposite Adelphi Hotel, a modern hotel with a rooftop pool and bar.

rasputin pattaya

5. Rasputin

This soapy massage parlor is on the parallel road with Soi 6. So if you don’t find the girls attractive, you can always go for a short time in Soi 6.

However, Rasputin has some really beautiful girls for all the budget. But there is more… They have Russian girls!

Just ask the manager and he will take you to a small room where you can pick a handful of Russian chicks. If you are into blonde girls, this is the soapy massage parlor for you.

Regarding the Thai masseur, I don’t recommend to pick the higher tier because it seems they have too much attitude.

One more thing; There are no air mattress, the body to body massage takes place in the bathtub.

Prices: Thai girls are 2.000 – 2.500 – 3.000 and 5.000 Baht all-inclusive + tip. Russian girls are 6.500 Baht.

Best Hotel Nearby: Hotel Selection Pattaya has a nice view over the sea and you can see part of Soi 6.


6. Honey 1 Body Massage (previously known as Honey Soi Inn)

It’s located in the infamous Soi Honey street home of the sleaziest “happy ending” massage parlours in Pattaya.

The place is small with a handful of girls.

I saw more beautiful girls in the other soapy massage parlours, but sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough.

Prices: 2.000 – 2.500  Baht all-inclusive + tip

Best Hotel Nearby: 247 Boutique Hotel is a party hotel in the middle of the action and just opposite Honey 1 Body massage.

What I love most is their toilet has a complete glass wall overlooking the bedroom. It’s great to watch your guest trying to shower without showing you too much 😉


Prices For Drinks

I have already exposed the prices for a soapy massage in the different parlours in Pattaya.

What is missing is the drink prices for you and the massage ladies.

Yes, you can invite any lady to join you for a drink and chat without any commitment.

This is especially useful if you are not sure whenever she can provide a friendly service. Furthermore, it’s an excellent opportunity to sweet her up and to make sure she’ll deliver an excellent soapy massage.

Those massage girls are taking by surprise when someone offers them a drink because it isn’t a common thing.

They are going to be thankful for your kind gesture, and it will reflect on her attitude forward you once behind closed doors.

To cut a long story short, you might be wondering: “What is the drink’s prices in a Pattaya soapy massage?”

You can take as an example the beverage prices in Sabai Dee. The other parlours have similar prices.

pattaya soapy massage price

There are no lady drinks on the list, so I can add only my personal experience. When I was in Sabai Room, I got charged 150 Baht for a lady drink.

Not so different from my own drink price after all, but worth the investment. She gave me the best time of my life 🙂


Tips For A Better Experience

If it’s your first time or you are nooby for this kind of sexual service, don’t worry. I’m here to help.

To get the best out of your soapy massage experience, follow these tips:

• Shower and trim your body/face hair properly before heading to the soapy massage parlor

Thai girls are sensitive to bad smell and excess hairs. It’s a real turn off for them which affect negatively their willingness to give you a good time.

• Pick the smiling girls

You can’t communicate verbally with the girls because they are behind a glass wall. However, physical conversation speaks 1.000s words.

If a girl wants to go with you, she is going to smile at you.

No smile? Don’t bother to pick her bro, you are going to regret your decision.

• She is razor focus on you

There are other men in the lounge with you, but she constantly looks at you while smiling and blinking her eyes.

In this case, don’t pass on her, she is going to give you the best time of your life.

• Be a gentleman

Thai girls value highly kindness. What is better than offering a drink before heading for a massage?

This gives you the opportunity to know her a little while creating sexual attraction.

• Let her know how beautiful she is

Girls are girls. Even if she is a working girl, she still has feelings. A compliment set a positive mood before starting the massage.

• Tip before and after the massage

Don’t expect an excellent service only because you have paid the standard price like everyone else. Be different.

Offer 200 Baht before the session and promise her another 300 Baht at the end if she does a good job.

This is the best time to explain to her all your fantasies and requests.