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How To Join A Sex Party In Singapore

Visiting or living in Singapore and fancy going to a Singapore sex party? Then you are reading the right article.

There is a lot happening behind closed doors in Singapore like orgies and private sex parties. But you need to know how to get access to this underworld.

The Singaporean swinging community is reserved, yet it welcomes like-minded people of any sex, age and background.

Meaning it doesn’t matter if you are a couple or single… Or if you are Caucasian or Asian… Or if you are white or black… There is no exclusion for no string-attached sex.

And if you are wondering how is to participate in a sex party, it’s just like any other party except it’s a bit wilder. And people are encouraged to get naked and have sex, of course.

Yet, it’s not all about sex. You go to the event with the possibility to have sex, if you and whoever you connect with consent to it.

When people think about sex parties, they imagine orgies of ten or more swingers. But the reality is that Singaporean sex parties are more intimate, and sometimes it might happen to be only a threesome or two couples swinging.

It’s also invite-only. That means you can’t just walk into a party if you aren’t on the list. The reason is obvious, people expect privacy.

In this article, I’m going to give you the lowdown on sex parties in Singapore, including exactly what you need to do to join one. That way you don’t waste time looking for answers on the net but go straight for the action.


What Are Singaporean Sex Parties All About?

Sex parties are very popular in the western world, but almost non-existent in Asia except for a few international cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Usually, swinger parties take place in hotels or someone’s apartment organized by a couple with many years of sex group experience.

So if it’s your first time you shouldn’t worry. They know how it feels and will do everything to make you feel comfortable.

As Luci says in her video, having some drinks help to be more flirtatious and get to know people…

Keep in mind that these events are super exclusive and everyone knows each other. Not only do they meet up for sexual encounters but also to celebrate birthdays and other regular life occasions outside the bedroom.

This means you need to know at least one person who’s going to the party and get invited. Later I’ll show you how to network with them.

Some parties might be exclusive only for native Singaporeans, but the majority have an international crowd.

People are encouraged to dress up just to spice up things, but you don’t have to put on a fancy costume if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

And there are some basic rules to follow:

  • No sex without a condom.
  • Sometimes same-sex isn’t allowed.
  • Usually, voyeurism is allowed.
  • Of course, the other person must consent to sex.

And remember that every party has a verbal agreement that you may stop at any time, for which there is never pressure or judgment.


How To Get Invited For A Group Sex Party In Singapore

Singapore swingers

Sex parties in Singapore are exclusive – but that doesn’t mean you’ll find it impossible to get invited.

There are, in fact, a few ways you can get invited to one. Here are some methods to network with like-minded people…


Go To A Tantra Workshop

Tantric sex is popular in Singapore. It’s all about enlightenment and transcending sexual plans to achieve more pleasure than you thought was possible.

Due to its popularity, there are tantra workshops in Singapore that teach you all about tantric sex, yoga, sexuality and spirituality. These are good places to meet open-minded people.

I recommend going to one with your partner and making new friends. Once you’ve made a genuine connection with people at these workshops, there’s every chance they’ll invite you for a sex party.

I’d say that this method isn’t completely bulletproof, because there’s no guarantee that the people who go to a tantra workshop will be into swinging.

However, these are still good places to meet like-minded people who may be able to introduce you to people who host sex parties.


Join An Adult Community

There are several adult communities online where people share their sexual experiences and search for sex partners.

A well-known adult site to find sex partners in Singapore and get invitations for sex parties is Asian Match Mate. Swingers and horny singles use it to find hookups, fuck buddies, and even sex parties.

You just create a profile, and add a few kinky photos or videos, and a few lines to your bio. Then search for people in Singapore.

Start some conversations, exchange some hot photos, and if you click, meet up for some fun.

The couples on Asian Match Mate organize sex parties regularly, so it’s only a matter to get to know them and they’ll invite you to join.

Make sure to let others know what you’re looking for, but also make sure to spend a bit of time building a proper connection. You will only get invited to sex parties if the other person trusts you.

It may also be the case that you head out to meet people off Asian Match Mate before they invite you for group sex. But that’s okay, you’ll just need to have some patience.

Spend some time getting to know them and building friendships. Once they trust you, they will let you know when and where the best sex parties in Singapore take place.

It’s also common to get invited to “munches” which are basically social gatherings consisting of swingers.

Munches usually take place in neutral venues, such as bars and cafes, but they don’t involve any sexual activity. They get together to chat, have a laugh, be flirty, and talk about their next sex party.


Is It Free To Join An Orgy In Singapore?

If you are a single male most orgies in Singapore charge an entrance fee which is usually 400-500 Singaporean dollars. That’s the best way to limit any pervert around the block to join.

However, guys who join solo usually don’t have as much fun as couples. It’s more comfortable having sex with others when you attend with a sex partner.

For example, when you’re invited for a dinner, you feel more comfortable attending with a friend or partner rather than alone. That way you don’t feel awkward if others are busy doing their own thing because you can always talk to your partner.

The same might happen to a sex party where the majority of people are couples. You might find yourself all alone, and that isn’t fun at all.

In conclusion, if you have already a partner you only need to make friends in an adult community and you’ll get invited to a sex party.

Instead, if you are alone, search for an open-minded sex partner first and later search for a sex party.