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Sex Vacations for Couples; How To Reignite Passion With Your Partner

Sex Vacations for Couples – How To Reignite Passion With Your Partner


Simple Tips To Reignite Your Passion With Your Partner

No matter where you live or how much you love your partner, you’re bound to get a little bored with it all sooner or later.

When you start to get that feeling, it’s time to look for an adult vacation that can take you away from it all.

Combine beautiful scenery and relaxation with happy hour cocktails and both of you looking hotter than ever, and that’s one strong recipe for mind-blowing sex.

No wonder 69 percent of women and 72 percent of men say that sex is better on vacation, according to a survey by the dating site Zoosk.

A dream vacation is something we wish all year round, but going away with your significant other isn’t always a bed of roses: a survey by MenHealth found that a whopping six in ten couples end up fighting.

sex vacations for couples

Exotic sex vacations for couples are on the rise, the experts say. Life is stressful in the west, and couples are looking for relief in exotic destination such Thailand which is open minded forward sex traveler looking for new sexual experiences.

When you’re planning a couple sex vacation with a loved one chances are you’re looking forward to sun and sand and what’s seldom mentioned but highly anticipated – the sex.

Sex during a vacation can be some of the most memorable.

Couples ask me about the best sex destinations to get extra participants to join the party, watching the wife get licked by an Asian girl while the friend suck dries the husband and so on.

I find Thailand the best choice for couples because of endless venues caterer to couple with bisexual male and female.

Manila can be fun too, but they are a bit more conservative and less open minded.

After have chosen the destination that best suit you, follow the tips below to make your couple sex vacation a success.

Remember: “A Traveler Informed, Get More For Less”


How to Organize a Couples Sex Vacation

Organize the first trip together, is exciting. Planning the first sex trip together and have multiple partners, is aphrodisiac.

Let’s get started new and fresh, avoid either of your old stomping grounds as well, instead pick a neutral destination.

Your first trip away with your new love should be about getting to know each other, not meeting all of yours (or his) out of town family and friends.

Sharing your fantasies en route is a great activity because it builds anticipation and puts you in a sexual mood before you even arrive, an opportunity to be daring and mention things you normally might be too shy to suggest.

Did you know that visiting new places is extremely healthy for your sex imagination.

An erotic couple vacation should bring out the spirit for adventure, and why not, may be trying different things with other sex couples in vacation looking for the same.

Here tips on making it even more unforgettable:


Discuss Your Expectations Before You Go

A couple sex vacation is a good opportunity to try different sexy ideas to spice up the relationship.

Whether to a foreign country or the next town over, going away forces you to get to know the other person at light warp speed.

However, it’s possible to avoid a lot of surprises and disappointment if you discuss your erotic sex vacation objectives ahead of time.

From choosing the destination to planning the itinerary, accept that your new boyfriend’s idea of the perfect adult vacation may differ from yours.

For example, if his includes spending ample time drinking while watching sexy shows, whereas you’d prefer spending in shopping malls, be prepared to compromise or at the least take turns with the decision making instead of arguing and trying to change each other’s minds.

Any successful merger is the result of a series of negotiations, so why should your relationship be any different? Some questions to bring up in advance:

How much time do you want to spend together? Are you willing to exchange partners and meet other couples during your sex vacation? How much naughty do you want to be?


One Week Before Your Trip; NO SEX

Hold off on sex for a few days before your vacation to build anticipation.

During this time, tease each other with suggestion and sexy details of what are your desires.

Sex and couples therapists recommend couples to buy sexy new outfits then meet each other in a venue they’ve never been before, such as a bar or a club.

Couples will find the spark again in unusual situations and ambiance. Seeing your partner in a different context is exciting.

For a first-time couple sex vacation, definitely choose a destination that caters to your mutual interests,” says Froid.

“Not every guy wants to shopping and not every girl wants to go to play golf. But if you’re both swinger or beach lovers, there is an ideal destination for everyone”.


Learn New Sexual Position

First and foremost, vacations provide an opportunity to escape from all the boring daily life routine when we’re at home – work, parenthood, that pile of socks next to the hamper, the usual sex .

Not only that, but we want to explore new worlds and have fresh experiences.

It is fundamental to learn new sexual positions to tune in with your partner.

Whether you decide to spice things up with a ‘sultry saddle’ one night or try a ‘spider’ the next, it will help to spark excitement during your sex vacation.

There isn’t the need to be over gymnastics and try weird stuff, just something different in a new location.

An excellent blog to refer for sexual positions is the bad girl’s bible, a respectful source for women to improve their sex life, have more orgasms and connect more deeply with the partner.


What to Pack for Your Pleasure Holiday

Packing for a pleasure vacation required some extra items than the usual bitch costume, sunglasses and sombrero.

Be prepared! Not to overdo your baggage allowance, but it’s always nice to pack a few sex toys: a cock ring to support erections for him, a vibrator to guarantee orgasms for her, and of course, lube for some anal activity.

If you are planning to get some other people to join your sex activities, pack your favorite condoms that fit your “willy.”

In some Asian country, the choice of a condom is poor and sometime even impossible to get condoms fit a western size cock.



TIPS: Pack your sex toys in the check in luggage, avoid to carry on hand luggage. Once I was searched because I forgot the handcuffs in the hand luggage, and it was embarrassing. Some Asian country banned the import of sex toy, make sure to check the destination law.

DON’T forget to bring along some sexy outfit. Whether it’s a new cosmos dress, short skirt and sky-high heels, or racy lingerie, pack something a little outside the box that’s going to spice up the holiday.


Make The Hotel Your Passion Playground

Paying good money for an excellent hotel’s room is worth it.

There are hotels specialized for sex vacations with an erotic interior design that offer the best experience for erotic moments.

When you are planning to bring an extra guest to your room for a threesome, make sure to book a guest friendly hotel avoiding extra charges and embarrassments.

A brand-new setting can be extremely inspiring, a sense of erotic adventure in exploring a different venue and environment.

Having sex in a different bath top while your wife is getting tastes by an exotic Asian girl, it will change your life forever.


Use the Mirror in the Bedroom

Did you notice most hotels have a mirror beside the bed or on the ceiling? Watching yourselves having sex can be an intensely arousing experience.


This Asian girl is posing perfectly. It is important to get this position right, for your personal pleasure and satisfaction of your partner.
Open the legs at a 45-degree angle and push down the stomach and breast forward the bed.
This will create a “sexy curve”, enhancing ass and pussy forward the mirror. Communication between the two of you, it is the key to success.



TIPS: I take every opportunity to pose my partner in doggy style while she is performing a blow job in front of me with her pussy and ass facing the mirror.

The view make me so hard and horny, it is an important psychological factor to spark eroticism in the bedroom.

Try for yourself, you will love it.

You can easily replicate this at home! If you or your partner feel shy about seeing your intimate parts, light the room with candles only.


Have Sex Outside the Bed

Hotel rooms future different interior and is important to make the use of every inch for your sex fantasies.

The couch in the bedroom is perfect to start off your sex activities after a shower.

You should sit there and ask your partner to the knee in front of you and suck your cock.

It is extremely masculine to have your partner on her knee as a sign of submission. She will love it too to be your submissive queen.

The Jacuzzi is one of my favorite places to get suck off while the bubble ticklish my ass. To spice up the moment, get some rose’s petal in the Jacuzzi and around with candles and incense.

Sex in jacuzzy - erotic moments

The terrace is an exciting place to push some boundaries, and because you are in a foreign country away from people that know you, here you can get away with it.

When you have sex in open places, your inner conscience wants to secretly admit to the fact that you want others to watch you, yet you get the satisfaction that no one will look at you, and this mixed feeling makes you excited.


Invite Other People to the Party

Making new friends while they fuck you or your wife isn’t a so bad as most people think.

I get a lot of emails from the couple and single men asking for threesome and group sex activities.

The most common question is “Where can I find women and men to have a threesome?” or “We are a couple going on holiday and looking for someone else to join.”

I notice a trend, most polyamory travelers are from countries where Buddhism is the primary religion and I concluded that religion affects our sexual life.

Christians tend to avoid having sex with more than one partner and most often hide secret affairs from the spouse instead of involving her or him in these sexual activities with other people.

That is chitting!

Instead, why don’t scout out for like-minded people and have fun together with your partner?

If you visit Adult Friend Finder, you soon realize how many couples just do this on regular basis and how much they enjoy their lifestyle.

The best part is you don’t need to visit exotic location but you can hook up with couples in your area.


The Risk Your Relationship Might Face

Having sex with other people carry some risk, emotionally and physically.

Emotionally; if your relationship has already some sore spots this could inflame the insecurities that already exist. A small slight can suddenly feel like a punch in the gut.

It’s risky to change your type of relationship bringing in other people to enjoy intimacy with both of you.

When you get on the same team figuring it out, you can feel like you’re sailing new uncharted waters together and that’s exciting.

And if it’s something your partner wants and you’ve never thought about, it’s worth talking through (no matter what you decide).

Physically; having sex with other people always carry dangers to get some STD.

It is important to set rules and doesn’t be carry away during sexual activities. Wear a condom and force the other men to do the same.


Why Do Couples fail to have Amazing Sex Vacation?

Couple failed to have amazing sex vacations

Traveling with your partner can be an excellent idea. But let’s face it, a sex trip involving other people to your relationship can disrupt your holiday.

Jealousy, miss understanding, break the rules with your partner can spell disaster.

What could be discussed rationally at home can become a far bigger issue in a foreign country, where everything’s already amplified by isolation, expense, and the pressure to have fun.

Here are 10 tips to make it through a sex trip with your partner happily and get back home with stronger feelings for each other.

No need to break up your relationship.

• Manage your expectations

Every day is not going to be filled with sparkles, macaroons, and orgasms.

Don’t expect to get threesome every day, or your wife gets that cute and young boy to lick her vagina.

Sometimes, things just don’t work out.

• Not every moment will be erotic

When involving other couples for a swinger session, some moment might be a bit too much for your comfort zone.

This might jeopardize your erotic moment with your partner, but with correct communication and understanding, you can move on from the situation.

• Don’t know how to organize activities

You are already experienced in organizing sexual activities with your partner, but having Asian participants can become a hassle.

Know how to effectively communicate and where to look for companionship, will guarantee an amazing sex holiday.

• Stick to your sexual rules

The rules don’t change because of the scenery’s different.

If anything, it’s even more important to be kind and respectful of your partner on vacation, because they’re in a foreign place without their usual support network or places of safety.

• Allow yourself time alone

Don’t need to be around each other all the time. Even a small walk down to the red light district, while he/she is chilling in the hotel room, can be entirely legitimate.

• Ban blame games

Somebody’s going to f*ck up. It’s going to happen.

Keep an open mind and forgive each other for small happening. You liked that girl too much, or you got banged everywhere from that young boy.

This is the stuff that memories are made of. Get angry, calm down, and leave it there.

• Relax with sex

You might have a lot of expectation from your sex vacation.

If you’re expecting incredible orgies and moments every night, you are bound to be disappointed. Relax about it.

• Be honest

If something is bugging you, share it with your companion. Don’t conceal your feelings just because of fear of ruining your vacation.

• Major red flags

If during your sex vacation, your partner reveals their true colors as unsuitable to you and it is constant, then take the warning.

Holidays are real life, and the same can happen home.

• Overspend – Keep track of your money

Asian girls and boys in popular tourist destinations know how to play the game.

They might look like poor and innocent, but in reality, they are great sale’s people. They will sell themselves to you and push you hard to spend money on them.

couples during an erotic sex vacation

No matter what you’re looking for out of your next erotic couples vacation, there is always a place you can go to have your every desire fulfilled or have your mind totally blown.

So pack the bare necessities and hop on a plane in the name of erotic pleasure; it’s up to you whether you enjoy the ride with only your partner or plan to meet new people once you arrive.

Just remember to send a few postcards to show your pals back home what they’re missing.