Singaporean swingers at a party

How To Find Swingers In Singapore

The swinging scene in Singapore is very private because the country is quite conservative. But this does not mean that swinging is illegal.

There’re many swingers here thanks to the influx of foreign workers as well as tourists. So you’ll find not only local couples but also foreign/mixed couples into swinging.

But you must know your way around if you want to find them.

This article will help you to connect with swingers in Singapore as well as answer most of your questions.


Where To Find Swingers In Singapore

If you’re new to the swinging lifestyle in Singapore, it can be challenging to hook up with like-minded people. Even though the city is modern and innovative, the majority of people here still don’t accept alternative lifestyles.

Just look at the reaction of these locals to some exhibitionism…

This is the reason why swinging activities take place privately and sex parties in Singapore are invite-only.

The best way to meet swingers in Singapore is by networking online, and these are the best places to get started.


1. Adult Dating Site

Joining an adult dating site is a sure way of connecting with like-minded couples and singles looking for sex partners.

You’ll find plenty of Singaporean swingers on sites like Asian Match Mate networking with like-minded people and organizing sex parties.

There you’ll find several sex-positive communities and various tools to help you connect with couples or solo males/females.

Then you have SDC which is also a popular site in Singapore for swingers. You’ll find like-minded people looking for all sorts of arrangements and there is a section dedicated to group sex events as well.


2. Swingers Community Forum

Apart from adult dating sites, there are community forums like Undertable where you can discuss all things related to the swinger lifestyle in Singapore.

To get the best of the community, post all the details of what you’re looking for. You’ll get invitations once you’ve contributed to the community in the form of post replies.

Swinger forums are all about trust.


3. Mantra Workshop

A Mantra Workshop is the best place to find sexually positive and friendly couples who are looking for ways to explore their sexual life with other couples.

The workshop starts has a basic course to help couples learn more about their partner’s sexuality, but it further deepens to other aspects. Aspects such as seductive massages, sexual touches, genital massaging, etc.

This is the best place to meet sexually positive couples who can potentially become a long-term swinging partner.

Don’t try to act too desperate here. The method is not exactly bulletproof, so bear in mind that your swinging offer can be rejected by some couples.


What Expect From a Swinging Party in Singapore

Singapore swinger party

When you join a swinging party in Singapore, keep in mind that discretion is extremely important. Unlike other Asian countries, the swing scene here is reserved and private.

Such events are so private that they are usually intimate with no more than ten people.

And because the community here is so intimate, make sure to behave or you won’t get invited anymore to any swinger party in the city. This means that reputation is important if you want to swing regularly in Singapore.

You’ll find hard and soft swingers at these parties. So be clear about your boundaries or you might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Some of the swinging parties can quickly turn into an orgy or group sex. Be ready to move out if you aren’t comfortable with that.

And keep in mind that foreigners are more open to exchange partners while the locals are more prudish about who they mingle with. So ask permission before touching anyone.


Tips to Swing in Singapore

Here are tips to help you get the best swinging experience in Singapore.

  • Trust and Understanding: Since you’re swinging with your partner, it’s important that your partner consent to swinging willingly. Do not force them into swinging. If you want to convince them, do it trustworthily and understandably.
  • Be Patient: I understand that finding a swinger here can be challenging. But one thing you shouldn’t do is, pick a partner out of desperation. To get the best experience, it’s best to be patient when choosing swinging partners.
  • Understand Boundaries: Especially if you’re an ex-pat in Singapore, it’s best you understand boundaries when it comes to your swinging partner. Communicate with your partner, and find out what he/she likes and does not like.
  • Be Discreet: Since you’re in a conservative country, it is best you abide by the rules of the swinging community, and be cautious of your activities in public.


FAQs About Swingers in Singapore


Are there any swinger clubs in Singapore?

There aren’t any public swinger clubs in Singapore but you can find privately hosted swinger events.


Is swinging legal in Singapore?

Yes, swinging is legal in Singapore. However, the country is conservative, so you need to be cautious about your activities.


What’s the best place to connect with swingers in Singapore?

Asian Match Mate is the best place to connect with like-minded couples and solo swingers. It’s also a great place to get an invitation to a sex party in Singapore.