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Guide to Dating Java Girls For Single Guys

There are endless places where you can meet single girls in Java. This guide is simply going to narrow that down to the best destination where to meet and date Javanese women.

I’ll show you the various ways you can get hook ups during the day and at night around the main cities of Java.

First, I’m going to talk about the nightlife in Java where I’d reveal the hottest nightclubs and bars to pick up singles. Then, we’ll talk about the best places where day game and how to meet girls online.

This Island has the most beautiful women in Indonesia, that’s why you should date a Javanese girl once in a lifetime.


Nightlife For Singles In Java

The nightlife in Java is exciting in a few places but this can’t be said about all the cities. Some destinations are really conservative with sharia laws in place and strictly adhered to.

For example, Tangerang a city is known to be conservative even though is close nearby Jakarta. Ha! Jakarta is the most happening city on the island and one of the best destination to date Indonesian girls.

There are tons of bars, KTVs, 5-Star hotels, restaurants and of course, tons of hot babes. But, the city is really dirty and crowded, and traffic can be a pain in the ass. That complicate things when you need to take the girls back your room.

An alternative is dating in Bandung, a smaller city with a lot of greens and superb nightlife with party animals and students having fun there.

The best part is that Bandung girls besides being know to be the most beautiful women in Indonesia are also open-minded and welcoming forward foreign men.

Surabaya is another good place to be if you like the laid-back and less sophisticated atmosphere. You get more attention from the local girls in Surabaya because there are fewer tourists and expats living there.

The nightlife and girls in Solo, Malang, and Yogyakarta are more conservative with a few bars and nightclubs to pick up girls. If you are planning to visit, you need very good game skills and a lottttt of patience to convince girls to go for a date with you.

It’s not they don’t want to go out with you, but because they aren’t used to see foreigners they never considered to date one. Also, you need to deal with the “small village” effect, everyone knows each other and people like to talk and smack what others are doing.

Imagine the topic of a local girl going out with a foreign man, she is going to be label as a slut or worst a hooker.


Best Clubs And Bars To Pick Up Girls In Java

The nightlife is kicking in Java as you can go out to party and meet girls every night. Popular cities like Jakarta and Bandung expect to pay high prices for drinks and entrance to the club on the same level as the West.

If you are on a budget, visit out of the beaten path destinations where you are going to pay local prices.


One word of warning, nightlife venues are popular among prostitutes who aren’t always clear that they want money for the night. Yes, they dress and act like any other party girls, so it’s hard to figure out who is who if you are visiting for the first time.

One way to find out is asking directly if they want money, but it can potentially offend a good girl. A better way is to wait until her drink is finished, if she asks you to buy one, most probably she is a hooker.

Now that we are clear on that, these are the best venues at night for each major destination in Java:



This is currently the most happening club in Jakarta. It is one of the few clubs that plays techno music rather than the usual mainstream music.

It’s one of the classiest clubs in Jakarta attracting top guys. They have a strict door policy so don’t forget to go with an ID and dress well. A lot of the girls are here pros or semi-pros looking to gook up with the rich guys.

  • Immigrant

It is another top party spot in Jakarta with lots of foreigners and sexy local girls.



It’s a popular bar in Bandung with great prices on drinks. It is rather small and has many campus girls among its crowd.

The club attracts mostly high-class Indo-Chinese girls in Bandung and has a formal dress code. It’s one of the classiest in the city.

This is one of the most popular nightclubs in Bandung partly because of its great prices on drinks. This attracts a hipster crowd with a majority of guys and some girls who are usually in groups.



It’s popular among young students in Surabaya and has no hookers or lady companions in its crowd. Mondays are campus nights and Sundays, ladies nights.

Check out the guide to dating girls in Surabaya for more info about pick up places and dating tips.


It’s one of the hottest clubs in Yogyakarta and has a large floor place for partying t tunes from the best DJs. Large Indonesian crowd, students from UGM and a few tourists most day.


Kota Surakarta

The top night spot in Solo with a packed crowd on its two floors. It has karaoke and a patio. Their restaurant is good for a snack or hang out and not a meal.


How To Meet Women in Java During The Day


Regardless of the religious nature of Indonesia, there are lots of ways to day game Javanese girls. In the cities, the only practical way is in the malls, besides shops and restaurants in the street.

Jakarta has many popular malls where to hang out to meet Indonesian girls, the most popular is Plaza Indonesia.

In Surabaya pay a visit to Tunjungan Plaza and in Bandung go to Paris Van Java.

Most girls speak enough English to keep the conversation going but don’t overdo because they might freeze if the topic starts to be more than the usual tourist questions.

In this case, the best move is to get their phone number and carry on the conversation by text messages. The girls feel less pressured to reply by text as they can take their time to translate and think about a proper answer.

Keep in mind that Indo-Chinese girls have a better education than other local races, making communication much easier.

However, they might play hard to get and be more demanding regarding dates, don’t expect to take her out to a street restaurant.

If you move in smaller cities like in Tangerang and Semarang trying to day game girls can be a lot harder. Not only you are going to face the enormous communication issue if you don’t know any Bahasa language, but women are more conservative and not comfortable to be approached by foreign men.


Chat With Girls Online


Most girls in Java are conservative if you meet outside from the big center like Jakarta and Bandung.

The reason is simple: the girls aren’t going to want to be seen talking to a foreigner in public in front of their family, friends or co-workers.

As a visitor, you might feel stressed picking up girls face to face, after all, you are in a foreign country all alone.

However the same applies to the girls, just imagine how she feels when a foreigner speaking a different language walk up to her. In one work: embarrassed.

There are many Javanese girls who want to hook up with a foreign man, and you aren’t going to find them in clubs or malls. They use Indonesian dating sites where they know there are foreign men to meet.

The girls sign up to those sites for only one reason: to meet a foreigner. Meaning you aren’t wasting your time chatting with women not interested in foreign men.

If you are looking for a girlfriend or wife, I suggest you search in the smaller cities as the girls are less spoiled and more conservative, making them great life partners.

In case you want something less serious like a nightstand, target women in Jakarta and Bandung who are easy going and more open-minded forward hookups.


Tips For Single Guys In Java

These are sure ways to meet singles in Java, now I’ll share some tips that will help you to date Javanese girls.

There are many exotic places to go on dates like Dago Atas on Bandung hills or on the beaches of Surabaya. The best nightlife for singles is in Jakarta with sexy and classy girls hot for action, but you better have deep pockets as it isn’t cheap.

During the day, the best option to pick up Javanese babes is in the mall, there really aren’t any other alternatives.

Remember that Indonesian girls are conservative and it shouldn’t come as a shock if some Javanese women tell you that you only get the bang once you are married. You might walk up to some easy girl, but don’t assume they all are.

Consider staying close to the nightlife or a major mall in any area you are traveling to. Asides having more opportunities for a hookup, it eases logistics as the traffic in the Javanese city is horrible.


Enjoy Dating Java Girls


Java has much sightseeing all over the island like the active volcano or the World Heritage Sites in Yogyakarta. Of course, visiting them in the company of a local girl is more interesting and fun than by yourself alone.

Women in Java are shy if you visit smaller cities but it doesn’t mean they don’t like you, just they aren’t used to deal with a foreigner.

Bars and nightclubs are good places to pick up at night, keep in mind there are a good amount of prostitutes freelancing and it isn’t always obvious who is who.

It isn’t uncommon to bring back a girl to your room and the next morning to be asked money.

If going out at night isn’t your thing, you can always pick up girls at the mall but the less intimidating way is to use a popular Indonesian dating site.

That wraps up this guide to meet and date Java girls. Hope you enjoy the island.