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These Sites & Apps In Singapore Are All About Sex

Finding sex online in Singapore is the norm, not the exception.

The vast majority of men and women looking for sex adventures arrange their hookups with the help of sex apps and sites.

There is no need to visit bars, nightclubs, or other social venues to find a sex partner for the night or a sex buddy for a casual relationship. That’s old school!

Now you can find horny singles and couples from your smartphone or laptop without leaving your home.

But which apps and sites are the best to get laid in Singapore?

  • Asian Match Mate – It’s the largest online sex and swinger community website in Singapore.
  • Seeking Arrangement – Best site to find a friend with benefits. Many students.
  • Tinder – The most popular hookup app in Singapore for young people in their 20s.

Below you can find the full review of the best sex apps in Singapore that give me the best return for my money and time.

This is where women and men look for free sex in Singapore.


Asian Match Mate

It’s an adult dating site for people interested in hookups and sex. No more, no less.

You can find horny singles and couples that want to explore further their sexual fantasies.

For example, there are several career women in their 30s-40s who still look smoking hot and need a good fuck.

They usually don’t have the time for a serious relationship, but they are in need of sex.

Then you have many mixed-race couples where the much younger wife wants to explore her sexuality further. And her husband is happy to watch her getting satisfied with a bull.

So, it’s pretty easy to have a one to one sex session with a horny woman… Or get into a threesome… Or an orgy.

Keep in mind that Asian Match Mate isn’t just a tool to find sex partners, but a community of people passionate about sex. They meet and fuck because it’s fun.

It’s like the golf club for golfers. They meet in the golf club lounge, get to know each other and then go to play golf together. They meet and play because it’s fun.

Asian Match Mate community is surprisingly respectful, adventurous, and extremely friendly. You’ll feel like be part of a big family.

Most members are financially well off and well manner, making it a great pleasure to meet them even if sex isn’t your primary interest.


Seeking Arrangement

This site is for the person who is looking for a friend with benefits or fuck buddy in Singapore.

You’ll find several Singaporean girls as well as foreign ladies looking for a relationship with benefits. That way you can enjoy all the benefits of a relationship but without any drama.

In other words, you can enjoy the companionship and intimacy of university students without having to deal with jealousy, restricted freedom, and unreasonable demands like in a traditional relationship.



Tinder is the number one hookup app in Singapore for young people.

You simply download the app on your smartphone, upload a few photos and start to swipe to like or dislike other profiles. If the other person liked you in return, it’s a match.

From there, you start a conversation going and hopefully, you’ll hook up.

The thing is this app work best only for people in their 20s who are attractive and outgoing. Men and women decide to hook up based purely on physical appearance.

If that isn’t frustrating enough, there are several girls in Singapore that use Tinder for free entrainment. They lure men into a date pretending to want to hook up when in reality they are after a free dinner.

Although a few people are into hookups, many are looking for different things that aren’t sex encounters.

In conclusion, Tinder is worth the effort if you’re in your 20s, have the time to go for dates and you can afford to waste some money.


Is It Safe And Discreet To Find Sex Online In Singapore?

Actually what makes the sex apps in Singapore so popular is the fact they are more discreet and safer than looking for sex in red light areas.

You don’t have to deal with pimps or brothel owners, but directly with a person interested in the same thing: sex.

Meaning there isn’t a middleman and financial interests between you and to get pleasure.

Having said that, you should expect to find inactive profiles and some fake users. Although those sites and apps manually review every new user, some slip in.

However, you can easily notice them after a few days of using the sites or apps.

In conclusion, when you use a reputable site or sex app in Singapore, you’ll get several quality sex contacts and get laid regularly.

If you’re into casual sex with mature women and couples, use Asian Match Mate. For hookups use Tinder while if you want to find a fuck buddy or friend with benefits use Seeking Arrangement.