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pattaya sex guide

Pattaya Sex Guide For Single Men

If you’re craving for a sex holiday in Pattaya and want to know the best places where to find sexy girls hot for action, this sex guide has all the info you need.

You should enjoy your trip to Pattaya, instead of worrying about where to go, what do and most importantly how to do it.

I’m going to cover all the things you need to know to experience the ultimate Pattaya sex vacation.

This guide is going to focus on P4P scene (Pay for Play). If you prefer to meet and date everyday Thai girls, the one working regular jobs in hotels, restaurants or shops, then get on a popular Thai dating site instead.

This Pattaya Sex Guide was last updated on 27 September 2019




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Pattaya
General information about Pattaya sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Pattaya
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices For Sex
General prices for girls in Pattaya to help you budget your adventure

How To Meet Pattaya Girls Online
Best way to hook up with girls in Pattaya

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Pattaya
How to meet and date Pattaya women during your vacation

Must to Do During a Pattaya Sex Tour
Mongering activities in Pattaya

Best Sex Hotels In Pattaya
Girl-friendly hotels for your erotic activities


Intro To Sex Tourism In Pattaya

When talking about sex tourism in Thailand, Pattaya gets most of the time mentioned. The reason is simple: Pattaya is a whore town.

I’m not exaggerating, Pattaya is built on prostitution, and Walking Street is the symbol of that. It’s the main red light area with hundreds of venues from the gogo bars with naked dancers to nightclubs packed with freelancer prostitutes.

If you think that all the prostitution is confined only to Walking Street, think again. There are countless red light districts in the North, Center and South of Pattaya.

Where ever you go, you’ll see sexy Thai girls welcoming you.

As you can see, sex in Pattaya is everywhere, but prostitution is illegal in Thailand and that is how things roll over there.

The thing is those sex establishments are run so well and professionally that it is hard to believe they are illegal businesses.

There are also a tremendous amount of freelancer girls in nightclubs, streets and online.

In fact, it’s hard to find a decent girl in Pattaya that isn’t engaged in some sort of prostitution. There are girls with a respectable job, but most probably they are selling themselves on weekends.

It’s hard to understand who is who and how things roll in Pattaya, but in this guide, you’ll get a good idea.

If sex in Pattaya is too much in your face and you prefer a more quiet place, Hua Hin is a great alternative only a few hours away by ferry.


What About Girls & Sex In Pattaya

Pattaya sex girls

Pattaya sex girls in Walking Street having a good time. Pattaya atmosphere is truly magical. Hundreds of entertainments, thousand of Thai women are awaiting you to experience the best of Asian nightlife. The atmosphere is relaxed, the women are hot and for fun.

Girls in Pattaya are wild! They love to party, have fun and of course… get laid.

I never met so many easy and sexy women like in Pattaya. It’s hard to spend one day without having sex.

As explained in the Pattaya girls guide, most women in Pattaya aren’t relationship or marriage material, but only temporary fun ladies to spend a holiday together.

If you want to find a good Thai girl to engage or marry, I would recommend Bangkok or Chiang Mai instead.

Having said that, there are a few good girls with non-hooker jobs in town working in restaurants, banks, and other services.


Where to Find Sex in Pattaya

There are so many venues for sexual experiences that required some time to understand how they operate and learn their location.

I’m going to describe the best places to meet girls and get laid, starting with…

1. Online

pattaya sex girl

If you walk anywhere in Pattaya, you realize immediately how addicted girls are to their smartphone… And that my friend, it’s a great opportunity for you to get in front of their screen and start a conversation without fear of getting rejected.

You can easily meet Pattaya girls on a site like Thai Cupid. There are plenty of women interested in foreign men on this dating site… Some looking for casual dating, others for a long-term relationship and others are happy to have sex in exchange for cash.

It’s a great way to connect with local girls before you visit so you can pipeline (set up dates) and gets the ball rolling.

If you are searching for more than intimate moments with a girl, on Asian Match Mate you can hook up with single girls and couples who are into sex.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

If you love to go out at night and party with girls, early evening bars are the best way to go and after midnight, visit the clubs…

sexy girls clubbing in Pattaya

In the bars in Pattaya, you will find only prostitutes. Instead, in the nightclub, the majority are freelancer’s girls. But sometimes you can pick up nice girls without paying them in the morning.

In the red light areas, you can meet girls in the gogo bars or beer bars. The first is more expensive and usually have better-looking girls while the beer bars are cheaper and have older women.

3. Pattaya Sex Massage Parlors

Pattaya sex massage In Pattaya, there are plentiful of parlors offering dirty massages. But the good ones are only a handful.

So, to make things easier for you, I’ve selected only the best massage shops that offer happy endings:

  • Sabai Dee is a soapy massage parlor with a wide selection of girls that offer full service.
  • Home Massage is an erotic parlor with easy-going masseurs.
  • Dream Teen Massage offer happy ending massages with a selection of different rooms.

If you would like to learn more, I’ve written a guide about erotic massages in Pattaya. Not only about the best erotic massage parlors, but also how to get a cheap sex massage directly to your room.

4. Blow Job Bars

If you love getting sucked, it’s is hard to find a girl experience enough. Well, blow jobs bars in Pattaya are the solution you were looking for.


Girls working in BJ bars suck cocks every day, it’s a sure bet to get a fantastic head job.

5. Gentleman Clubs

Similar set up like BJ bars but with a better standard of girls where you can have a full service, not only blow jobs.

girls in gentleman club in pattaya

Gentleman clubs in Pattaya are only open from 2-3 pm until 7 pm, most men visiting are in their 40s-50s.

You can have drinks, food and girls while spending an afternoon with your buddies.

6. Brothels

The only street left with brothels in Pattaya is Soi 6. You can find hundreds of bar girls waiting to have a drink with you and go for a quicky in the room upstairs.

pattaya boom boom

You can find all sort of girls, from the shy girls who arrive fresh from the farms around Thailand to the pros.

It’s a fun red light area to spend a different afternoon playing with the girls. The best time is between 4-8 pm.

7. Street Freelancers

There are many types of freelancers in Pattaya but the most common you’ll see during your vacation are the freelancers in the street.

Three sexy street freelancers in Pattaya

The most popular areas are Walking Street and Beach Road. In Beach Road, there are prostitutes 24/7 but the best time is between 6 pm – 8 pm. In Walking Street, from 8 pm until 5 am it’s like a girl market.


Typical Prices For Sex In Pattaya

If this is your first time traveling here, you might be wondering what is the cost for sex in Pattaya…

• Fix Prices For Sex

When visiting a business that sells sex, you can’t negotiate because the prices are fixed.

Here a list of standard prices for each business type:

  • Bar girls working in beer bars – Pay 500 baht to the bar owner (bar fine), 1.300-1.500 baht to the girl for all night.
  • Bar girls working in gogo bars – Bar fine of 1.000-3.000 baht, 2.000-3.000 baht to the girl for a short time (2 hours) or 5.000+ baht for all night.
  • Bar girls working in BJ bars – 800 baht for a blow job, 1.300 baht for sex if available.
  • Girls in Gentleman Clubs – 1.300 baht for full service.
  • Escorts Online: 3.000 baht per hour.
  • Girls working in brothels in Soi 6 – 1.300 baht for a short time.
  • Masseur in erotic massage shops – 500 baht for massage and HJ, 800 baht for massage and BJ, 1.000+ baht for massage and full service.
  • Masseur in soapy massage parlor – 1.800 to 3.000 baht for full service (90 minutes).


• Variable Prices For Sex

This refers to girls that work for themselves life freelancers or everyday girls that need a side income. Their prices are variable based on their location, age, the way you interact and present yourself.

These prices are just an indication to guide you:

  • Street hookers: 800 baht for a short time up to 1.500 baht for all night.
  • Freelancers in the nightclubs: 1.000-2.000 baht depending timing of the year and her attractiveness.
  • Girls on dating sites: starting at 500 baht tip to the moon, depending on how generous you feel. This doesn’t include the monthly subscription of US$20 for the membership on a Thai dating site.

A rule of thumb is never to ask the girls how much they want, wait for them to offer. That way you show confidence and as a result, they lower their asking price.

If paying all this money just to have sex isn’t your things, consider reading the next section where I explain how to get laid for the price of a meal or coffee.


How To Meet Pattaya Girls Online

pattaya girlfriends for dating

The growing popularity of dating sites offers a pool of attractive women that are easily approachable.

Because the girls don’t have to face foreigners and engage in direct conversation, even the shyest and reserved women take the challenge to meet foreigner men online.

I’ve been very successful with online dating over the years, and it is my number one tool to meet girls in Pattaya.

If you’re serious about meet Pattaya girls, the best dating sites are:

Thai Cupid – It is the biggest dating site in Thailand with thousands of women looking for romance, relationship and why not a nightstand.

You can chat with girls online anytime. The chat is easy to use, and you can talk with multiple girls at the same time.

This is useful because Thai women write very slow, sometimes they have to check the dictionary for words. Try to maximize your time and effort to create multiple “relationships” at the same time.

By signing up with Thai Cupid, you will access hundreds of Pattaya girls and thousands of Thai women all around the country.

Thai Friendly – Not as many women as in Thai Cupid dating website but definitely enough to get you started.

I have found some good girls here. Having said that, watch out for women asking for money. Good girls don’t do that, and only a fool would wire money to a girl never met before.

I hear horror stories all the time from travelers being cheated by women online. I never had an issue with Thai Friendly. They do an excellent job in keeping their users in check, trying to remove scammers and fake accounts.

You might find useful my personal review of Thai Friendly after years using it.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Pattaya

pattaya holiday girlfriend

If you are looking for a Pattaya girlfriend for a week or two, to get lost in long conversations and longer nights of passionate sex, I’m going to show you where to find her.

Thai girls dream to meet a decent western man to spend time together, have a conversation, caring you and be your girlfriend.

Just imagine spending your vacation with a young, attractive and horny woman while visiting Pattaya…


And while there are prostitutes in Pattaya only interested in your money, there are far more girls dreaming of meeting a foreign man. I prefer to date girls met online who can give me an intimate experience like only a girlfriend can offer.

Before my trip to Pattaya, we can chat and learn about each other. Things like hobbies, favorite food and why not, personal sexual preferences.

Think about this – you are at home chatting with this beautiful Thai girl waiting for the moment to spend a holiday together. She wants you as much as you want her.

Can you imagine the moment you finally meet in person? When you and she are behind closed doors.

And this is only one benefit of meeting beautiful women… Experience a different culture, see new locations and try exotic food are all side effects of traveling.

The best way to get a girlfriend in Pattaya is by using a popular dating site like Thai Cupid. There are girls from all over the country eager to meet a foreign man.

Thai girlfriends for dating

To get started, feel up your profile with a realistic view about life and what you are looking for in a Thai girl.

Upload a few good photos where you are dressed properly, groomed and look at best. Not drunk, stoned or posing in front of a Lamborghini that you don’t own 🙂

Then make sure to verify your profile and upgrade your membership. That is going to land you more attention and response from the girls.

Just search for your perfect match and start the conversation with the girls. That’s it!

Build a list of potential vacation girlfriend, and once in Pattaya, meet up.


Must To Do During A Pattaya Sex Tour

If you are visiting Pattaya for sex, you want to visit places and do things to make your adult holiday memorable.

Here a list of things to do during your sex tour in Pattaya:

• Hook Up With A Russian GIrl

Getting laid every day with Thai girls can get boring, so hook up with a Russian girl in Pattaya for a change.

European girl in Pattaya

The Russian women you meet in Walking Street are hookers demanding 4.000-6.000 baht for a short time. But there are many tourists on the beach looking for fun without compensation.

• Visit A Sex Venue

There are many places where you can find Pattaya girls for sex in exchange for some cash.

picking up bar girls in pattaya

If you are against paying women for sex, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit a few of these places. You can have a few drinks, some talk with the girls and bring home a different experience.

• Get Laid With A Regular Girl In Pattaya

What is better of getting laid with a genuine girl that is into you, not your money. Hookers are an easy option for sex, but they are robotic, dirty and their dry p…y isn’t inviting.

Imagine having a horny girl next to you and make love to her…

sexy pattaya girl

There are so many sexy single girls online who are interested in foreign men, it’s going to be easy to meet one.


Best Sex Hotels In Pattaya

You’re going to be spoiled with the choice of hotel’s room in Pattaya. You can get cheap rooms near the red light districts or luxury accommodations by the sea.

The cost of a decent hotel’s room start at 800 baht, the price doesn’t include breakfast.

However, there are plenty of places where you can have a good breakfast for less than 100 baht or a quality one for 250 baht.

Whenever I’m in Pattaya, there are three hotels where I usually stay:

There are either cheaper or more expensive options, depending on your travel standards.

However, if you’re serious to bang girls in Pattaya, stay away from the hostels. Do as Rocco do, stay in a girl friendly hotel…

pattaya girl in sex hotel

Most accommodations are guest friendly in Pattaya, meaning you don’t get charged extra for bringing back girls or ladyboys to your room.

If you would like to learn more, check out the 17 Best Adult Hotels in Pattaya to Bang Girls.

That concludes this sex guide to Pattaya. I wish you a happy journey.


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