How To Get A Girlfriend In Indonesia

The majority of people in Indonesia follow Islam. This makes it one of the more restrictive and traditional countries in the region.

For those men who are never been in the country might seem impossible to get an Indonesian girlfriend.

In this article, I’ll explain how to get a girlfriend in Indonesia and what are the best places to approach them. But first, let’s answer the most common questions people ask me.


Is It Easy To Find A Girlfriend In Indonesia?

The majority of people in Indonesia follow Islam. This makes it one of the more restrictive and traditional countries in the region.

Although Many Indonesian girls liked to be wined and dined, they are also conservative by nature. They won’t lie down with the first guy they meet, and it usually takes some time to impress them.

However, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

If you play your cards right and follow certain cultural and religious rules, you can find an amazing girlfriend as you can see in this video…

Arranged marriages are common in this country, which is another major issue that foreigners have to consider. In fact, there are a lot of young women who oppose the idea of Western courtship, dating online and hookups.

All that considered, finding a girlfriend in Indonesia is much harder than you might anticipate. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give up as there are many emancipated ladies that don’t follow the social norms.

And this is what the next section will help you with: where to find open-minded Indo girls.


Best Ways To Get An Indonesian Girlfriend

Despite religious dogma, open-minded Indonesian girls have similar dating preferences as Western women. In other words, nightclubs and dating apps are your best bet.


1. Dating Sites

Although most people will likely install Tinder as soon as they land, there are much better ways to find a girlfriend in Indonesia.

Sites like Seeking let you find a girlfriend for a relationship on your terms. No need to be worried about unnecessary cultural dramas as the Indonesian girls using this site are open-minded.

There you will find many college and university girls, especially from Bali and Jakarta.

Just sign up for free and create an honest profile by writing what you’re looking for.


2. Clubs And Bars

If you’re searching for an outgoing Indonesian girlfriend, nightclubs and bars should be on your list. The girls who enjoy the nightlife are fun to be around.

Make sure to dreass well as the first impression count in nightlife venues. And having a bottle service might be a bit flashy, but it’s a quick way to leave an impression.

When you see a girl you like, have some fun together in the club. And if she isn’t up for a hookup, just get her digits so you can date her later.


3. Daily Approach

When talking about the direct approach, most men think of clubbing. However, you can also get fantastic results by hitting on girls during broad daylight.

As you can see in this video, Indonesian girls are an easy chat…

Shopping malls are probably the best way to scout local talent in Indonesia. Women feel relaxed and safe there, and usually in good mood thanks to all the shopping.

Nevertheless, you should be very patient and reserved when communicating with Indonesian girls in the wild. They are very shy by nature, so an aggressive approach can easily backfire.


4. Through Acquaintances

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, it’s best to meet with local girls through acquaintances.

Keep in mind that Indonesians are used to arranged marriages. Parents teach their kids that this is the most suitable way of meeting a partner.

So, in their mind, this is the ideal way of meeting their boyfriend too. This approach is probably your only option if you’re interested in a conservative Muslim woman.


Tips To Attract An Indonesian Girlfriend

In terms of courtship rules, Indonesian girls are no different from any women around the world. One main difference that separates them from the field is the Muslim religion and the cultural rules that come with it.

Here are a few tips that will help you to get a girlfriend in Indonesia.

Make Sure To Pay For Drinks And Food – Similar to most other countries in the region, Indonesians don’t have high salaries. In other words, they’re very appreciative when guys treat them with nice food and drinks. In fact, if you don’t, they’ll perceive you as a cheap Westerner who’s just looking to get laid.

Dress For The Occasion – If you’re on vacation in one of the holiday resorts, you can dress up any way you want. However, the rules are a bit different if you’re in Jakarta or one of the larger cities.

Like all women, Indonesians appreciate men who know how to dress and carry themselves. Wearing a suit is completely appropriate and will quickly elevate your status.

• Think About Your Surroundings – When in larger Indonesian cities, you constantly have to think about pollution and heat. Even if you dress up properly, you will quickly get irritated when caught outside.

When planning dates, make sure to go to places that have AC, and there, you’ll be on top of your game.

• Don’t Be Too Critical – This is perhaps the most important one of them all. Indonesia has a unique, ancient civilization. Even if you don’t understand certain religious or cultural practices, you shouldn’t criticize them openly.


What To Expect From A Girlfriend Experience In Indonesia

girlfriend experience Indonesia

If you visited Thailand to find a girlfriend, Indonesia might feel like a completely different world. Many foreign men expect to score an Indonesian girlfriend easily with some gifts and experiences.

But the reality is, if you want to have any chance with the locals, you need to pay attention to your manners. Excessive drinking, smoking, and not dressing properly are big no-no in this Muslim country.

Also, you should have the patience to court the girls because they don`t trust a foreigner. But once you prove your worth, she’ll look after you like a king.