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How To Meet Philippines Girls For Marriage

So, you are searching for a bride in the Philippines most probably because you want to have children with her or to get a partner to spend the rest of your life together.

I can understand why you would want a Filipina, they are one of the sweetest people in the world… And the ideal would be to get a beautiful and religious Filipina.

Now, while beauty is the eye of the beholder, religion plays an important role when it comes to marriage and all the benefits that come with it.

As you might know already, the Philippines is a stronghold of Christianity. Any good Filipina goes to church weekly, pray every evening before going to bed and totally believe in the sacred teaching of the church.

I’m not going to debate Christianity or any other religions for that matter, but what really matters is that Filipina values forward marriage are strong making them reliable partners for life.

It is unlikely she’ll ever cheat on you, ask for a divorce or just run away from her duty as a mother.

That put you in a safe position once you get married. You don’t need to worry about costly divorce or to lose your child to her or her having an affair like nowadays happen in the West.


How Difficult Is To Find a Filipino Wife In The Philippines

It’s very easy… You can walk anywhere around the country and find yourself a wife. There are countless of women ready to marry you, probably to get a visa and ticket out of poverty.

As I mentioned in my last article Should I trust a Filipina girlfriend, there are desperate women that would do anything to run away from their problems.

But this shouldn’t stop you from searching for a suitable wife because Filipinas are great women to marry, you only need to adopt a few precautions to avoid the bad apples.

There are so many quality women out there to marry that is almost impossible to fail, even if you are in your seniors years. I’ve seen countless happy couples with the man being 10-25 years older than her as age is not a big deal in the Philippines.

Filipinas for the most part are very used to the idea of an older spouse, you’ll find they have different attitudes towards just about everything.

In many Western countries that would impossible to attain unless you have a fat wallet. But as you know already, money can’t buy love.

In the Philippines, you can find a beautiful and loving caring woman for marriage even if your income is modest. They only want someone to love, spend time together and look after each other.

The other day I got an email from Bill, an American man who is getting married after meeting a 20 years younger girlfriend:

I want to say getting a young Asian wife is easy. I was on a dating site for 1 month and a hot 22 y/o from the Philippines messaged me we started talking and we are engaged now. I am 42. I will be there on march 15 and we plan to be married in September. She is a model.

However, if the girl is young – let’s say in her 20s – you have to make it worth their while to trade their youth and vitality for something else you can offer in exchange.

In the case you want to have children, it’s easy to date Filipina in their 30s because they are ready to have children and settle down.

Filipino women feel established when having a child, in her mind, it cements the relationship and your commitment to her.

Just keep in mind that they come with families that are very integrated and hold a lot of sway in all things. So it’s worth to spend some time with her family before making the decision to marry her.


How To Start Dating Potential Life Partners

Like any big projects in life, it’s always better to start on the right foot. You want to find an ideal match for you, a Filipina who you can feel attracted over a long period without losing interest in her.

You want also to find a reliable woman that can help you raise the kids if any but most importantly look after you with love and respect.

filipina wife for marriage material

I’m brutally honest here, it’s not so easy as you might think to find the perfect Filipina for you, but with the right strategy and commitment you can definitely end up with the love of your life.

I have a few important points to swing you in the right direction:

• Look Your Best

Don’t expect Filipinas to be so desperate to marry an old, fat and bold man. Only bar girls and gold diggers do that, not respectful Filipinas genuinely interested in marriage. Work on yourself before looking for the one.

• Stay Focus

Many men want so much finding a wife that overlook many signs that clearly indicate she isn’t the right match.

• Ask Questions

The best way to find out if she is the one for you is by asking questions and listen carefully. With patience and time, she’ll reveal her true self.

• Avoid Bars, Nightclubs Or Any Other Entertainment Places

You are looking for marriage material type of women, not party girls or hookers.

• Consider Using Dating Sites

Dating sites in the West have a brutal reputation, but in the Philippines, they are the best place to find genuine girls looking for marriage. Don’t use international or free Asian dating sites but membership sites specific to the Philippines.

• Search For Filipinas Living In The City

Most single Filipinas from the province come with baggage, and I’m not just talking about kids. I’m referring to their need to support their families and extended families. There are many independent and financially secure Filipinas in the cities.

• Don’t Talk About Money

If you tell them you have lots of money, you will get many applicants for the position of emptying your bank account. On the other hand, if you let them know you are not financially secure, you will probably end up with an honest one, and she may even support you.

• Spend Time With Her And Her Family

As you are committing to spending a lifetime with her, it’s worth spending some time with her family.

Filipinas are close to the family members and in most cases, the girls reassemble many traits of their parents, especially the mother. When you experience their daily life, you can have a feel for how your future marriage life will look like.

• Take Action

When you feel you have found the right Filipina for marriage, don’t hesitate and go for it. In the Philippines, you go from a date to a relationship to marriage in a very short span of time. What takes years in the West, in the Philippines happen in months.


Best Ways To Find A Filipina Wife

There are a few different ideal ways to find a wife that can suit your need and possibilities. Not everyone can spend a few months in the Philippines to find the perfect wife, and you don’t need to really to that.

These are 3 possible ways to find a wife in the Philippines:

1. Use Networking

In the case, you are living in the Philippines or planning to go there for an extended period, look for Filipino men of good character.

If you become their friend then they will introduce you to their sisters, cousins, and daughters. And they will likely be a good person like the Filipino who introduced them to you.

I got offered on different occasions women for marriage by their father, they knew my values and stability.

Most fathers want the best for their daughters, and it isn’t always easy to find a reliable man when there are so many beautiful women competing for the few breadwinners.


2. Strike Conversations

Another way is to go to the Philippines, go to places you would really enjoy going to and try to strike up conversations. You can go for a few weeks every year to taste the water.

You don’t need necessarily go on holiday, there are many meetups geared towards professional and general interests. That way you can improve your skills while searching for a potential wife that share the same interests.

Being relatively gender-equal, the tech scene in the Philippines have a decent proportion of females.


3. Meet Online

An easier way is to use sites that do most of the screening for you so you can meet only quality women with good values.

If you use a dating site, it is easy to screen for age, children, education and income. You can set criteria that clearly cut out the low-value women while setting for the most promising.

Don’t let all the negative stories stop you from getting started with online dating. The majority of Filipinas on these sites are well-intentioned and are looking at a life better than they have as well as looking for love and marriage.

You need to practice due diligence like in any situation in life to avoid getting scammed or conned. This is one reason why men refrain from using dating sites, they are scared to get ripped off.

A way to avoid this is taking the time to know them, the longer you chat to somebody, the better you get to know them.

As said earlier, don’t be afraid to ask questions and listen carefully to what they want to communicate to you. You can find out so much from a person if you listen carefully.

After selecting 2 or 3 women that you think match what you are looking for, then make plans to visit them.


Live a Happy Life With Your Wife

happy filipina wife with foreign man
When you find the right wife for you, you have two choices:

  1. Live in the Philippines with her.
  2. Take her back to your country.

Each decision has its own advantages and disadvantages.

While staying in the Philippines is the best way to ensure your wife doesn’t change but stay that sweet and loving caring woman, but it can be frustrating for your lifestyle.

You are used to your home country way of life and the Philippines is a different world. At first, it might be adventures for you, but over time it might be heavy to bear.

If you decide to go back to your country, then you will have to go through frustrating and bureaucratic bullshit to get your wife back to your country.

There are rules and regulations in your country put there for protection, but it seems sometimes they never end.

Don’t give up, though. Follow the rules, don’t take shortcuts, and don’t see a lawyer, there are other, better informed and far cheaper agencies available to help you.

Those hardships are nothing compare to the rewards you’ll get by marrying a Filipina, you are unlikely to find anyone more loving, devoted and loyal once you commit to a relationship.